Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photo Kano

I found an interesting little gem of an anime a while ago, for those of you who are into romance. Photo Kano is quite possibly one of the only romance animes that has, well, romance.

Confused? You shouldn't be. It's a fairly well established fact by now that most "romance" anime don't have a lick of actual romance. They have some "moments" that have "romance potential," but never get far enough for it to be called actual romance. Maybe there'll be a few ecchi moments, perhaps there a scene where Male lead and the Female lead share what might have been a romantic kiss... had the kiss not been interrupted by everyone and their mother. I don't know why this is, the Japanese seem more than capable of having women getting tentacle raped, but a kiss? Out of the question!

One of the things I like about Photo Kano is that it actually has a good deal of romance. Originally a game that came out for the playstation, Photo Kano is the story of Kazuya Maeda, a young man who receives a camera from his old man. Much like with the game, the anime focuses on Kazuya's romantic encounter with the various women at his high school.

This particular anime is actually somewhat unique. It's not a harem, despite the number of women who become involved with Kazuya. Instead, the story follows several different routes which can be taken in the video game. The first 6 episodes of the anime focus on Kazuya's romantic involvement with his childhood friend, and the 6 episodes after that focus on a different women each episode. It's sort of like a what if type of story.

Of course, no anime has the right to be called an anime without some ecchi moments. There are a few scenes of boob grabbing, a couple places where Kazuya gets to take sexy photos of the various girls he gets involved with, and a number of other incidents. There is no nudity, as the story focuses more on romance, but I think that's probably for the best. Sometimes, when an anime focuses on the oppai, it can ruin the plot, unless the oppai is the plot. As that is not the case here, the use of boobs and nudity isn't really needed.

Besides, there are some sexy scenes in this story without the ecchi.

Overall, I would give the story a 7.5/10. It was a nice little anime, a good diversion from what I usually watch. Anyone who likes romance would probably enjoy

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aliens, Ecchi, and Fanservice... oh my?

To Love Ru and I have always had a sort of love/hate relationship. The artwork is outstanding (especially the girls), I love the fanservice, I love the ecchi, and I even love the plot behind the story. And, by all that is holy, I absolutely adore most of the female cast.

That being said, there are a number of things I also don't like about it.

The main story is this: Rito Yuuki is a down on his luck teenager who can't confess to the girl he loves. While moping in the bath after another unsuccessful attempt at confessing his feelings, a very beautiful and very naked girl appears in his tub. Her name is Lala Satalin Deviluke, and she is the Princess to the planet of Deviluke and the daughter of the man who conquered the galaxy. After unknowingly enacting a Devilukean marriage proposal (apparently, the fondling of ones breasts is a time honored way of proposing on Deviluke for, well, reasons. MASSIVE PLOT reasons, you understand), and getting chased down by a bunch of aliens, he finds himself engaged. Now he's got to marry Lala, while keeping all of her other suitors away, or Lala's father will destroy the earth.

The story itself is actually kind of interesting for a story that is really nothing more than a massive excuse for ecchi and fanservice. It keeps your attention, it's funny, and the fact that every girl is stupidly attractive doesn't hurt.

Each females personality, despite being derived from a standard anime harem archetype, is interesting enough that you actually learn to really like the characters. There are favorites, of course. Mine are Lala, the upbeat and naive princess with a penchant for inventions that never seem to work right, and Golden Darkness aka Yami-chan, the kuudere assassin with the ability to change her body parts into various pieces of weaponry and hates perverts. All of the female cast is incredibly interesting and varied.

I also enjoyed how they managed to give every character a specific personality. In most harem anime, the female characters all blend together, and it becomes hard to tell who is who because they all act the same. Not so in this one. Every girl acts different, and that keeps things from getting stagnant.

However, while the girls are terribly interesting to the point where I wish the anime was longer, there is one major problem. Rito Yuuki. When the anime first starts, Rito has the worst case of the tropes Cannot Talk to Woman, Cannot Spit it Out, and Allergic to Love that I have ever seen. Any time he even thinks of a girl, he turns all kinds of red and starts sputtering nonsensical crap like the virgin he is. And that's fine. At the beginning of any story, the MC isn't supposed to be some kind of prince charming, unless that's what you're going for. Most characters are meant to start off from modest beginnings and become built up over time.

Just look at Luke Skywalker. He started as a fucking moisture farmer living with his aunt and uncle. Now he's one of the greatest BAMFs of the Star Wars universe.

However, 26 episodes later, 60 if you include the OVAs, Motto: To Love Ru, and To Love Ru Darkness plus its OVAs, and Rito Yuuki has hardly changed at all. In fact, only two things seem to have really changed. The first, he doesn't get as embarrassed simply by standing next to a girl, though he still becomes a stuttering, bumbling idiot without a single lick of common sense when something ecchi happens to him and whatever female is in his path at the time. Second, he did sort of, kind of, confess to Lala at the end of Motto: To Love Ru. Too bad nothing ever came of it.

The main issue I have with Rito as a character are thus: after a year of perverted situations happening in which Rito would fall into some girls tits, or her crotch, or end up randomly naked with an equally randomly naked girl for no apparent reason, he still acts like he always does. It's like the creator of the series never heard of desensitization before. There is only so much nudity a person can see before it just becomes an everyday occurrence. Sort of like violence. With a year of this happening under his belt, Rito should be practically immune to what happens around him.

Now, I suspect the creator kept him the same for comedy purposes, which would be fine, except the comedy sort of fell flat after seeing Rito fall into some girls crotch, blush like mad, and then get bitch slapped, chased, or something else stupid happening to him for the one hundredth time. Things like that just get old. You can only watch so much of the same thing happening before you go "Oh, well, is anything else going to happen? Like, I don't know, something new and interesting maybe?" And that's how I felt.

Despite my dislike of how Rito never changes, the anime itself is pretty awesome. I just wish they had more of it, because the last anime, To Love Ru Darkness, has a very incomplete feel to it, like there were supposed to be more episodes, but they just stopped being produced for some reason.

On an overall scale, I would rate To Love Ru with a 8.75/10. There was a lot about it that I loved, but those few issues that I didn't keep it from being a 10/10. I would still recommend anyone who enjoys ecchi, fanservice, and massive PLOT to watch this series, especially the Darkness series, as it's much more, eh, mature, then the first To Love Ru and Motto: To Love Ru.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin Q&A

Chapter 22

A Fan: While this chapter wasn't bad I feel that I should point out that griffins are half eagle and half lion. It does not have hooves or a snake tail. I believe you are confusing it with a chimaera which has the front half of a lion, the back half of a goat, a snake for a tail, and large bat or dragon wings.

Answer: Actually, I am not. The snake head tail is not... natural. I won't say anymore than that, but there is a symbolic reason the tail of Harry's Griffin form is a snake head. I kind of thought that reason would be obvious, you know, with the whole scar, parselmouth, horcrux thing, but I guess not.

ClassHole: Soooo Harry is now a dual jaguar/griffin animagus? Seems kind of stupid and totally out of the blue. What I've always liked about this story is you make Harry work for his skills, now all of sudden he just whips out this griffin form? Honestly it reminded far to much of a lot of the shitty fanfics on this site.

Also, the idea that the Basilisks gaze doesn't work on Griffin!Harry because magical creatures powers don't work on each other is just stupid. Does that mean a dragons fire would just do nothing to Griffin!Harry? or a Nundu's breath? If u needed Harry to be able to look the basilisk in the eye for the fight, just say that Parselmouths are immune to the gaze. Seen that used a lot and it always made sense to me.

Answer: You clearly never read the first of this series, Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories, have you? If you had, then you would know that Harry had both a Griffin and Jaguar animgus form. Or maybe you just forgot. Either way, it's not random and it's not out of the blue.

Not really. The Basilisk's death gaze is a passive ability. It doesn't control who dies and who doesn't. If you look into a Basilisk's eye, then you will die. Period. It's not like a Nundu's breath, or a dragon's fire. Those are aggressive attacks meant to cause physical harm and death. They're not passive abilities that stay active all the time. This is why Harry's Griffin form is immune, because all magical creatures have a resistance to other magical creature's passive abilities. When you think about it in a logical, intelligent manner, it does make sense. You should try it sometime.

Query: hi, this is my first review. I've to admit that while i didn't like you killing off hermione, i'm not a hermione fan but i just don't see the logic in killing her off rather than killing some1 like neville. Hermione could have proven to the wizarding world that first generation witches too can be great. Nevertheless its your story, and a very well written one too. I'm not a naruto fan so i follow only your harry potter series. I have one question though. It is shown in canon that you can't summon horcruxes. So how did harry summon the diary. Lastly, keep up the good work, and i hope you update soon.

Answer: Harry managed to summon the diary because it was Tom's first Horcrux. The reason the other Horcrux's couldn't be summoned was because they had protections on them that prevented it. This one didn't because he made it during his seventh year and wasn't as knowledgeable about magic back then.

Zexs: Ginny really should suffer more consequences of the after effect of her possession than she did in canon, she was under Riddle's control for a longer period of time and the fact that she cast the killing curse and it would still register on her wand could land her in prison because of the political climate and the fact that someone actually died this time. I don't really see this Harry being in a position to be able to or wanting to defending her and the excuse that she was possessed by Voldemort (whom Harry does not know the identity of this time around) would not hold up in court when their looking for someone to offer up to the public. I wonder thou what sort of effect casting the killing curse would have on Ginny's magic at her age when her core has not had time to stabilize coupled with the drain Riddle put on it would be, would her magic be stunted, mental damage from the possession or would she be fine?

Answer: I have a plan for Ginny, and I'll admit, it's not going to be all that pleasant. While I don't dislike her character, I can't see her not suffering from the consequences of being possessed. There are going to be some long-lasting side effects on her psyche. She won't be getting off what she did as easily as she did in canon, especially because Harry's not going to be supporting her.

DenarianLord: Wait...What? Don't tell me that Harry is gonna resign from Hogwarts cuz of some misguided sense of honour that distancing himself from his friends will help keep them safe?

Answer: No. No. Nothing like that. Harry isn't that selfless. In fact, Harry's reason for running are completely selfish, as you'll see in the next book. Without giving too much away, Harry is going to do a bit of growing up in the next book. It'll be hard, like pulling out teeth, but it will happen.

Guest: so harry, the same harry who investigated the philosophers stone issue and solved it around christmas in his first year, didnt bother to investigate the chamber of secrets at all up till after his friend dies near the end of the year despite the massive threat it posed. I dont know what else to say other than Im disappointed in the turn this story has taken its not the character death its just the flow isnt right its like you forced the death to create a situation where harry goes missing. The problem is in canon the bad guys plans are pretty convoluted and leave a lot to chance and if you write dumbledore as a competent good guy and harry as super intelligent they really should be able to thwart them easily. The entire thing seriously hinges on how quickly it takes to realize "hey wasn't myrtle the girl who died last time maybe we should ask her whats up". hermione should have died in a raid at her home disguised to look like a house fire in response to harry stopping malfoy's plan or something this just reads like she died because no one took the threat seriously which is kinda a blow to both your characterization of dumbledore and harry as intelligent and protective of those they consider under their care.

Answer: First off, I think I mentioned that Harry doesn't do anything unless it benefits him. What benefit does he gain from trying to uncover the Chamber of Secrets mystery? Nothing. He gains nothing. The Chamber of Secrets isn't said to possess treasure or knowledge, but a monster. Why would he go after that? Second. I don't think you understand what happened with the investigation. Neither Harry nor Dumbledore believed the Chamber of Secrets had actually opened. Dumbledore because he knew that Tom Riddle opened it decades ago and he didn't have any children, and Harry because he thought someone was trying to use the "Chamber of Secrets" myth to inspire fear and terrorize the school. Both of them were way off on their thoughts, and that's natural when you think about it. There were only two petrifications in the entire school: Missus Norris and Gilderoy Lockhart. After that, Dumbledore called in the aurors and diary Riddle went to ground, so to speak. You can't find someone when they don't even reveal themselves. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Tom Riddle did nothing after petrifying Lockhart and focused instead on absorbing Ginny's magic, and so Dumbledore had nothing to go on. It's not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of information.

Magitech: Nice chapter 

One thought I've long had was IF Tom had drained Ginny and gotten a solid body back, how long would it last?

Putting it in science terms, it was nothing more than a solid hologram and once Ginny's power stopped coming in, it would start to break down as it couldn't replenish itself, casting spells would only hasten its demise.
It can't have a magical core, if Voldie was breaking that up with every horcrux he would have been left much weaker each time he made one and that's assuming he survived breaking his core :)

Answer: I actually think that once Tom Riddle managed to drain Ginny of all her magic, that magic would then fashion a body he could use. Sort of like the ritual that had been used to make Voldemort a new body in the Goblet of Fire. I don't have the mechanics worked out, but I think magic would have taken care of most of the work.

Kain Everguard: I won't judge until this story is over, but this story is slowly beginning to get sloppy with how Fawkes shows up in the end, and how Hermione's death could be used as a catalysis of Harry's buildungsroman into a man, discarding an important character just for the sake of the development of main character and throwing away any remnant of golden trio even while Harry is in Gryffindor. Again, my inner assessment of this story may be baseless, and I'll hold off any judgmental opinions to myself, since there are many aspects of this story that has not been explored.

Answer: What makes you think that was Fawkes? I never gave any indication that Fawkes was who showed up to help Harry in his time of need.

totalsolution: You're evil! You know that, right? And I am quite sure you enjoy it! Anyway, I think it was a nice chapter and it was an interesting idea to make Harry's animagus form drain magic permanently because of its magical nature. But I think that something like this would maybe more block a certain part of Harry's magic rather than consume it? If it would consume that much magic, a real griffin would need to use just as much magic itself. And that doesn't seem to be the case, right? A much greater cost or the actual transformation is logical, as would be another cost, like a partition of his magic that is used to uphold the magical traits of the griffin, but draining it ad at the level you described at that, was really too much. Also a wizard of harrys caliber shouldn't have been exhausted of his magic that quickly, even though he just tried a spell he wasn't suited for and his magic was in disarray. Following that thought, normal first an secon years shouldn't be able to cast a spell effectively as soon as they were even a little angry because their magic wouldn't respond as it should and their capacity was so low to begin with that only one spell woul deplete it completely.
The rest was nice work and a really devious cliff hanger as I already pointe out. I really hope your muse is going strong right now.



Answer: The difference between Harry's Griffin for and a real Griffin is, well, Harry is NOT a real Griffin. He's a human who can transform into a Griffin. That's why his magic was being drained. The way I see it, because Harry is human, it requires energy to stay in the form of a Griffin. Sort of like in video games where a character has a power up transformation that lasts until their mana or whatever runs out. Because it's not his natural form, it requires energy to stay in that form.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Witty, Intelligent, and Intriguing Dialogue keeps your readers engaged!

So Nightwing asked me about how to write dialogue, and I thought to myself, "why not? Dialogue, while seemingly easy, can be pretty damn hard to write."

Not a lot of people know this, but dialogue is one of the most difficult aspects of writing, especially for beginning writers. The reason being is that you need to write engaging dialogue that keeps the readers entertained. Boring and dull dialogue filled with an incomprehensible amount of pointlessly large words for no apparent reason, or inversely, really short sequences of dialogue that contain only the bare minimum amount of words needed to get a point across, will never fail to make readers grow bored. There have been many times where I was reading an awesome story filled with incredible descriptions that were so outstanding I could literally picture the world the writer was describing in my mind, only to end up stopping because their dialogue sucked. It wasn't engaging, and I often found my mind straying because I was growing so bored.

To help you write engaging and witty dialogue, I've listed a number of tips for you down here that I hope will help.

  1. Listen to how people talk in real life. How many times have you read a fictional story where two or more people were talking and the beginning of every single piece of dialogue started with: "Well, Bob..." One of the biggest mistakes writers make, especially fan fiction writers, is they use certain words, such as "well" as a starter for their dialogue. How many times have you listened to a conversation and someone started a sentence with the word well? Not very many, I'd wager. So, make sure to listen, and I mean really listen, to other people when they're talking, and use the way they speak as a basis for your characters when they're talking to each other.
  2. Don't overload your readers with a character given info dump. Just like you shouldn't give away every single bit of information about your story or plot in one massive go during an author narrative, you also shouldn't do so during dialogue. Not only will that make your characters speech sound unnatural, but it'll also make them sound long-winded. No one likes listening to--or reading in this case--someone who merely states a bunch of facts that sounds more like they're trying to cram as much plot as possible into your brain. Let the dialogue flow naturally, trust your readers to read between the lines and remember information from previous chapters. And for the love of all things fiction don't make your character sound like some kind of plot device!
  3. Action and dialogue do mix. One of the most important things about dialogue, and something that I think a lot of people tend to forget, is that your characters are human...unless they're aliens or some other supernatural being, but that's besides the point. They are still sentient beings, and as such they should read like sentient beings. Have you ever spoken with someone and they just sat there, not moving at all as they talked? I have, like, once, but I'm pretty sure that guy was a robot. Most people tend to be animated when they speak with others, so make sure your characters are animated as well. Have them make gesticulations with their arms when they speak, or give them some kind of facial expression while they're talking. Just don't have them stand there, doing nothing. That's boring, and we don't want to read about boring people.
  4. Dialogue tags are so overrated. A lot of people in the fiction community, especially newer writers, tend to enjoy coming up with dialogue tags other then "he said/she said" and that's all well and good, but it shouldn't be your main focus. Just as having he said in your story too many times can be distracting, so, too, can using words like answered, replied, opined, murmured, mumbled, and, well, you get the picture. I'm not saying you shouldn't use more than just he said/she said, but you should try not to overdo it. My suggestion? Whenever and where ever possible, don't use tags at all. When there are only two people speaking, you really don't need to worry about putting dialogue tags, because unless your reader is mentally deficient, unlikely since they're smart enough to read your story, they should be able to keep track of who is saying what on their own.
  5. Break up the dialogue with character monologue. Contrary to popular belief, there are some people out there who actually think while they're talking. I know, shocking, but it's true. Let us know what your characters thoughts are while they're discussing whatever with so-and-so. If your characters are talking about how character #2 had such a hard life, let us know how your character feels about it. If they're talking about cooking, tell us your characters favorite dish. This not only allows us readers some breathing room from all the talking, it also gives us some insight into your character.
  6. Your readers should get lost in your prose, not your piss poor punctuation. Correct puncuation in dialogue is confusing. Due to how dialogue can flow in many different ways, the rules of punctuation are often subject to change. If you write something out one way in a non-dialogue sentence, it could very well be written differently in a dialogue sentence simply due to the way your characters speak. There are several good ways to figure out proper punctuation in dialogue: join a writing group and have them check your dialogue scenes, join a writing workshop that discusses writing dialogue, or read professionally published stories that have tons of dialogue scenes you can look at.
So, there you have it. My six tips on writing dialogue. They're basic tips, and only cover the tip (no pun intended) of the iceberg, but they should help you get started.

If you have any specific dialogue related questions, please feel free to comment on this post.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seikoku no Dragonar

Seikoku no Dragonar is the textbook definition of a generic harem anime. It has every trope you've come to expect of anime that follow the harem/ecchi genre; from the cute tsundere loli to the quiet kuudere with a dark past that seems to have trouble expressing themselves. Despite being what I would call stereotypical and unoriginal, there are some things about Seikoku no Dragonar that make up for its general lack of originality.

One of the things that kept me watching Seikoku no Dragonar was how they took unoriginal concepts and made them their own. The greatest example is the story itself. The main plot is about a boy named Ash Blake who goes to an academy where people learn to become Dragon Masters. Yeah, unoriginal, I know. Ash is the resident problem child because despite having a very large star-shaped brand that marks him as a future Dragon Master, he has nothing to show for it. His dragon has not appeared yet. All this changes when one day Ash's dragon appears before him... as a very beautiful and very naked young girl.

Despite the unoriginal concept, Seikoku no Dragonar does manage to make it somewhat interesting. I think a good portion of that is mostly because of the fanservice. Despite not actually seeing anything, there is a lot of nudity in this story... and even more ecchi. In fact, one of the first scenes of this anime is Ash Blake and some, as of yet, unknown super hot female with large breasts, getting into an unusually sexy situation for no apparent reason.

The story itself is filled to the brim with ecchi and fanservice. Fortunately for us, the ecchi, while very prevalent in this anime, does not appear to adversely affect the plot. It seems mostly there to add comedy to the situation...or for some perv whose got nothing better to do to start fapping. If you're a pervert, you'll probably enjoy this anime for sure.

Of course, it's not all about T&A with this anime. While boobs seem to play an important role, there is also a good deal of action. There are a number of pretty epic fight scenes that are entertaining to watch and a good deal of character development.

Ah, character development, how I do love thee. That's actually the best thing about this anime. Each character gets their time to shine and develop. Something I've never liked about a lot of anime was the lack of true development with the caste, especially the supporting cast. Often times in an anime, the support characters sole purpose for existing seems to be making the Main Protagonist look cool...or look like an idiot depending on the genre. With Seikoku no Dragonar, each supporting character is given time to develop.

Overall, I would probably rate Seikoku no Dragonar with a 6/10. The artwork is beautiful, the animation is lovely, the character are pretty cool, and, well, I do enjoy ecchi and fanservice on occasion. That being said, while the plot is interesting and managed to retain my attention, it's too generic and unoriginal for me to give full-marks on. This is the kind of anime that you would probably watch once, maybe twice, enjoy it both times, and then forget about it a year or two later.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Before I begin with the Q&A let me just say this: I did not kill off Hermione Granger simply because I wanted to. I actually like Hermione. I believe I've mentioned this before, but Hermione reminds me of my sister, and despite the arguments I've gotten into with her, I do love my sister. That being said, I know that some of you hated it when she was killed off while others were overjoyed. I don't really get it, but that's how it goes. I just wanted all of you to know that.

Now, on with the inquisition!

mlmswimgirl: I'd just like to say that your stories are fantastic and I can"t wait to read more. I have one question or request: Can Hermione come back as a ghost? Update soon please!

A: The answer is no, Hermione will not be coming back to life. Not even as a ghost. There was a reason I killed her off, and if she came back as a ghost, her death will have been pretty much pointless. The only way I would bring her back was if Voldemort resurrected her using necromancy and forced her to kill her friends...which would be pretty damn evil of me.

Coho Commanche: Hermione was way too smart to do something so stupid. It's not very realistic. Now, had it been someone else, then yes, it would be more realistic.

A: Are you trying to say that Hermione is too smart to get killed? You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Hermione doesn't even know that the creature in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk. There were several important pieces of information that led her to that conclusion in canon, which she did not have in my story because she didn't bother investigating the chamber because Harry told her not to. How would she know how to avoid getting herself killed when she doesn't even know what's causing the people at Hogwarts to become petrified?

kamao7: Why do people always kill Hermione? First MoR, then this...

She may have been a secondary character and expendable, and that's fair, but she's still likeable.

Eh, maybe Harry will get into Necromancy next. He's learning every other magic under the sun.

A: First off, almost no one kills off Hermione. No one. You listed one fan fiction that did it and then generalized it with every fanfic. I have never, in all my years of reading fan fiction, read a fanfic where someone had the guts to kill off Hermione Granger. Even stories that bash her character don't kill her off. Also, I killed her exactly because she is a likable character. If she was hated by everyone, her death would have no purpose.

And no, there will be no necromancy. At least not on Harry's part.

Plums: "Anyone attempting to leave will be punished severely."

I wonder if you'll go the route of letting the authorities resolve this, and having Harry simply stay where here's at. Would be very interesting to see a squad or two of Auror's blunder into a possessed Ginny, and see what ramifications that brings to everyone... from the Weasley Family, to Dumbledore since the wards didn't detect a cursed object like that.

If Hogwarts closes then the next day, and they're all thrown on the train, I wonder where you'll send Harry.

A: You make an interesting point. It would be interesting to see this happen, but I think we both know it won't. The problem with your idea is two-fold. First, Ginny is in the Chamber of Secrets. No one but Harry can enter the chamber, and he won't be telling the aurors how to get in. Second, well, plot reasons, naturally. You understand. I kind of need a confrontation between Tom and Harry in order to move the plot. Thankfully, it won't be as bad as the plot devices that JK Rowling uses...I hope.

Elredar Skylance: Sadly, I'm not surprised by you killing off Hermione. Throughout this chapter and the last, you had Hermione becoming overly affectionate, have a brief display of power that was above average, and a mention of one of her dreams. In short, you made this chapter a sort of farewell so I am not surprised, though I am disappointed since Hermione, in general, is one of my favorite characters. I've also been expecting you to kill off a character, but had hoped it would be someone else. Hermione appeared to me to be the only one who wasn't romantically interested in him and was also an intellectual equal. Oh well, I will continue to read this even though I am disappointed. You have an excellent story, despite falling for a few cliches and flaws that every author goes through, and I look forward to what you post next.

A: You and me both. Like I mentioned before, I like Hermione. I may hate the Harmony pairing, but I like Hermione. Which was, as I said, the reason I killed her off. Because she was likable and someone had to die for the sake of the plot and development of my characters.

rutabaga9: It's pretty hard to claim that you are still operating in JKR's HP world, with Hermione gone. LoTR would not be JRRT's LoTR with Samwise removed. But if you try to have a fanfic LoTR, with Frodo but without Samwise, you're no longer in JRRT's world, but you aren't in your own original fictional world either.

A: I find this excerpt from your review kind of funny, to be honest. You claim that I cannot write a Harry Potter fan fiction without Hermione, however, you fail to consider the hundreds of thousands of HP fanfics out there that don't even have Hermione Granger in them. Are you telling me that all of the fan fiction stories about the Marauder Era, or the fanfics where Harry goes back to the time of the Four Founders (without Hermione, mind you) are not true HP fan fiction? If that is the case, then you have a very strange way of looking at things.

Now, you mentioned how LoTR would not be JRRT's LoTR without Samwise. I'm going to destroy your argument right here by saying this fan fiction is not JKR's Harry Potter. This fan fiction is MY story, which was merely derived from JKR's Harry Potter. Therefore, your entire point about how killing off a central character from canon no longer means I'm no longer in that authors world is complete bogus. The HP universe doesn't revolve around Hermione Granger. Hell, it doesn't even revolve around Harry Potter, and he's the main character.

Fictional worlds are derived solely from the concept of which they are created. Harry Potter's world is based on the concept of a magical world that is hidden from the non-magical world that we are a part of. And this concept, according to Rowling, was created BEFORE Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley ever existed. I could write a story about an OC who went to Hogwarts with Harry and the others, yet never mention Hermione Granger even once and it would still be considered HP fan fiction because Hogwarts exists, the magical world exists, and the Ministry of Magic exists.

Just because someone kills off your favorite character doesn't mean it's not fan fiction. I bet you if I had killed of Ron Weasley you wouldn't be telling me how my story was no longer a fan fiction from the Harry Potter universe.

Greatazuredragon: Couldn't you kill some minor character? I mean, for instance who would miss Finnigan or even Ron?

A: I could have killed a minor character, but who would care? Would you even be bothered if I killed Seamus or Ron? Would you cry and go "Oh no! Not Ronald Weasley!" Of course not. And that is exactly the reason I did not kill off one of the minor characters. I wanted you to feel Hermione's death. To really feel it. To feel sadness that she's gone. To feel a sense of loss. It's important for a writer to invoke emotions in their readers. If you feel nothing for the death of a character, then I have obviously failed as a writer.

cloud711aus: Good chapter, however I feel like you are overplaying Harry's political "mistake" from last chapter waaaay too much, I get how as a part of the story it will help to temper Harry and his actions, but I never once felt like it was a big mistake to be called out on, as in it would have a massive affect on his plans. If Harry is trying to campaign for change and base things more on a meritocracy rather than blood, then he isn't going to be getting much support from those that are firm believers in blood purity anyway unless he appeals to their sense of selfishness, in which case it shouldn't matter anyway as Andromeda clearly got results. 

Like I said, whilst I understand WHY you are doing it, I never felt whilst reading that it was an "ohhhhh shit" moment or anything along those lines. 

A: I understand your point, and to an extent you are right. What you must also understand though, is that Harry being overly critical over his failure against Malfoy is just a part of his character. He is a perfectionist. Harry demands success at everything he does, and when he does not succeed it bothers him. What you are seeing right now is Harry making a mountain out of a molehill. You'll find out in the next chapter that Harry's political "fall out" was not as bad as he makes it out to be.

Lightningblade4(: Jesus that's a bomb I wasn't expecting with her death your probably write about some people loosing interest I do like hermoine but im interested how this would effect the story either way I expect harry to keep a very close eye on his friends from now on. 
Would this effect muggleborn population of Hogwarts attendance in the future they would not feel safe anymore at Hogwarts?

Dumbledore position as well will definitely be very shaky.

A: Hermione's death is going to have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Even I, the author cannot see them all, but I'm going to tell you now that even though she is technically gone, Hermione still has a large role to play. I plan on using her death to do some seriously character development for all of the support characters in Harry's circle, as well as giving Harry himself a major emotional and mental overhaul. Of course, Hermione's death will also effect everyone at Hogwarts and the Ministry, not just her friends.

So, I apologize if some of the answers appear sarcastic. There not really meant to be, but it is kind of frustrating when some people seem to think feel my story is horribly written just because I killed off their favorite canon character. It makes me wonder how George RR Martin manages things after he killed off more than 80% of the main characters in A Song of Fire and Ice.

Devil Ninja, Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Q&A

Emperor Of Pandemonium: So is Naruto ever gonna recover his chakra and strength? Also I am curious is Naruto gonna have the powers he has now in the manga?

A: Naruto will eventually recover his chakra and strength. In fact, at some point in the story Naruto's power will surpass those of what he currently has in the manga. Characters in the High School DxD universe are much more powerful than characters in the Narutoverse. I think only Kaguya Otsusuki and, maybe, Madara Uchiha, would be able to stand on par with any of the DxD characters. Even then, Kaguya would probably lose to someone like Sirzechs Lucifer, who is one of the top ten strongest beings in the world. From what I understand of the DxD universe, people like Sirzechs are pretty much like Gods. In fact, Sirzechs is far more powerful than even some of the Gods in the DxD world. I remember in the light novels he unleashed his power when threatening Hades, Greek God of the Underworld, scaring the other entity into submission. Kaguya has the powers of a god, but that really only means her powers are probably around the same level as some of the gods in DxD, which means Sirzechs is more than likely a lot more powerful than she is.

Guest: Will Naruto get something that is completely badass nobody, not even Naruto himself will expect it.

A: I do eventually plan on giving Naruto some extra powers and abilities that he does not have in the canon. Mainly because, let's face it, with all the super-powered beings in High School DxD, he's going to need all the power he can get.

Johndevildogbell: And what happened to Kurama/Kyuubi?

A: I will eventually explain what happened to Kurama in chapter 9.

0 Jordinio 0: Well, this was much better than the other chapters. But a few parts made me cringe. Chakra does not determine strength. Your Naruto is as strong as any Kage, stronger even. He just doesn't have the chakra to fight at that level for more than what looks like 30 second at this point. So why do you refer to him as attempting to be as strong as an 'average level Jonin'.

It's a real turn off for this story.

Anyway, how is his recent power-ups gonna effect this story? Because at this point Naruto has gone god-mode. As far as his powers go, he can 'do anything' now. As quoted by him.

A: You obviously don't understand how to read between the lines, or look underneath the underneath as Kakashi would say. First off, when I say Naruto wants to be as strong as the average jonin, I am speaking chakra wise, nothing more, nothing less. You are talking about skill, not chakra. If it was simply a matter of skill, then yes, Naruto would be stronger than the average jonin. But there is a difference between skill and power. I'm honestly a little disappointed that you don't seem to recognize that difference.

Also, Naruto has NEVER been "stronger than any Kage." I don't know where you got that crap, but Naruto, canon Naruto, is about as strong as a kage, maybe a bit stronger now due to the recent power-up he was given by Hagoromo.

You also failed to grasp what I meant when I wrote about sealing, which is where I assume you got the "do anything" quote from. I merely put that anything is "possible" with sealing, not that Naruto can "do anything" he wants. Naruto is not at the level of sealing where he has that kind of unlimited potential. He is nowhere near even Jiraiya's level, much less the level his mom and dad were at when it comes to the sealing art, and they were not at the level where they could "do anything" as you put it.

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Anime Summer Line up!

I just wanted to show my fellow anime fans what you all have to look forward to this summer. Presenting the anime summer 2014 line up!

Ten-Tailed Wolf, Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Cerulean Knight: I was wondering if anyone would get that reference. I thought I made it kind of obvious, but no one has commented on it yet. Unfortunately, I can't answer your question without giving away spoilers. You'll just have to keep reading to find out.
Slytherin's Pimp: Hinata is something of an unusual subject for me. To be honest, I don't really like Hinata. She's too meek and mouse like for my tastes. I always felt that Naruto needed someone with a strong hand to guide him and tell him off when he's being stupid. I also dislike how everyone thinks that Hinata's whole 'blushing and stuttering and passing out whenever Naruto is within ten feet of her' is cute. Personally speaking, I think it's creepy, but that's just me. Like I said, I don't like Hinata.
All that being said, Hinata isn't really a villain either. That doesn't mean she won't go through a 'rough patch' in her life as she is forced to recognize that Naruto is forever out of her grasp, but it does mean I won't prolong her suffering anymore than my story dictates.
Aloxamax: Sorry, I suppose I should have said Demons were created from the negative aspects of humanity, including negative emotions. Demons are, to put it simply, everything that has ever been wrong about humans. They are humans worst traits made manifest. I guess I just didn't explain myself very well. I'll go back in and fix that part up.
Dark Pirate King: Yes, I can tell you that Demons, Gods and Youkai are going to play a significant role in my story. I wouldn't have bothered putting it in there if it wasn't in some way important to the plot. Right now, I'm simply building my world and introducing the AU part of my story slowly over the course of the original canon timeline. After a certain point, expect the AU to take over completely.

So, Sillent mentioned how I made a lot of grammatical mistakes. I do apologize for that. Honestly, I wanted to get this chapter out on time so badly that I rushed through the process and didn't go back in to proof read my work. You guys just got your first unbeta'd chapter from me in a long time.

Ten-Tailed Wolf, Chapter 23

Chapter 23

ShadowStar91: Yes, the woman with Orochimaru is indeed Gurren. I don't mind telling you that as it won't ruin the plot. I plan on setting her up as the antagonist for Anko and Haku in this arc while Naruto and Akane fight their own enemies.

The Distorted Shadow: Well, you know what they say: "If you're going to give Frodo Baggins a lightsaber, then you need to give Sauron the Deathstar." This is more or less running along the same lines. Naruto and Akane are completely overpowered. There is no one in canon aside from maybe Uchiha Madara, or maybe that Kaguya Otsusuki chick who Kishomoto seems to have made into the new Mary Sue villain, that can stand up to them. Thus, I am giving them more powerful opponents. Eventually, Naruto and Akane will be facing enemies that far outstrip those of any human in power.

Billy Buyo: Yes, I do plan on bringing in demons that are more on Naruto's and Akane's level. Right now I haven't because the story is only just getting started. Eventually, I plan on adding more and more demons, each one stronger then the next, who will force Naruto and Akane to really fight for their lives.

Shifts in Life, Chapter 44

Chapter 44

magen-luhen: If you don't like what I write you can always stop reading. I don't force you to read my stories. You also clearly don't understand how Shounen manga works. First off, Ishidate actually IS strong enough to give Kyuubi Naruto a decent fight, or at least canon Kyuubi Naruto. This guy was able to fight off Kakashi and turn his arm to stone. Yes, part of that was due to the poison Kakashi inhaled before the fight, but it does not change the facts, and Kakashi is currently stronger than my Naruto even when Naruto is using the Kyuubi's chakra to enhance his battle capabilities.

SlayerX86: First, those three chumps are stronger than you think. I know you want Naruto to be some awesome badass shinobi who can destroy all opposition sent his way (or in other words a Gary-stu), but that's not how my stories work. To start, Ishidate is a Jonin level shinobi. He may not be as strong as Kakashi, but he's still powerful. Kongo and Karenbana are both Chunin level. Now, one on one Naruto could own any of those three, Ishidate included, but three on one? No, Naruto put up a good fight, but he would not stand a chance in a three-on-one battle against them. And that's what this was. And I'm sorry you didn't like the cliff hanger, I dislike cliff hangers as well, but that was the best time to end the chapter.

Heh naruko: That's because you're looking at the details rather than the big picture. I never do anything without a damn good reason. These arcs that you're calling filler are there for a reason, they have a purpose to serve. A part of it is to help develop Naruto's character, but there's an even bigger reason for adding these chapters, which I will reveal later on in the story.

0 Jordinio 0: Considering your last review, I'm not surprised you didn't like this chapter. I have my reasons for what I did. For one thing, Naruto can't use his Yokai right now. That transformation you saw? It was a singular event that happened under incredible duress. He doesn't have any control over it right now. And I'm not sure how you can say I skipped most of it. While I didn't give you a 20,000+ word fight, I wrote quite a bit. And the reason the genjutsu cast on him was not dispelled will be revealed in the next chapter, if you have not already read it.
Also, that is NOT the way it works in canon. In canon Naruto sucks at genjutsu and neither he nor the Kyuubi have any luck dispelling them. I don't know where you got that idea, except from maybe mixing up all the fanfiction you read with canon, but we have never seen anything that would indicate the Kyuubi's chakra can dispel a genjutsu.

Aetemus: You have to understand Jiraiya's position right now. Yes, Jiraiya is an awesome ninja, and in normal circumstances he would have never let himself get poisoned like that. The problem is right now Jiraiya isn't really thinking straight. He's depressed and worried because Naruto isn't taking the news of his heritage or the fact that Jiraiya is his godfather very well. Point in fact, Naruto has been ignoring Jiraiya for most of the arc. It's because Jiraiya is distracted by his thoughts of how to fix his relationship with Naruto that he allowed himself to get poisoned. It doesn't help that the poison is tasteless and odorless. Do not forget, Kakashi got poisoned in canon this way, and while he's not as strong as Jiraiya he is much smarter than Jiraiya.
You would think so, but no, Naruto is not more compatible with Kyuubi's chakra. The reasons shall be explained in the next chapter.

Shifts in Life, Chapter 43

Chapter 43
A few people have expressed some displeasure at my use of side arcs and movies for my more recent chapters.
I can understand why they would not like that, since the side arcs really don't have much to do with the main story. At the same time, I've never been the type to leave something out if I felt it was important. And Naruto's development as a character is very important.
One of the things that needs to be understood is that it's the arcs themselves that is important, but how Naruto is developing. These chapters are there in order to show Naruto growing into himself. I suppose you could consider them the 'coming of age' arcs. They're all about character development as opposed to story plot.
If this does not please you, well, there is very little I can do about that. You can either grin and bare it, or you can stop reading.
With that being said, since I am sure some of you are curious to know where I am going with these arcs, I will give you a spoiler.
I am sure some of you have noticed Naruto's growing reluctance with women from the Cursed Warrior arc. This is due to his growing concerns over his immortality. After all, what's the point of falling in love and getting married if the woman you are with is just going to die several decades later? One of the reasons for having these 'training period' arcs is to help Naruto get over himself and allow girls like Yugito and Tenten into his life without angsting over his immortality like a certain blond-haired, blue-eyed cynic in one of my other stories.
There will be three arcs to this 'training period'. The Cursed Warrior's arc, The Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, and Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. These three arcs have been put here mainly so that Naruto's character can be further developed in the direction I want him to go.

Shifts in Life, Chapter 42

Chapter 42
So, a few people are wondering about my Shifts in Life story and where I plan on taking it. Most are asking whether or not I have anymore filler chapters like my Bird Arc.
To be honest, I do not even consider the Bird Arc a 'filler' chapter like most people would. While the story only moves a little bit in this arc, it was necessary for my plot to move forward. Two important things happened in this arc.
The first was the moment between Naruto and Toki. More specifically it was the moment after Naruto ran out on Toki. I won't go into details about why this is important, other than that it will help you understand what Naruto's relationships with females is going to be like.
The second was Jiraiya informing Naruto about his parents. This is incredibly important due to how it will effect Naruto's development later on in life. Will he forgive Jiraiya? Will he be angry at him? What kind of reaction will he have towards this new information? And how will this effect his growth as a person? A lot of character development is going to come from this.
Now, for those who are curious to know. Yes, there will be two more 'filler' arcs after this. Both are important to Naruto's character and will cover the entire 'three year training' period. I plan on doing this with several time skips.
The next arc is actually going to be based around the Guardians of the Crescent Moon movie. I won't go into details because I don't want to ruin anything. Suffice to say, this chapter will cover Naruto's response to learning about his parents and how it effects his growth.
The third arc will happen after a large time skip. Naruto will be nearing the end of his training and will be nearing 15 years of age. This arc will be the Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow arc starring Princess Koyuki. This arc will be important in show casing Naruto's growing skill, as well as revealing more on Naruto's psyche when it comes to intimate relationships.
Another thing I wanted to mention was the strength of current ninja from ninja of yesteryear.
A number of people commented on how I was being unreasonable in saying that ninja of the past would kick the ass of Naruto's generation of ninja. When I wrote this, I did not mean to say that every ninja was more powerful than ninja of this era. I was merely stating that a number of the ninja back then are more powerful than the ninja now.
While beings like Madara and Hashirama are the epitome of shinobi prowess, there are other ninja from back than and around that time who are also much stronger than many of the current generation. Ninja like the Kingin Kyodai, The third Raikage, Mu, Hanzo the Salamander and so on. These ninja were were exemplars of their kind. Hanzo in particular had been said to be one of the strongest ninja of all time, able to defeat all three Sannin during the Second Shinobi War. Hell, he was the one who gave them the title Sannin. The Third was known for going toe to toe with Gyuki and matching him! Fighting and matching the strength of a Bijuu! Not many people can claim that, and I doubt any of this generations ninja could do that, sans maybe Naruto now that he's working with Kurama.
And lets not forget the Second Hokage. We just recently learned that Minato's Hiraishin was actually created by Tobirama and not Minato, and the Second even went a step further by creating the 'flying thunder god slash' which utilized kenjutsu to inflict devastating wounds.
This is why I wrote that. Compared to these monsters, normal shinobi of Naruto's era are much weaker.

Shifts in Life, Chapter 41

Chapter 41
So yeah, for those of you who keep watch over my profile or have Shifts in Life in my favorites, then you'll know by now that I posted chapter forty.
You've probably read it by this point and realized I've made a lot more mistakes than usual. I'll be honest here, I got lazy. When I finished my chapter I just wanted to post it had be done with it. Normally, whenever I finish a chapter, I reread it three times. I didn't do that here and just posted the moment it was done, so there are probably a lot more mistakes than their normally would be.
I'll probably reread the chapter some time today after I get off work and repost it with the corrections.
The Big Mistake:
I think I'm beginning to see why most people stick to one category when it comes to writing stories (crossovers not included). I made another mistake similar to the one I made in Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, only this time, instead of calling Harry, Naruto I called Naruto, Harry.
This is beginning to become a serious problem. I hope I don't do this too many more times.
To Mugen Sonzai: In a review mentioned that Kyuubi's personality feels different in this chapter than she used to in previous chapters. I won't deny there is some truth to that, but it's not really a matter of her personality changing so much as it is her getting comfortable enough to be herself.
When Kyuubi and Naruto first met, Kyuubi was trying very hard to be cordial and accommodating without being groveling because her life was no inexplicably tied to his own thanks to Orochimaru. As time went on, Kyuubi began to get more and more comfortable in Naruto's presence, so her personality began going back to her 'base personality' as it were. She's not really trying to accommodate him. She's still cordial, but she's beginning to reform back to her more arrogant and haughty personality.
Not a lot of questions. This chapter didn't get very many reviews. Granted, it's only been up for a few hours, but still...

Anyways, that's really all I have to say at this time. Maybe my next post will be longer.

Namikaze's Return, Redux, Chapter 27

Chapter 27
DemonFiccer: I don't think anyone liked it when I decided to wipe Kumo off the face of the Elemental Nations, but then, the destruction of Kumogakure would not have had as big an impact on people if they didn't care. That's really the whole reason I wiped the hidden village out. I wanted to create some tension and drama, as well as give the Main Characters something to grieve about and some emotional hardships they will need to overcome. I guess you could say it was done for the sake of character development.
As for me changing A's name to E, I honestly have no excuse for that. I think it was just a slip of my fingers.
Firetemplar415: It's not so much that I am adding yuri as I am showing you how the girl's (Yugito and Mei) act in Naruto's absence. I believe it's important to see how they would act around each other when Naruto isn't there, otherwise Mei and Yugito, who are very important characters in this story. I don't want them to become background characters whose only purpose is to let Naruto stuff his phallus in their every orifice like a good deal of other fanfictions tend to do.
Why kill off Bee? Because the heroes have had it to easy so far. Anime logic dictates that when too many good things happen, something equally bad needs to happen in order to give the story a sense of suspense. It's no fun to read something that's all fluffy bunnies and rainbows.
Cerulean Knight: Naruto actually does not have Fu tagged with a Hiraishin seal, though she does have one of his Kunai. No one actually has the Hiraishin seal on them, even his wives only have it on their rings. The reason for this is because when the Hiraishin seal is activated via chakra, it creates an imprint within his mind that he is constantly aware of, sort of like a buzzing in your ears that only you can hear. And since humans always have a set level of chakra circulating inside of them the seal would always be active. Could you imagine how annoying it is to have that constant hum in the back of your mind all the time? I couldn't.

SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan: Without giving away too much information I can say that Aizen will have a role to play beyond “kameo appearance” much like all the other Kameo's I have in this story. Whether he will be good or evil I cannot say.

Namikaze's Return, Redux, Chapter 26

Chapter 26
Leaf Ranger: Then you might as well leave now. Madara Uchiha is going to be even more powerful than Pain. I'm sorry you like stories where Naruto is the ultimate power of the world and capable of pawning everyone and their mother because he's a Jinchurikki and all that, but my story is canon compliant, meaning everything that Kishi says is real is, well, real.
jebest4781: Why would I do that? Having Naruto save the day at the last minute demeans what happened here. Besides, ever heard that old saying 'if you're going to give Frodo Baggins a lightsaber, you need to give Sauron the Death Star'? It's sort of like that. I made Naruto way more powerful than his canon counterpart, so the shit that hits the fan in my story needs to really Hit, Da, Fan.
SSJS Kyuubi Gohan: To be honest, I don't consider any of those people important. They are, at best, secondary characters. The only characters in my story that are truly important are Naruto, his girls and the main antagonists, those being Pain, Tobi and maybe Madara. The others are all secondary characters that I can kill off when I feel like it.
Karmic Acumen: Then you are going to be very depressed my friend.

Lightningblade49: I'm confused. What makes you think Naruto can revive the dead? He doesn't have the Rinnegan, therefore, he cannot revive someone who has died unless he wants to use Edo Tensei. And I'm going to tell you right now, he won't be doing that. No, Kumo and it's people are dead for good.

Namikaze's Return, Redux, Chapter 25

Chapter 25
I didn't get many reviews for my last chapter, and no one actually asked me any questions, which means I won't be doing a Q&A for chapter 25 of Namikaze's Return. Instead, I shall talk, or write, and you shall listen... or read.
I actually do understand why most people did not enjoy these last two chapters as much as the rest of Namikaze's Return. Despite people who may think to the contrary, I do understand why people don't like it.
To the world at large, Kumo and the characters in it are secondary characters who don't really hold any true significance to them. They don't want to read about people like Samui, Karui, Omoi, Atsui, Darui and E, they want to read about Naruto. And because these two chapters were not about Naruto, they just sort of skim it over.
I get this. I really do. And I understand your dislike of these chapters.
Unfortunately, these chapters are actually needed. Much as you may hate reading this, your going to need these chapters if you want to understand the context of chapter 26, which will actually feature Naruto at the end of the chapter after the battle between Pain and E has come to an end. In particular, these last two chapters will be very important to chapter 27, which will be dealing with the fallout of the Pain's assault on Kumo.
That's why it was important to have these past two chapters posted before I showed Naruto again. I know you guys don't like reading them. I don't really like writing them. But sometimes we have to do things we don't like in order to progress further in whatever it is we are doing.
Now, before I end this small rant, I do have one thing to say to someone, and that someone is Leaf Ranger, who was complaining about Pain decimating Kumo like he did with Konoha. Apparently, he doesn't like the idea that one person can destroy an entire village of ninja.
To this guy, I will say this. You are reading a story based on a Shounen Jump manga. And since you obviously don't know what that entails, allow me to educate you.
Shounen Jump Mangas are based almost entirely on the underdog main character (or the souped up Super Sayain fighter) fighting against increasingly overwhelming and ridiculously overpowered opponents. Starting with DBZ, where enemies increase in strength proportionately to the number of episodes airing until the point where every evil villain Goku and the crew fight is capable of destroying planets to Naruto, where each time the good guys face an enemy they are even stronger and more insane than the last enemy and now Naruto is facing off against the Godlike Juubi, which was said to have actually created the Elemental Nations.
Enemies capable of destroying an entire hidden village on their own is just par for the course when it comes to Shounen Jump manga like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach and One Piece. I would suggest you either suck it up or stop reading, because enemies are only going to get more and more powerful from here on out.

On a side note, now that this chapter has been finished and posted, I am going to be writing the next chapter for HPatHoS, chapter 11, so at least you guys who don't like Shounen based stories have something to look forward to.