Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update time

So I'm really just posting this to tell you all where I am in my stories. As I am currently writing for Gaia's Sennin, I am roughly somewhere over half-way done with the next chapter. I say roughly because I don't know how long it's going to be, though I estimate it will be around 14,000 words. Right now I have written 9,289. I don't know if I'll be finished by this Friday, but I am hoping to.

And since I don't just want my posts to be about where I am and what I'm doing, I've decided to give you all another trope of the day.

Todays Trope: Everything's Better with Sparkles. This is a rather interesting trope, and one of the tropes that is used in anime and little girl cartoons more than any other. I'm sure all of you have watched an anime where characters tend to, for lack of a better term, sparkle. This normally happens around Bishounen boys, when the Main Male Protagonist meets the Maine female Protagonist for the first time, occasionally around sexy female villains who are trying to act cute so that the Main Protagonist doesn't think they are suspicious, and during cute scenes between love interests. It is also common during Magical Girl transformations, Fairies and Disney Princesses.

Generally speaking, this Trope is used to indicate that something or someone is in some way valuable, magical, or just special in some way. This particular Trope was derived from the universal fascination that humanity has with sparklies. No one quite knows where this fascination came from, but theorists have suggested that it has something to do with the way certain rare and valuable gems and metals sparkle when the light hits them. This Trope can be compared to Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry and Gold Makes Everything Shiny.