Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trope of the Day!

Since I don't always have much to say about my stories, and I doubt you guys want to word count each time I post, I figured I would release a post about one of my favorite toppings, Tvtropes.

Today's trope of the day is Romantic Stu. He is a much tamer version of the Macho Stu, and is much more interested in his romantic interest(s). I also like to call this trope the boyfriend stu for obvious reasons. Typically written by teenage males who wish they were him, romantic stu is the ultimate form of a Wish Fulfillment character in a romance story. Romantic stu is quite literally 'the perfect boyfriend', or at least what guys think girls feel a perfect boyfriend is. He is manly and macho when he needs to be, he acts tough, but has a softer side whenever it involve the girl or girls he is in love with. Despite having supreme confidence in himself, he can still blush on cue whenever one of his romantic interests does something cute, embarrassing or sexual in nature. Girls tend to fall for Romantic stu left and right, especially in fanfics because he is so utterly perfect it's almost disgusting. Rarely ever will you find fault in him, and when you do, it's either a comedic plot device or is a fault that makes him even more perfect in the eyes of all the women he has drawn to himself. In fanfiction, you will most often find romantic stus in harem stories.

This trope, while sometimes interesting to read about, should be avoided as often as possible. While Wish Fulfillment is not necessarily a bad thing, there is such a thing as too much.