Saturday, July 26, 2014

Only in Hyrule

So I usually do reviews of anime, but I felt that this particular story warranted a review. Truthfully, this story is awesome enough, and well written enough that I feel it could have been an original novel had its writer not taken the fan fiction route.

The story is about Zelda Harkinian is a simple girl living on Lakeside south of Hyrule, near Lake Hylia. She earned a college degree and now works for Malon and her father Talon Ranch in order to repay them for helping pay her way through college. Hyrule is in something of a state of upheaval. Parliament has voted to overthrow democracy and turn the country into a monarchy. This doesn't really affect Zelda, though.

At least, it doesn't affect her until hot blond publicist Link Forester comes knocking on her door and tells her that her real name is Zelda Nohanson, that is the daughter of the late Daphne Nohanson, leader of the royalist party, and that she has been selected to become Queen. Now she's learning how to act like a Queen, is running against a tyrant who wants the thrown, has to deal with her crazy friends, and all she wants to do is jump Link's bones. So you can see why she would have a problem.

Told from the first person perspective, I thought this story was incredibly cute. It's a light tale about a young woman who's stepping way out of her comfort zone as she tries to be something that she's most definitely not. The writing is well-done, easily on the same standard of writing I've seen in professionally published pieces of work. The prose are nice. They may not be flowery and complicated, but they're written well and the author manages to really capture Zelda's voice in this.

It's also pretty funny. I know that I spent a good deal of time laughing.

For those who are curious, the rest of my time was spent wondering why I enjoyed the story so much when it's being told from the perspective of a girl. I could have sworn I felt my man points dropping as I read it, yet I couldn't stop for some reason.

I also enjoyed the conflict. Like most Legend of Zelda fanfics, Only in Hyrule has Link and Zelda facing off against iconic villain Ganondorf Dragmire, who, let's face it, is the most badass Zelda villain around. In this, Ganondorf is a lot like his canon self, except he doesn't shoot magic balls of death from his hand and can't transform into a giant pig monster. He's as human as everyone else, but his personality is pretty much left intact.

A major theme within this story is Zelda's growing attraction to her publicist, Link. Throughout the story you see how her thoughts on him begin to change. It's not a very big change. She seems to mostly focus on his hotness, but overtime, you begin to recognize that there is more about him that she likes than just his body, which is good, because I was really worried in the beginning when Zelda kept mentioning how "deliciously handsome" he was. And I do think that term was actually used in the story, but I digress.

And yes. Link is a publicist in this. It's not as awesome as wielding the Master Sword and slaying baddies, but, well, I suppose Heroes just aren't needed in this modern day Hyrule. However, publicist are, apparently. Especially if you're trying to learn how to be queen.

Overall, this story was cute in that Princess Diaries kind of way, except a hundred times better because I actually got bored and ended up falling asleep when I watched the Princess Diaries. I would rate this story a 9.5/10 and suggest anyone who likes Zelda and romance to read this. It might not be filled with sword fights and epic quests, but it's definitely worth taking the time to read.

For the link to the story, just click here: Only in Hyrule

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sekirei, Chapter 34

5-Digit: What WAS with the latin chanting? Or was it not anything significant?

Not much happened in this chapter plot wise but atleast in the next chapter we get to see everyone's reactions so I'm hyped about that. Will we ever get to see anything more specific on Naruto's past with the greek gods and his time with Morgan during King Arthur's reign?

And damn Homura opened up a can of verbal whoop ass on Takami. I love how you manage to get Minaka's crazy down to a T, I wonder how long he knew of Naruto's existence and what was the catalyst for him finding out?

Also, with 63 wives Naruto has obviously had children before yes? Wouldn't they have inherited some form of chakra especially considering who their father is? I mean Kaguya is considered a goddess in her own right and even though she considered all chakra belongs to her she still had 2 children who became strong in their own right.

Thanks for the update!

Answer: The Latin chanting holds no significance. It was placed there for purely comedy purposes. I got the idea from Naruto Genkyouien.

I'll definitely be feeding you guys tidbits of Naruto's past here and there. I won't go into a full blown dissertation of his past, however, since it is not significant to the plot. The only thing that you really need to know that really matters is that Naruto is f***ing old.

Naruto has had hundreds, maybe even thousands of children in his life. In fact, at an estimate, I would say that about 15% of the population, aka people who can become Ashikabis, are related to Naruto in some way, even if its just distantly. And yes, they have inherited a small portion of his power. I'll go more into that later.

ChessmasterWll: How much time has passed since Kazehana been introduced to Naruto? It just seems to me that Kazehana is an outsider being lucky to learn Naruto's history.

Answer: The reason Kazehana feels like an outsider right now is because Kazehana IS an outsider. Don't worry overly much, I've got a plan for her.

Hogwarts Knight: I only have two questions right now on this story since Naruto is about to explain his past to the residents of Izumo Inn, was Miya's reaction to Naruto actually her "reacting" or simply the fact that she is falling for him hard? And also is Kazehana starting to either fall for or react to Naruto as well? Miya's reactions where a bit more obvious but after rereading some I noticed something of a reaction from Kazehana too.

Answer: Miya's reaction to Naruto's flattery was a combination of both. We know that Miya is reacting to Naruto. I haven't exactly been subtle with it, even if I never came out and said it. But it's not JUST that she is reacting. Another reason is that Naruto is just a smooth talker, when he wants to be. I've mentioned butt loads of times that Naruto is a player. He can get into a woman's pants faster than Jiraiya can say Tsunade. He's just that good. And Miya is not immune to his charms. Her reacting to him only makes his words that much more potent.

Riba Nyabom: Why not just resurrect his wife and child instead of being an emo?

Answer: To start, bringing someone back from the dead via Rinnegan requires something that Naruto didn't have, a fully functioning body of the dead person you are bringing back. If the person you want to bring back is, say, missing a head, it wouldn't matter if they were brought back because they would just die again. And Edo Tensei is a crappy jutsu that only brings people back as a sort of sentient corpse. Not a pleasant existence.

EmD23: If Naruto has so much experience, shouldn't he know that he wouldn't have hurt Musubi even if she had a hymen as long as he did it right? Or is he all talk?

Answer: Okay. Dude. Seriously? I don't know where you got the idea that breaking a chick's hymen doesn't hurt, but I'm going to tell you right now that is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. Breaking a girl's hymen ALWAYS hurts. There's no such thing as "doing it right" and that you seem to think so shows an obvious lack of experience in regards to sex. You can't tear through a woman's hymen and expect it to not hurt. You just can't.

Kids these days. I swear.

ShadowStar91: My only problem with this chapter was actually the ramen part. Not only have you done a scene almost exactly like it earlier with Naruto making some for him and Musubi to have on a picnic, it was also extremely boring to read. If I wanted to know the intricacies of cooking then I'd go to a cook book, I'm here for plot/action/romance and that entire scene was pretty much pointless until Miya walked in and it switched to her thoughts and growing attraction to Naruto instead of the ramen.

Answer: Heathen! You take that back! Ramen is the food of the Gods! It must be showcased every chance I get!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Slower Fanfic Updates

Righto, so, I've got a bit of an announcement for you guys. I'm sure some of you won't like it, but there's little I can do, and I'm not one to apologize.

I won't be updating my fanfics as quickly anymore, maybe once every 3-4 weeks. Why? Several reasons. One is that I need to focus on getting a job. I'm unemployed right now because my last one had me losing more money than I made. After I get that job, I'm going to be spending more time working, so there's that two. But the second, and my mind, most important reason, is this.

I've decided to work mostly on my original stories. You know, the stuff I plan on publishing. So far, I've dabbled in publishing work, managing to even self-publish a book. I want to get more stuff published, and not just self-published, but traditionally published. To that end, most of my free time will be focused on writing my original stories instead of my fanfics.

I currently have 3 original stories going on. The second book of my American Kitsune series, lovingly titled A Fox's Tail, Yes, this Title has a Pun is rough drafted, and will soon be going through its first draft before I hire a professional editor. I have another series that I am working on called The Executioner Series. The first book is complete and I'm beginning to send out query letters to literary agents. My hope is to get the book published by a large publishing house like Random House. I'm also working on a fantasy light novel series called A Sorceress' Knight, which the is also in its rough draft phase and will need some polishing before I try getting it published.

Welp. There you guys have it. I'm pretty busy right now, and I want to become a novelist. While I still plan on writing fanfics, I want to actually go somewhere with my writing. Thus, I plan on focusing on more original stories instead of my fan fiction.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summoning and Tsunderes

There's something to be said about a Shonen/Harem anime that actually has romance and doesn't half-ass it. One of the few things that have always bothered me about anime with romantic elements, which is surprisingly just about every anime, is because the romance never goes anywhere. You have MC A meeting MC B, both fall in love, and then.... nothing. Even after confessing their love for each other, they don't get together and things go pretty much back to the way they were.

Not so with Familiar of Zero or Zero no Tsukaima. This anime actually has romance, a lot of romance. In fact, sometimes I even think it stole the romance from other anime because there's just so much of it.

Familiar of Zero is the story about Saito Hiraga and Louise le Blanc de la Valliere (I don't know if I spelled that right, so bear with me here). Louise is a noble attending Tristain Academy, a school for magic. Unfortunately, she can't use magic, at all. In fact, she absolutely sucks at anything that involves magic. She has a zero percent success rate with every spell, hence the title.

In case you haven't realized, they're the two in the picture above. Louise is the one who looks like she's on drugs or something, and Saito is wearing the dopey glasses. 

Anyway, the story goes something like this. Louise, desperate to summon the perfect familiar to prove that she is not blowing smoke up her own ears.... ends up summoning Saito, a human boy from earth. It's a recipe for disaster that can only get worse, and by worse I mean funnier, naturally.

This is one of the few anime where I actually thought a good deal of the jokes and humor they had was actually funny. There were a good number of times where I laughed my ass off, figuratively speaking, of course. The satire this tale of magic and knights contained as it wove a story about a regular boy being summoned to a magical world was refreshing.

Even still, the anime isn't without its problems. While some of the humor was good, some of it ended up becoming redundant after watching it happen for the four hundredth time, like when Louise causes Saito to explode for doing something perverted.

Or when she beats him with a horse whip for staring at other women.

Or, you know, just committing violence Louise committing upon him in general and for no apparent reason.

So, yes, there are a lot of good things about this anime, and some bad things about this anime. 

The good? The artwork is lovely and there are some really hot girls in it.

It's got massive amounts of plot.

And some parts with some not so massive plot.

Overall, I would rate Familiar of Zero with an 7.5/10 for artwork, an interesting story, a good romance with a decisive ending, and a decent amount of ecchi that doesn't overpower the actual story. The only thing I really didn't like about this anime was a matter of personal preference of girls. I just don't get why the Main Character always ends up with the flat-chest Tsundere girl.

Seriously, what is it about them that the Japanese love so much? Who the hell would want to get with a girl like that? A masochist, maybe?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online II, or Gun Gale Online, is the newest season to ever popular SAO series. The first episode was just aired this week, and has gotten a lot of attention, as expected of an anime that is this popular.

For those who are unfamiliar, Sword Art Online is the story of Kirito and Asuna as they attempt to defeat all one hundred levels of Aincard, a virtual world made for the MMO called Sword Art Online.

This particular series is one that, while popular, gets almost an equal amount of negative and positive reviews. You either love it or you hate it. Very few people actually fall in between.

I like to consider one of those few who fall in between. I was neither a big time fan, nor did I hate the series. I thought it was a nice, entertaining series with an interesting storyline. It brought some unique storytelling aspects to the table, but also had loads of cliche's and at least four episodes felt like nothing but filler. That being said, I still enjoyed the story a great deal, and was looking forward to the newest season.

Gun Gale Online starts off with quite the bang. In the first few minutes of the series, we are given a major problem in the form of a man who can apparently kill people in real life from inside the virtual reality known as Gun Gale Online by shooting them with his gun, which has been very originally named the Death Gun.

Please note the sarcasm.

Unlike the first SAO, it appears that Kirito is not a part of the Gun Gale group, and in fact has almost nothing to do with the MMO that has become so popular. It's only after a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Telecommunications Bureau,  Kikuoka Seijirou, calls for him, asking him to investigate the death of Zexceed, a top player who was found dead in his apartment, that Kirito gets appears to get involved.

Now, I say "appears" because we have not actually seen him enter the Gun Gale world yet. Still, we all know the story wouldn't move forward if Kirito did not get involved, therefore it can be logically assumed that he will enter Gun Gale Online and take part in the MMO's reality. He's even got an avatar all ready for him:

Not exactly the most manly of avatars. In fact, I'm almost positive that Kirito's newest avatar is actually female, which is pretty damn disturbing. While I know there are some people out there who change genders, the idea of Kirito, who was one of those Overpowered characters that were at the height of, if not masculinity, then at least badassery, getting gender bent is a discomfiting concept. That being said, I'm still interested enough in the story to see where it goes.

Like the last season, Asuna makes her own appearance in the first episode. And no, she does not appear half naked. The image above is merely a fanservice for you pervs out there. That being said, I don't know if she'll play as significant a role in this as she did in SAO. I hope she does, since she's one of the few anime female protagonists that I actually liked, but we'll see.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi Q&A

Chapter 33

bellamy1506: I have enjoyed this story so much in the past few days!
Your sense of pacing and character development is absolutely fantastic, and I am nearly salivating at the thought of reading the chapters to come. My favorite stories are those with powerful immortals, and I am in a tizzy over seeing the Miya-Naruto interaction after this chapter!

Now with that being said, I have one piece of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and that is your prolific use of homophones, or words with the same pronunciations, but different spellings and meanings. Off the top of my head I remember sent being replaced by scent but I know there are several more such issues throughout your story. On a positive note your fiction is meticulously spell checked and there is not a single thing I remember being misspelled.

I know you probably won't read this, as you are coming up on nigh 4000 reviews, but I want you to know that communities like those here on benefit greatly from your creativity and passion for your subject matter, and I eagerly await the next installment in your story.

Thanks again.

Answer: Not exactly a question, but I figured I would comment anyway to let you know that, yes, I actually will be reading your review. Unlike most authors, I take the time to read every single review I get. That way I can know what people like and what they don't like. So, I have read yours. Just wanted you to know. ^_-

That being, I am, unfortunately, well aware of my misuse of homophones. I have tried correcting this problem many times, but for some reason have been unable to truly fix it, even after going through my chapters 3 or 4 times. Fortunately, this is fanfiction. All of my original works that I am trying to get published are professionally edited and proofread. I would do that here, but, well, hiring a proofreader costs money.

And you will be pleased to know that I DO NOT spell check anything. I am just that good at spelling. Lol.

5-digit: Dear lord I needed a win this week like no one's business, and an update from one of my favorite crossover stories fits the bill, thank you.

I'm pretty surprised Benitsubasa didn't deactivate from 1: being at ground zero of Naruto's wrath and 2: the beating she took immediately after. The first one alone one would think her mind would turn to mush, discipline squad enhancements or no. Not to say that I wanted or didn't want her to be deactivated but it simply has me curious. And being connected to Naruto wouldn't his Sekirei be more affected by that as well?

Also I was a little skeptical about Musubi's reaction to Naruto's hatred, after all the 'love concurs all' moments and she is finally confronted with Naruto's feelings of suffering she seems pretty confident she can fix it (atleast that's the impression I got at the end there). I mean we are talking millennia of despair when she doesn't have a quarter of a century under her belt. Not that I want her to give up or anything after all Naruto WANTS Musubi to prove him wrong but hopefully after this and when Naruto explains himself Musubi will understand it's not as easy as she makes it out to be.

But that's why I'm looking forward to the next chapter when we see everyone's reactions. How will Musubi be able to relate? To understand? Along with the rest of his sekirei or Miya? Speaking of which will we see the reactions of that power surge from people we didn't see in this chapter? Like Seo and the twins, Kazehana etc?

Anyway thanks again for updating. One of the biggest things I anticipated in your story is when Naruto's origins comes to light so I highly enjoyed this chapter and greatly anticipate the next, as always.

Answer: When you think about it a bit more, you probably won't be as surprised. I never outright said it, but Naruto went easy on her. He beat her badly enough that she was just on the verge of deactivating, but not enough that he actually would deactivate her. Naruto wanted Benitsubasa to suffer, so he made sure she wouldn't shut down in order to prolong her suffering.

You've got to understand that Musubi is like the old, canon Naruto. She is oblivious to everything that does not conform to her ideals. Naruto's hatred is an anomaly that she can't understand, so she pretty much ignores it. It's like when Naruto kept screaming about Hokage and how he would have all these people who were so many people who were better than him, stronger than him, and more likely to be Hokage than he was. That never stopped him though. Musubi's like that, stupidly stubborn.

TheBlakkat09: way to go on finally reaching this part in your series. So naruto has the same eyes as the ten-tails then? but he had the rinnegan no too long ago how does that work? does that also mean that creature you wrote in Ch. 13 was the ten-tails then? still, great story, update soon will you?

Answer: I'll explain that during the chapter where Naruto reveals his past to everyone, but if you think about it, the answer should become obvious.

Junky: I don't know... that was kind of pathetic? I do understand how and why this could have happened, considering that you have made Naruto far more sensitive to the Sekirei bonds than other Ashikabi, but to threaten his own Sekirei and actually hurt them? To have lost his mind, destroyed all his plans and became what he hated the most, just because of one person's death though he fully knows what it is like to lose someone? My, how the might have fallen. Considering what he told Tsukiumi, I'm not seeing how he can maintain an attitude of superiority to Minaka's insanity when he's just as terrible or probably worse, as the damage he can do is far greater and he has lived for far longer. I'm starting to expect that a bunch of the biggest natural disasters in the Earth's history might be attributable to him losing a loved one.

Answer: Because Naruto is, in general, a fairly amoral character who just had an actual bond that could be physically, or metaphysically, felt, ripped away and ended up going insane. I've never said that the Naruto in this story is a good person. In fact, the Naruto in this story has done horrible things to humans plenty of times. As the story begins to progress now, I'll explain some of the things that he has done that not even Minaka in his sickest, most twisted fantasy would never do.

DarkPirateKing69: really hoping that you can come up with some form of theory/explanation how exactly she came back.. here is what we get from canon:

'It is unknown how, but Yume restored Musubi's crest. If Yume can do this multiple times, it is logical to think that Musubi can never truly be defeated unless she is outright killed.'

explains absolutely nothing..

but definitely looking forward to the eventual HP releases.

Answer: Don't worry, I've already got a working theory to explain how Musubi's revival works.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi Q&A

Chapter 32

BlackAce5ds: Im pleased to see that Naruto's is powerful enough to beat the likes of Karasuba I was kinda worried about him being watered down to the point he couldnt beat the stronger and devastating sekrei, glad to see that wasn't the case. Well its been confirmed he has the rinnegan and probably the jubi as well

Answer: Not really a question, but I figured I'd comment. There are many things that you have to understand about Naruto's strength. First, while Naruto is not as strong as he once was due to hundreds of years of inactivity and not fighting strong opponents or keeping his skills sharp, he is still The Most Powerful Character in the Entire World, and yes, that is all capitalized. His fighting skills have dulled, but his power has not waned in the slightest. He has also started getting back into the swing of things. I showed in earlier chapters that Naruto has started training, and while I may not be showing that anymore, it's still happening, just off screen, so to speak. A good deal of Naruto's abilities, taijutsu in particular, have returned to a decent state. Right now I would say that he could easily beat someone like Maito Gai in straight up taijutsu.

zod6006: Hey, I have always liked your story ever since the 1st chapter. However I have noticed that lately you are being TOO descriptive and end up writing too much which makes it boring to read. I end up skipping through paragraphs. Its like when fillers are added in an anime in order to make the story longer by adding irrelevant stuff to it. You take too long to make a big change, for example: chapters 28-30 are generally the same.

Answer: That's more of a personal problem that you have. My writing style has always been descriptive, and I'm not nearly as bad as some people are (cough George RR Martin cough). You also have to understand that a lot of my story focuses on character development, in particular, the development of Naruto's character. I'm going to be honest with you. My story is about Naruto's development as a person. The climax of my story, will be when Naruto's development comes to an end. Its not about "Naruto gathering Sekirei and fighting MBI" or something like that. If he wanted, Naruto could crush MBI like a bug. They are nothing to him. His power is comparable to Kaguya Ootsasuki or whatever the name of the latest OPd villain that Kishimoto spit out of his ass. In fact, he's even stronger than she is. Hence, the reason you see all this filler, as you call, is because it's actually the story. Naruto gathering a harem and fighting MBI? That's filler.

Juoppo: So, Naruto cares about his sekirei, but not enough to be unwilling to sacrifice them for his plan. He's certainly knowledgeable enough to know that he should expect to lose at least a fourth of his forces with as weak of a plan of action as he had. Oh well, at least he got to keep his clone ability a secret, which is certainly more important than keeping the people he'd do anything to protect alive... oh wait.

Considering that things you've told and shown about Naruto so far, you'd think that he isn't the kind of character to make so many rookie mistakes in a row. Combine that with the unwillingness to make any effort into keeping those he cares about safe, and I have to say that Naruto really had to take one for the team (plot) in this one.

Answer: Naruto is an idiot. I'm gonna put this out here right now, before people going on thinking he should be this ultimate, omniscient badass. Naruto has a lot of knowledge locked away in that head, and a good deal of experience, but at his core, Naruto is an idiot. Knowledge means nothing if you don't know how and when to use it. Experience means jack squat when you don't even have your head screwed on straight to put it to use. In case you hadn't noticed, Naruto hasn't exactly been a bastion of levelheadedness and logical thought. Like I said, he's an idiot. It comes with the territory.

Shuredda Sora: looks like Naruto got his comeuppance for being the bitch of his sekirei, and slave to the psychic bond. 

He knew that this was a possibility, but enacted the plan anyway, because he's a bitch.

Answer: Says the one who's bitching. I'm not exactly sure why people like you continue to read my story if you don't like it. That being said, I fail to see how Naruto is a bitch. Being someone's bitch implies that they own you and you do whatever you're commanded to do even if it goes against your morals or will result in you getting injured. I would say Naruto is more of a slave to his own conflicted emotions than the Sekirei bond in either event. The bond doesn't make him do anything. It's his own subconscious that does.

Lednacek: arent you a little over-playing the connection loss? many ashikabi loose a sekirei and they dont act like they just had a hearthattack and stroke at the same time.

Answer: No. Unlike every other Ashikabi out there, Naruto knows how to use his chakra, he is intimately connected to it in a way other Ashikabi aren't. That means he feels things, such as his Sekirei, much more clearly. It also makes the bond much deeper, so, when Musubi was offed and her crest disappeared, he could feel it far better than anyone else would have been able to.

5-digits: GAH! You said you wanted to update this story next because it was left on a significant cliffhanger only to give it an even BIGGER one! *insert death wail*

All seriousness though, great fight scenes. It may have ended up in a cliffhanger but it does bring up the 'shit's gonna hit the fan' flag for next chapter. Def kept me at the edge of my seat. Though I am confused, if Naruto didn't want to use his Hiraishin without giving the technique away why didn't he knock them out ad have a shadowclone warp 'em to a preselected location?

Since I am pretty certain what is gonna happen with Musubi next chapter it brings up a question, what do you plan to do with Yume that lies apart from canon if any? Actually we don't know what really happens to her ultimately in canon either so let me rephrase that: do you have any significant plans for Yume in general?

Thanks for the update.

Answer: In the order of questions asked, the answers are 1) Naruto isn't that smart. He's gotten so used to using convoluted plans and scheming that simple ideas like knocking someone out and simply teleporting them is out of the question. It's like how no evil super villain can stop from monologuing. They know it's dumb, but they do it anyway. 2) I plan on diverging from canon with Yume. I don't want to follow the canon, and I won't be for much longer. And yes, I do have significant plans for her. I'm just not saying what they are. Spoilers, you understand.

Seedy-acc: The thing about this story is, about the 1st half of it was pretty amazing, but the fact remains that I could barely remember anything worthnoting in the last...say, 7 chapters. You update maybe one a month(or longer), for chapters w/ this sort of length, it's pretty good. But sometimes nothing, I mean like... nothing, happens in the chapter, except being a commercial for the next one, and the one after, and the one after. It's gotten to the point where I'm only reading simply because this is long enough that I wouldn't really want to drop it.
The thing with you moving the story around each fights is that... well it's almost like you're writing it as an anime, not a story/novel, for this chapter. It wasn't bad though.
I don't really know how to explain this, but let's just say that this story was really really solid in the beginning, but now it feels mushy and rushy. Let's not mention that this whole chapter(and the last one) is leading up to an ending that has Naruto going Jubi on everyone's ass and cleaning up the whole city by trashing it, and it's not like I won't like that, it'd simply be very predictable and probably something that every other authors have done before.
When I checked the story alerts and saw this story had an update, I wasn't really... well I was definitely glad it got updated, but I already realized that I'd ve to properly reread the last 2 chapters to simply remember what's happening in the story atm.

Answer: Um, you do realize this is a fanfic based on two anime, right? I'm not writing it as a novel, because its not a novel. If I was writing a novel, I would be getting paid to write, which would make me work a little harder. Since I am not, well, this is just supposed to be something that entertains myself and those who read the story. If it doesn't entertain you, you can always stop reading. I don't wanna force someone to read my work.