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Abstract Apotheosis
"You see, hidden within the unconscious is an insatiable desire for conflict. So you're not fighting much as you are the human condition."
Professor MoriartySherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

A character becomes an abstract concept like hope or love, whether literally or in a metaphorical sense.
There are many ways this could happen. For example:

Often overlaps with:
This trope is different from God Job because the ascended character doesn't hold a cosmic office, but becomes a cosmic principle in itself. Sometimes this can mean that the character is no longer sentient by human standards.
This trope is as Old As Mythology itself. Every religion/myth gives some form to a radical concept that cannot be described in simple words. As an example, Satan is often considered the embodiment of hate, despair, etc., after he fell from the heavens. The hate itself transformed him from angel of good into a devil of pure evil.
Quite often invokes "I Am the Noun." Contrast Woobie, Destroyer of WorldsOmnicidal Maniac, and Straw Nihilist. Contrast or compare Pure Is Not Good and Made of Evil, the latter of which can overlap depending on the context.
As this trope can and will involve scenes that happen after a Death trope, beware of spoilers.