Saturday, December 7, 2013

Harry Potter, Chapter 18

Alright, so I've got a lot of people who reviewed this chapter and therefore a lot of people who asked questions. I'll try and get to all of them, but there were quite a few so bare with me.

To start, while Iryelb did not ask a question, he or she did make a comment about how easy it should be to realize to 'jump to' the correct conclusion about the Chamber of Secrets:

I am taking this comment to mean that it shouldn't be hard for Harry, or anybody else for that matter, to realize what is really happening; that being that a Basilisk is the creature that has been petrifying people. There are probably a number of you who feel the same way and think Harry or Dumbledore should be able to realize what's going on and stop it.

I disagree. All of us think it should be an easy mystery to solve because we have read the books. We know what's going on because we have that knowledge already. Neither Harry nor Dumbledore know what we the readers know. They only have what they know from their own observations, and both of them have a very incomplete picture of the situation, not at all like us, who have read The Chamber of Secrets and therefore know exactly what is going on.

Take this information into account and you'll see my point. Dumbledore knows that the Chamber of Secrets was opened once before, and he knows that Myrtle died in the girls bathroom. However, he also knows that the Chamber was opened by Tom Riddle, and that only an Heir of Slytherin, in other words, a parsel mouth, would be able to open the chamber. What's more, no one has died yet, but been petrified.

Now, we all know that the reason for this is due to the fact that neither Lockhart nor Misses Norris were killed is because they were not looking directly at the Basilisk when it stared at them. However, Dumbledore does not know that. A Basilisk's stare is supposed to be deadly, period.

Even if Dumbledore suspected that the creature within the chamber is, in fact, a Basalisk, he would not believe it was the cause of the petrifications. Why? Because A) only the Heir of Slytherin (aka Tom Riddle) can open the chamber and control the Basilisk, and B) no one has been killed, only petrified.

The logical conclusion to this would be that someone is simply using the Chamber of Secrets as a means to terrorize the school,. but is actually using a magical artifact of some kind to petrify people.

To Dante 101. The reason Collin did not get petrified was because he was not outside at night. Remember, the reason he was petrified in the novel was because he had been going to see Harry in order to take a picture of him while he was in the hospital (which is really creepy). As Harry was not sent to the hospital, Collin had no reason to leave the Gryffindor Common Room, therefore he did not get petrified.

And the reason the aurors never showed up in the original is likely because it would have ruined JK Rowlings plot. Remember, this story is actually a children's novel meant for kids, so she can get away with glaring and illogical plot holes like this.

To The Prime Cronos, I make no comment on whether there will be any deaths. However, consider this... Rowlings story was a tale meant for children, mine is not... just some food for thought.

ultima-owner, the 'old married couple' are not in love... yet. Remember, they're only 12. However, no one knows what the future holds and Tracey and Terry might become a minor pairing in later stories.

Sorry for the confusion Dunstan Xenon. To answer you, this story will have Harry in a multi-relationship, meaning he will be with more then one girl at the same time. Or, if you want me to be blunt, this will be a harem. It's actually an integral part of my stories plot. Also, do you remember the conversation between Harry and Daphne at the New Year Gala in my last fic? That was me hinting that Harry will be with more then one girl, though I have decided there will only be 4.

For the one anonymous reviewer with the original name, Guest. When has Harry Potter ever been realistic? This is a story about children learning magic at a magical institute. It is also a story where 12 year old children are apparently more capable of solving mysteries (like what was petrifying students when the Chamber of Secrets was opened) then adults. I find it highly unrealistic that a 12 year old girl (Hermione) would discover that the thing in the chamber was a Basilisk that has been moving through the pipes while the adults stand around like a bunch of idiots, doing absolutely nothing to try and solve this mystery before someone actually dies. You know, like what happened the last time the chamber was open. How is that for unrealistic.

0 Jordinio 0. While you're idea is interesting, I don't think I would ever do something like that. It's smacks too much of something an Newbie writer would do to 'show off Harry Potter's greatness to everyone'. Aside from the simple fact that I don't want to Marty-Stu Harry, I think that the mystery of people 'knowing' that Harry slayed the beast in the Chamber of Secrets, but not actually knowing 'how' he did it would spread his infamy much more thoroughly because people would then begin to speculate about how he did it, leading to the tales being told getting larger and more exaggerated until Harry is turned into this mythological and legendary figure the likes of which has not been seen since Merlin.

Fury074. Then this will be an AU. Truth be told, I never liked the part where Lockhart brought in Dwarves to sing Valentine day songs. It smacked of a child fanservice, and while I understand that this is a story for children, I've despised fanservices for children since the creation of Jar Jar Binks.

marcus nightfire. No. I have no plans on either Dumbledore or Moody taking Harry on as an apprentice. Why would they? They're going to be busy trying to figure out who among the students was responsible for petrifying Lockhart and Misses Norris, as well as trying to find some way to get evidence that Lucius was responsible for this entire fiasco. Even if they were inclined to take Harry on as an apprentice, they wouldn't have the time to teach him anything.

To CuriousGuest. For the answer to your first question, look at my answer for Dunstan Xenon. To answer your second question, no, I will not start a poll for the pairings because if I do that, it will force me to write along a path that this story may not be going towards, thereby not only changing my story into something it is not, but also causing me to lose interest for that very same reason. I already have the girls Harry is going to be paired with planned out.

Now, there are two more matters to state before I end this. First, let me give props to all those who figured out who I was talking about when I mentioned the American Wizard. Yes, it is Stephen Strange. For those who are wondering, no, he will not play a part in this series... though, if I decide to make a Marvel/Harry Potter crossover AFTER this series is complete as some kind of closing sequel... well, who can say?

And finally, this is for all those who are wondering about our favorite vampire. Selene WILL NOT be appearing in this story again. Her moment came and went, now you will have to wait for her to reappear in Book 4, which she will show up in briefly, before becoming a more permanent member of the cast in Book 5.

Well, I hope I answered your questions in a satisfactory manner. If you have questions, comments, rants, or want to tell me I should burn and die, just leave a comment.

Now, I am off to trim my nose hairs. Cheers!