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This is really just a short post to let you all know what is happening tomorrow. I'll be writing up the Q&A for Devil Ninja and posting it tomorrow. I've decided on Devil Ninja since it has gotten the most reviews and therefore is likely to have more questions and things I can talk about.

I am also thinking of making the "How to Write a Hand-to-Hand Combat Scene" for the writing tips section on Sunday. Let me know is this interests you or if you want me to write about something else.

Alternative Calendar
Graham: Videogames are an escape. So invent your own fantastical calendar system and let the player know where your game takes place on it. With no frame of reference on when that is, or why you are telling them, they can't help but be drawn in!
Paul: Is it the past? The Future? Only you will know.
— Unskippable Guide to Making Cutscenes

In Speculative Fiction, it's common to use a different calendar than the real world. This makes it clear to the reader that the story takes place either in another world, or in a version of our world so far in the future that time isn't even counted the same way. This also elegantly sidesteps the problems of Exty Years from Now

In fantasy, a popular version of this is to measure time in "moons" instead of months. In some cases, the author will actually have twelve different names of the form "______ Moon" to replace the twelve months of the Gregorian calendar. Nonetheless, there are actually somewhat more than twelve lunar months in an Earth year. Real lunisolar calendars solve that problem by adding a leap month to certain years; some purely lunar calendars (like the Islamic one) ignore the solar year altogether and just declare twelve lunar months to be a year. 

When an Alternative Calendar is used to measure the progress of "days", it's common for characters to useMicrots as smaller, more manageable units of time. In Sci-fi settings, these calendars are frequently used across multiple worlds, becoming Standard Time Units

If Alternative Calendar is used in Science Fiction with Earthian years, it may mean that the work takes place After the End or something else that Hit So Hard The Calendar Felt It or that everybody have Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions and chose something significant for their reference point. 

A common Year One, Day One in science fiction is October 4, 1957 - the date Sputnik was launched, thereby beginning the Space Age.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Computer issues

Sorry this post took me so long to get out. I had some issues with my computer and had to run a system restore to fix them.

Fortunately, I don't really have a whole lot to add today. Everything is proceeding pretty much as scheduled and I see no reason for that to change in the future.

Remember, if you have anything you want to say, anything at all, I'm here for you.

And since this post was so short, I think it's time I gave you guys a trope!

Adaptational Badass
Guess the people behind Namco X Capcom didn't dig the original.

"I'm not really into this fighting stuff unless it's in a courtroom. ...Oh, and with words!"
Phoenix Wright, playable fighter in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 note 

There are characters in the media who are known, simply put, for being less-than-dangerous. They might even be The Load, or at least aDamsel in Distress. When danger rears its head, the character generally beats feet and lets their tough-guy friends deal with the problem.
But then, for some unexplainable reason, when the work is being adapted into another type of media, the character is made a bonafideBadass. The reasons for this are myriad. Regardless of the whys, the producers have to be careful because quite often the character wasdefined by being a Non-Action Guy, and turning them into a Badassmight result in a fandom backlash.
And yet the opposite is often true, especially if the character is The Scrappy whose job was to get captured by the bad guys and rescued by the real heroes. Actually turning such a character into someone useful can be warmly received by fans who may have wanted them to be like that from the beginning. In this way it can also result in a more preferred version of the character, as well as possibly making a Ret Canon to the original character.
Be aware that the main intention of the trope is one of non-badass to a solid badass. A character just having a different level of power doesn't really count unless it changes the way their character is able to navigate through the story, such as making them an Empowered Badass Normal. If that was the case then with all the different power levels Superman has had over the years he would count for this trope, as a result of Power Creep, Power Seep.
When this is done to a real-life person, then it's Historical Badass Upgrade.
A variation of Took a Level in Badass. For a sister trope specializing in female characters, see Xenafication.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Progress and "How To"

I'm making progress with the next chapter of Namikaze's Return. I'm actually surprised by how easy the story is flowing right now. Despite my thoughts on this story, it seems to be progressing very smoothly. I think it might have something to do with how emotional this chapter is, but that's just a guess.

In other news, I have decided to make my next Writing Tip on "How to Write People Fighting in Hand-to-Hand Combat" to help people who, like myself, write fics mostly centered around martial arts and taijutsu. This will be a very in depth, very comprehensive "How To" guide. It will also likely be quite long. Depending on its length I may even decide to break this up into multiple segments or chapters to make it an easier read. What do you guys think about that idea? Yay or nay?

Finally, I would like to suggest everyone who has a facebook to on it and look up the page for my upcoming novel. This page is soon going to be filled with fun facts about Kitsune, interesting stories from various mythologies that surround Kitsune, pictures and videos of cute and sexy "fox-girls" as a tribute to Kitsune and the latest up to date information on my novel. Just click on this Link: American Kitsune and it will take you there.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Awesome Fight Scenes and more!

I just updated my Writing Tips page with my new tip "Basics on How to Write an Awesome Fight Scene!" which I figured some of you would appreciate. I know fight scenes can be hard to write for books. This is also just the first of many for this particular "How to" section. It goes into the basics of writing a fight scene, but not in depth because of how much knowledge there is to impart of this particular subject.

That being said, my next "How to" will be going more in depth on a specific type of fighting (ie hand-to-hand, guns, super powers, bladed-weapons, staffs, etc). If you have a particular type of combat you wish me to give tips about please let me know.

To end this, I have a favor to ask all of you. I don't know how many of you have a Facebook, but if you do, I would appreciate it if you went to the Facebook page for my American Kitsune Series, give it a like, share it with your friends and ask them to like it as well. I update that page almost every day just like I do this blog, so there's always some interesting news, information, facts and stories to look at.

Thanks a lot you guys and have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress made steadily but slowly

As you all know I'm writing for Namikaze's Return right now. I'm making decent headway with it and have managed to turn out the first scene to the chapter this morning. With luck, I'll finish early just like last week and you guys will get your chapter a week in advance...provided nothing keeps me from writing, of course.

There really isn't much else for me to say. Wednesday I'll be posting a Writing Tips page on "How to Write Action Scenes" to help people who write stories with a lot of action and epic fighting in them. It will be part of a series of "How To's" because there is quite frankly a lot of information on writing a good fight scene; do they fight with weapons or bare-handed? If they use weapons are they using guns or close-range weapons? I'm sure you get the idea. I think I'll start with a simple overview of "How to Write an Action Scene" and then give a new writing tip about each subsection (hand-to-hand combat, guns, bladed weapons, staffs, super powers, etc) later on.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Final Phase

My novel is going through its final phase before completion: proofreading. I really have to thank my step-mom for this. If I didn't have an awesome parent who earned a degree in English and taught for several years I would have been forced to hire another professional to proofread my work, which means I would have been spending a lot more money than I am now.

Now that I've finished the next chapter for Harry Potter, I do believe a chapter of Namikaze's Return is warranted. I know a lot of people have been wanting me to update it, and I'm going to do my best to deliver a kick ass chapter to make up for how long its gone without one. Please look forward to it.

In other words...oh, wait, there is other news. Never mind.

I hope you all have an excellent day!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Exciting News!

I've got some exciting news to tell everyone! As of today, the second to last process of publishing my novel has been finished! My editor turned in the last set of corrections yesterday, and I just finished adding those corrections to my story! All that's left is the proofreading and then the publishing and my book will be on the market!

I must thank the Log for this incredible blessing! I shall plant 200, no, 400 sapplings! And if I cannot do that I will plant 600 sapplings while walking around on my hands! And if I cannot do that I'll plant 1,000 sapplings using just my teeth! And if I cannot do that...!

...Oh, sorry, looks like I got a bit carried away there.

In either event, with the publishing process nearly complete, I should have a bit more free time on my hands, I hope. This could mean faster fanfiction updates.

And speaking of which...the next story I plan on updating is Namikaze's Return. I hope you guys are looking forward to that one. It has been a while since I posted a chapter for that.

Since I don't have much more to add right now, I'll leave you with a trope today. And let me know if you actually like me posting tropes because if you think it's annoying, I'll stop.

And Now You Must Marry Me
No, Bowser...just nonote 

Ice KingYou said you'd marry me, if I was the last person in Ooo.
Princess BubblegumI'm pretty sure I never said that.
"You don't have to speak to me as a prisoner any more. You won't be a prisoner after today, you'll be my wife. [beat] I suppose that's a different kind of prison..."

The villain's Evil Plan isn't just to take over the world, or to kill the hero. His goal is far more personal and sinister – he's going to force the heroine to marry him.
This is often a G-rated version of Rape as Drama — in fact, the whole concept usually carries at least an implicit threat of rape when you think about it. (This can be a common source of Fridge Horror for adults looking back on the many, many beloved works aimed at children that use the trope.) It's an intensely personal threat to the heroine, one that plays up her femininity and vulnerability, especially since the marriage is assumed to be permanent and irreversible. If the heroine has a heroic male Love Interest, as she usually does, it serves as a threat to his masculinity as well. It also provides a convenient excuse for scenes where the villain puts the heroine in compromising positions. And it can lead into all sorts of Wedding Tropes —Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace is almost mandatory.
Often, the villain is motivated by twisted affection or at least lust, but it can also just be about getting legal access to her money, property, or title. On the other hand, he might just be the kind of sick bastard who enjoys the idea of keeping someone trapped in a legally binding relationship that they find repulsive for the rest of their life. Or maybethe heroine herself is pretty much irrelevant, and it's really just about claiming ultimate victory over the hero by stealing his woman.
If the villain does this by kidnapping his desired bride, it's a subtrope of I Have You Now, My Pretty; when combined with Villainous Crush, it's also Abduction Is Love. If he threatens someone else and offers to relent if the heroine agrees to marry him, that's the G-rated variant of the Scarpia Ultimatum. In cultures with Arranged Marriage he might convince the heroine's parents or guardians to force her into marriage. Evil Sorcerers will use their powers to Hypnotize the Princess. The villain might even attempt to trick the heroine into unwittingly doing something that counts as a legally binding wedding. (The Shotgun Wedding, where a third party forces the couple to marry, is only an example of this trope if one of them planned the whole thing.)
Female antagonists who use this trope are much less common than male examples, and are usually portrayed a bit differently. They're almost always motivated by a Villainous Crush (since Villainesses Want Heroes), and may even verge on being a really unstable Abhorrent Admirer rather than an outright villain; for some reason, femaleGold Diggers are more likely to rely on seduction rather than coercion. Their male victims are also much more likely to foil the villainess' plan on their own, while female victims almost always have to be rescued by their male love interests.
There is even a trope for the special Big Damn Heroes moment when it prevents this kind of marriage: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.
Not to be confused with Shotgun Wedding or The Baby Trap.
Related tropes: Villainous CrushI Have You Now, My PrettyDisposable WomanDamsel in DistressHypnotize the PrincessMad LoveAbhorrent AdmirerAbduction Is LoveSave the Princess. Often Truth in Television — in fact this one's a very old real-world practice — but it's way more depressing in Real Life.
For in-depth information on the subject, see the article on That Other Wiki.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Quotation Marks, Posted Chapters and a Dedication to Other Fanfics

First things first, I have updated the Writing Tips page for all of you to peruse at your leisure. This tip is about quotation marks, so if you feel the need to brush up on when it is and is not appropriate to use them, go on and take a look. I'm sure some of the information on their will be illuminating.

I have also finally updated both Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin and Devil Ninja with a new chapter. I'm sure you guys are looking forward to reading something so there's that. I hope you all enjoy the latest updates for those stories. You'll have to let me know what you think about them.

Finally, I have decided to dedicate this post to some fanfics that I feel are my favorites, stories by authors who are up there with myself and even better than I am. Some of you may have already read them, but these are some of my favorite fanfics.

  1. When Two Realms Meet -- Gavedin
  2. The Ninth Sekirei Pillar -- Arthain
  3. Drifting -- AlphaDelta1001
  4. Last Second Savior -- Plums
  5. End Game: Version R -- Kur0Kishi
  6. Naruto Genkyouien -- Daneel Rush
  7. Pet na Campione-Sama! -- Asakust
  8. Working Sinnoh with Skill - 0 Jordino 0
  9. Iga Naruto -- Tibo
  10. The Story of a Dragon, a Knight, and a Fairy Hunter -- NeoShadows
Right, well, that is all for now. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

I'll be seeing ya!

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Today is Thursday which means tomorrow you guys are going to be getting a new chapter, two new chapters. I hope you're all excited about that. I know I am.

To start things off, I have made some changes to my American Kitsune Facebook page, so if any of you wish to check that out feel free to do so. I don't have any Writing Tips today. Because I've got so much going on, I have to write the tips out piecemeal now. I just don't have enough time in the day to write out whole pages filled with info anymore.

Unfortunate, I know.

I don't really have much less to add. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just something you want to say, I'm here. You can also find me on facebook, just click here Brandon Varnell and it will take you to my page. Don't be afraid to friend request me.

I'll see you guys later!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing Tips updated

To start things off, I updated my Writing Tips section, this time I discussed Apostrophes. You can go onto the Writing Tips page and click on the new link to check it out.

I'm also plugging away at my novel. My editor gives me the story piecemeal, which I actually like because it means I'm not getting this massive load of edited material dumped on me all at once. I've edited up to chapter 11, and will be doing the edits for 12, 13 and 14 in the next few days. My hope is to be done by this weekend, so that when he delivers the last 3 chapters all I have to do are those 3.

I've also created a Facebook page for my book. If you're interested just click on this link: A Fox's Love and it will take you right to that page. I would love it if you guys liked and followed it.

My fanfiction is proceeding as scheduled. You guys will definitely be in for a treat with a double helping of updates, a chapter from both Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin and Devil Ninja.

I think that's all for today. Remember, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, let me know and I'll do what I can to help!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Only a few updates and some news

Alright people! You know the drill! Before we begin, I shall read an excerpt from the Book of Log! Let us all bow our heads in prayer as we given worship to the Log!

Excerpt of the log number 124: when using the log to escape a fire jutsu, it is konoha custom to write an apology letter to the log, and depending on rank of jutsu escaped from depicts how many words are needed. c-rank, two thousand, B-rank, one thousand five hundred, a-rank, one thousand. only S-rank and higher or excused from the writing of the letter. even then, it is still reccommended.
 Praise be to the Log!

And now that we have finished praising the Log, let's move on to the next order of business.

To start things off, I have just received notification from my editor last night. He is finished editing chapters 1-14. My novel is only 17 chapters, meaning he only has 3 left to go before finishing. I am hopeful that he'll be done by this weekend.

In other news, I have updated my American Kitsune page with the completed book cover for my story. If you are interested in seeing it, please feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

Also, I am still trying to figure out what I should talk about in the Writing Tips second. I am unsure what would interest you guys right now. Would you like me to talk about Grammar and the English language? Specific help on writing a story/fanfiction? Or would you like me to continue talking about genres? And is there a specific genre you would like to ask? Please do not hesitate to drop me a line and let me know what you want. As I said before, this blog is here for you.

I have no more updates today, so let us end this post with a trope!

  1. a recurring subject, theme, idea, etc., esp. in a literary, artistic, or musical work.
  2. a distinctive and recurring form, shape, figure, etc., in a design, as in a painting or on wallpaper.
  3. a dominant idea or feature.

Technically, the word "motif" can mean a variety of different things. In trope land, however, a motif is best described by the first definition above; it's something symbolic that keeps turning up in order to reinforce the main theme of the work. Usually, this is a physical item, although a motif may show itself in other ways — such as through dialogue. It may even be a double motif: a pattern on somebody's sofa, an emblem on the heroine's shirt or a bumper sticker on the hero's car.
Sometimes it can be difficult to establish what is a motif, and what isn't. Their defining characteristics are that they appear more than once and they must be significant in some way. A sea shell on its own is not a motif. However, if a painting of a seascape turns up ten minutes later, followed by a tank full of tropical fish, then that sea shell probably is a motif - the objects that show up afterwards reinforce the theme of "the sea."
Broadly speaking, motifs are employed in three different ways:
  • A single object, or a collection of extremely similar objects, that appear(s) many times throughout the course of the play/film/book. Tends to place a lot of importance on the item itself, possibly at the expense of whatever they are supposed to represent. Example: The titular Glass Menagerie, in particular the glass unicorn.
  • A collection of related objects or symbols that appear over and over again. Generally the most popular option, as it marks the motifs as significant, but puts the emphasis firmly on the theme. Example: the various vehicles that appear in the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie.
  • An assortment of objects that don't seem to be related, but on closer inspection have an underlying resemblance that serve the theme. For example, a black cat, spilled salt and an umbrella left open indoors all point to the theme of bad luck. The audience may have to spend some time looking for the connection.

In literature, television or film, it's quite rare, although not impossible, for a motif to be a theme in itself. It's possible that the dead roses the hero and his girlfriend keep coming across are just a reflection on their lack of gardening skills if gardening is a theme of the story. It's more likely, however, that the dead roses signify that their romantic relationship is in trouble.
Motifs are a favourite subject for English essays, and they've been responsible for many an epileptic tree - sinceanything can be a motif if you squint hard enough (and can find some way of relating it to other objects).
Compare Central Theme (the idea behind the story), Shapes and Symbols Tropes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just some small news.

Just this morning I received the next line of edits for my book, chapters 8-14. My story is only 17 chapters long, so he's on the home stretch. This means my editor will likely finish editing my book within the next week or so. That means It'll be done earlier than expected. I think this is pretty exciting, as that means I only have one more phase to go through before I can send my book in to Createspace for publication: Proofreading.

There isn't much more news to give, at least not right now. The next chapter of Harry Potter is currently going through revisions. It'll definitely be done by this Friday, so no worries there. I didn't post a Writing Tip today, because I'm honestly not sure what to write, or to be more exact, there are so many things I want to write about that I am mired in indecision. If any of you can help me with that, It'd be much appreciated.

I think that's all for now. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just drop me a line and I'll get to you whenever I can.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

AnS Q&A and Writing Tips updated!

Alright everyone! I've managed to update both my Question and Answer page for Ashikabi no Shinobi with the Q&A for chapter 30, as well as my Writing Tips page. As per DBX666's request, today's writing tip talks about the different genres found in TV and Literature. It's mainly a general overview, but there is a lot of information to cover and I didn't want to overload you guys. Trust me, that particular page is long enough as it is. I had to scour a lot of websites to find all of the different genres and sub-genres out there, and I'm not even sure if I got them all!

I'll likely give more in depth tips on genres later on, discussing each genre in more detail. If you have a specific genre you would like me to talk about, let me know and I'll be sure to put it in my Writing Tips page.

Until next time!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Help me Make Changes

Okay, so I've changed my Writing Tips page to give a list of content where all you have to do is click on a link that will take you directly to the a specific writing tip you want to look at. Unfortunately, I have no clue if it works. It seems to from my end, but I want to know if it works from your end since this blog is here for you, not me.

If someone could go to my Writing Tips page and click on all the links there, just to make sure they work as they are supposed to it would be much appreciated.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi Q&A coming soon!

There is still isn't much for me to say. Life is moving on and I'm struggling to keep my busy schedule from falling apart at the seems. I don't think I've ever been so busy in my life: writing the sequel to my first novel, getting my first novel edited, writing fanfiction, working, networking, finding out the best and most cost efficient ways to market my book. There's a lot to be done and I feel like I hardly have the time to do it.

Ah well, such is life.

In either event, I think enough time has past and I've gotten enough reviews to write a Q&A for chapter 30 of Ashikabi no Shinobi. I'll likely post it sometime this weekend after I finish making all the changes and updates to my blog so it's easier for you all to navigate.

I have very little more to tell you. The first draft of chapter 19 for Harry Potter is finished. I'll likely have the revisions done by next Friday, so you guys will be getting the chapter a week early, and a bonus chapter from Devil Ninja to boot. That's about it, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you want to inform me of some major life changes that could drastically effect the world around us, please feel free to leave a comment.

And now for your trope!

Appease the Volcano God

Tribesman: Quixiquoddal, the Volcano God is angry. We must appease his wrath!
Fr. Ted: Volcano God! What kind of nonsense is that? I'll ask you one more time, will you not give Catholicism a try?
Tribesman: It wouldn't catch on. We don't agree with the Pope's line on artificial contraception. It's the '90s for God's sake!

People who live on volcanic islands are frequently living on a ticking timebomb. When that volcano blows its stack, you never know if you're going to get a gentle, easily-avoidable stream of lava, or an apocalyptic explosion. With such explosive power on their doorstep, the natives of many of these islands figure that the volcano is home to a fire god, who can be kept safely dormant through proper care and feeding.
The volcano god's favorite food? Virgins, of course. And if the hero or the Love Interest gets picked to take a half-gainer into the caldera, the Big Damn Heroes better get up there quick before things start to heat up... And if the offering is somehow unsuitable, the results can be quite explosive.
How much basis in reality this trope has is debatable. The Polynesian ancestors of the Hawaiians did practiceHuman Sacrifice and regarded not pissing off their volcano as serious business, but at the same time they would have never sacrificed women due to their belief that females were spiritually defiled. Either way, a volcanic calderafilled with lava is sure to be very hot, so it might be difficult to simply toss people in the top.
A subtrope of Human Sacrifice. Compare and contrast Captured By Cannibals.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Waiting... for a trope

There's not much to say today, mostly because I've decided not to do any serious updates to this blog. Because I've decided to go with the changes I want to make, I felt adding anymore to my other pages would simply increase the amount of mess I have to work with.

You can expect me to update my Writing Tips section this Saturday after I make all of the changes and updates to my blog that I need to.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please address them here.

And now for your trope!

Alternate Universe

The criminal and the ape-thing, OK. But awoman?! That's just silly.

"Penny, while I subscribe to the many worlds theory which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldons in an infinite number of universes, I assure you in none of them am I dancing."
— Sheldon CooperThe Big Bang Theory

A story in which the characters we know are seen in a reality that's somehow different, often disturbingly so. If they can access multiple alternative universes at the same time, that's The Multiverse.
Sometimes everyone has an Evil Twin. Other times, everyone has a twin that's just a little different. Allows the goodies to be baddies for an episode, or for half of the cast to be killed - but not really. Sometimes it's just part of Side Story Bonus Art.
Given a long enough run, any series based on SuperHerocomic books will run into these.
If the writers want to depict an Alternate Universe, but the show's genre would not usually allow an Alternate Universeper se, the depiction may be accomplished via an extended Dream Sequence.
Not to be confused with Alternate ContinuityAlternate Reality EpisodeAlternate Universe Fic or a Constructed World.
May be meta-caused by aforementioned Alternate Continuity; as well as by any of the three varieties of Discontinuity (Canon DiscontinuityFanon Discontinuity, or Negative Continuity).
Specific variations:
  • Alternate History — Some major event changed, like Germany wins WWII.
  • Another Dimension — Different worlds don't have to resemble each other, Alternate Universe is a subtrope of this.
  • Bizarro Universe — A lot of things in that world are reversed from the usual context, good is evil or vice versa, etc.
  • For Want of a Nail — One small change caused a huge difference between the universes.
    • In Spite of a Nail — Tiny changes have made the world almost the same but the differences are critical (or wildly different, but the characters are still the same and still together.)
  • Mirror Universe — Often a subset of Bizarro Universe, Good and Evil are reversed, but otherwise most of the things are the same.
  • The Multiverse — The people involved have the capacity to cross over to more than one additional universe.
  • Elseworld — Famous characters are placed into a situation which is potentially wildly different from the norm.
  • Wonderful Life — You get to see how the world would have turned out if you were never born/existed.
  • Alternate Tooniverse — An animated counterpart to reality.

Another type of Alternate Universe is that which doesn't take any of the characters, but instead takes concepts, or machines. Such Alternate Universes are uncommon, but exist. Gundam is the perfect example, with no less thanseven separate universes, all of them rehashing essentially the same plots and concepts — in particular, the conflict between those living in space and those living on Earth. With giant robots.
Compare with Masquerade, where a world might look the same, but something hidden makes it different.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All Hail the Log!

Contrary to the title, this post will not be about the log. Disappointing, I know. :(

I've decided to make a few changes to the blog again, that way you guys have an easier time navigating your way around. I'm going to separate and compress each chapter for all of my Q&As into PDF documents. That way, when you want to see the Q&A for one particular chapter, all you have to do is click on the link rather then scroll down until you find the chapter you're looking for. I'll do the same thing to my Writing Tips section. These changes will be effective Saturday, since I don't have time to make them write now.

Get it, write now? You know, because I'm a writer...


Yeah, I know. Bad pun.

Anyways, I've posted up the next of my writing tips, if you're interested in refreshing your knowledge of English.

Till next time!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should I make more changes to my blog?

So I just updated my Writing Tips when I realized something. We're only at Writing Tip number ten, and already you have to do a whole lot of scrolling to get to the bottom. This had me thinking, and so I went back to my other pages, the question and answer ones, and realized something else. These pages also required a good deal of scrolling to get to the bottom.

I feel this makes it just as difficult to find what you're looking for as my previous format did, which had me thinking that it may be a good idea to change the format again. I was thinking about using links and linking PDF files to my pages which would contain information about a specific subject. For example, having each Q&A for Ashikabi no Shinobi in a separate PDF file that you can access upon clicking the link to it. That way you don't have to do all this scrolling, just click on what you want and it will take you right to it. Do you guys think that's a good idea?

In other news, I'm making good progress in my writing. I seem to be having a much easier time getting this story written than usual, so that's good.

There isn't much else on this front. My stories are well in hand, my writing is going smoothly and my editor is hopefully making my novel more awesome than it already is, lol. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to say hello, just drop me a line.


Monday, January 13, 2014


I just finished updating my Writing Tips section. Apparently, there was a bit of a problem and tips number eight and nine were whited out for some reason. I fixed that, so they should be readable now. I also posted my tenth writing tip, which is about prepositions.

There's not a whole lot more to tell right now. I'm still writing for my Harry Potter story, I'm making good progress and expect to be finished with my first revision by this Friday. Other than that, nada.

Now, If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to chat, do not be afraid to post a reply.

Later! ^_^

Sunday, January 12, 2014

More and more updates!

Alright! Here we are again, and I am bringing you a few more update.

To start things off, I just finished updating my Writing Tips section of this blog. The lesson of the day is about nouns. Everyone uses them, but not everyone uses them correctly when writing, and it never hurts to give yourself a refresher on something.

Next on my list is the update I just made to my American Kitsune section. I just posted the Book Cover. It's not finished because I am using the Createspace cover building program. It's supposed to automatically format the cover for me. All I am doing is providing the artwork.

The Artwork itself was made by Kam Moody, who goes by the name Snow-the-Wanderer on Devientart. I commissioned her to make the cover art a while ago because I liked her art-style. If you haven't checked out her work, I suggest you do. She's pretty good.

Lastly, my writing is going very well. I've written two scenes for Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, and there will only be about four or five altogether. I'm making great time, so you guys should get your chapter(s) a week earlier than usual.

That's about all I have for updates. If you wish to ask me something, want to share your opinion, or want to request something specific for my Writing Tips section, please let me know.

I'll see you all later!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing Tips

Hey everyone, I just thought I would let you know that I've updated the writing tips section of this blog. If you're interested in learning a bit about adjectives and adverbs, then this update will be something you're interested in.

I don't have a whole lot more to add. I've gotten started on Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, and I expect to have the chapter finished and ready for revisions and proofreading by next week. That means it may only take me two weeks for you guys to get another update. Another TWO updates, in fact, since I will be posting the next chapter of Devil Ninja as well.

Since I have very little to add today, I'll leave you guys with a little trope. This is one that all you Otaku should be interested in, as it describes the not-so-rare-but-extremely-popular Tsundere.

Stupid wiki! I'm only editing you because you asked nicely, n-not because I like you. S-so don't get the wrong idea, got it?!

"Oh, Arnold, how I love you. And yet I hate you! And yet I love you. And yet I hate you! And yet I LOVE you."
— Helga PatakiHey Arnold!.

I'll describe this topic... since it figures that you wouldn't know what a Tsundere is. Look, if you really must know, I supposethat I'll tell you. Just... consider yourself lucky that I just happento have an article handy, o-okay! blush
Yes. So. The Japanese term tsundere refers to a character who "runs hot and cold", alternating between two distinct moods: tsuntsun (aloof or irritable) and deredere(lovestruck).
The term was originally used to describe characters who began with a harsh outgoing personality, but slowly revealed a soft and vulnerable interior over time. Over the years the character archetype has become flanderized, and is now generically associated with a character who flips between the two emotional states at the slightest provocation.
The tsuntsun can range from the "silent treatment" to "lovestruck kindergartener who pushes you into the sandbox." The reasons behind a Tsundere's behavior vary widely, but usually boil down to the conflict between their feelings of affection towards a love interest, and their reaction to having those feelings.
The Tsundere stock characterization is very popular with writers of Romantic Comedy because the conflicts between the two personality facets can be easily utilized to generate both drama and comedy. It also acts as a source of Wish Fulfillment: specifically, the idea that every independent, hardened and just plain jerkish love interest (male or female) has a squishy emotional centre that will embrace you after you crack the outer shell.
Tsundere can be divided into two main categories, depending on their default mood:

See also the Analysis page for more detailed information on common "strategies" employed by Tsunderecharacters, and other, related topics. this site has an explanation on the appeal of the tsundere character.
A common way of showing that a Tsundere has mellowed or has had her heart won over by the Love Interest is to have her shift from Type A to Type B. If her motivations are inquired, she will often engage in a Suspiciously Specific Denial, complete with a Luminescent Blush and total evasion of eye contact (cue the squeaks of Moe).
In addition, there appear to be three major subtypes which while more common with Type-A may sometimes fit with Type-B.
"Wolf-Girl" Tsundere who can't or won't be honest about her feelings, is quick to judge her love interest (or the main character in a harem comedy) badly, and usually pelts him with violence at the slightest provocation, real or imagined. Bonus points if she calls him an idiot for not understanding her feelings outside his earshot. Prime examples are Nana from To Love-Ru, Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fumino from Mayoi Neko Overrun, Naru Narugesawa from Love Hina.
Discipline Tsundere: Usually a fellow student assigned some role of authority, hall monitor, school president, etc. who is rather strict in rules enforcement. She is quick to blame the love interest for breaches of etiquette and tries to punish him for it. This usually surprises him in that he's getting singled out for attention over others. Romantic interest seldom comes to mind as the reason (at least until he gets wind of further evidence). Prime examples: Yui of To Love-Ru, Asuna of Ore Shura.
Tragic Past Tsundere: This poor girl has a Dark and Troubled Past that makes understanding her feelings, let alone expressing them highly problematic for everyone, including herself. As such, approaching her is rather delicate, and if she approaches someone else, expect many misunderstandings good or bad. While violence towards the Love Interest is not required, it often occurs. Prime Examples: Stella Satellizer of Freezing. Yami of To Love-Ru. (Rito has not one or two, but THREE Tsundere in his Unwanted Harem.)
When paired with a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, together they produce Belligerent Sexual Tension. If done poorly, the result is an Unintentionally Unsympathetic Jerk Sue. Compare with Well, Excuse Me, Princess!Jerk Ass, andJerk with a Heart of Gold. Contrast with Sour Outside, Sad Inside, which shares the spiky exterior but has depression and self-doubt rather than kindness hiding underneath. When Flanderized tends to overlap with Mood-Swinger. Also see Don't You Dare Pity Me! and Anger Born of Worry; both of them likely actions with this character type. Aloof Ally may show the same hot-and-cold behavior but for differing reasons. Shana Clone is a specific subtrope with a particular set of characteristics. Because of their low tolerance for stupidity, they are always Enraged By Idiocy.
Please do not confuse this trope with a Mood-Swinger, who flips between all the emotional states (not just tsuntsun and deredere) and is more of an inherent mental problem encompassing more than just their romantic life. Also don't confuse with Playing Hard to Get, where a love interest deliberately chooses not to reciprocate her pursuer's interest until she's sure he's hooked.
Psychologically, tsundere-like behavior could be an example of "splitting," a maladaptive coping mechanism wherein a person alternately idealizes and undervalues others, including potential romantic partners.
No Real Life Examples, Please!. You're such an idiot that I just had to put in that bloody obvious rule for you! For invoked examples (ex. Tsundere Cafes), those can go to the "Other" category.