Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Thousand Pardons

Okay. So I owe everyone who went out and bought my book a super huge apology. I didn't realize it until six this morning, but the file I uploaded for A Fox's Love was the wrong file. What I put up on kindle was the raw, un-proofread version of the story. At first, I thought when people kept talking about the grammatical mistakes I made, that it was just the one or two errant mistakes you see in every book. Well, I got curious when more people kept commenting on it and decided to see for myself. Imagine my horror when I see mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. I think I found at least six simple homophone errors that I was positive had been corrected before uploading. I went back into my H drive and soon realized that I had accidentally used the wrong file. 

Let me tell you all right now that there is nothing more embarrassing then uploading a book on Amazon, and then finding out ONE YEAR LATER that you were using the wrong file this entire time. Right now I feel like crawling into a hole and dying I'm so embarrassed. It's a rather humbling and humiliating thing to realize that you've made a huge mistake one year after the fact.

So, I would just like to sat to everyone here that I am so, so, sorry for not being more conscious of what I was doing. I hope you guys can forgive me.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

What is there to say about Gokukoku no Brynhildr? It's a story that had some serious potential for awesome, but screwed up when the producer decided that sex was more important than plot.

The story is about Murakami who, as a child, befriended a girl he called Kuroneko (strange name, I know. Just roll with it), who believed in aliens. She insisted that aliens do indeed exist and that she met them. Naturally, no one believed her. Even Murakami was skeptical. One day, she decides to show him the aliens, but an accident occurs and Kuroneko dies while Murakami is left wounded and in the hospital.

As the years go by, Murakami becomes obsessed with finding proof of the existence of aliens, all because of a promise he made with Kuroneko. Now a student in high school, Murakami is highly intelligent and the only member of the Astonomy Club. He lives a mostly normal life, until one day, a girl who looks like an older, hotter version of Kuroneko arrives at school. Her name: Kuroha Neko...

Yeah. Unoriginal. I know.

So let's talk about the story itself. This story has some very good qualities to it that led me to watching the entire season. I think what I like most about this anime is the plot. It starts off with this great mystery story about the existence of aliens, and then adds a sort of supernatural twist to it. The plot itself has some nice twists and turns that kept me watching and I did enjoy a good deal of the series.

The second thing I actually enjoyed about this anime was the violence. Unlike most anime that never have more than maybe a single trail of blood running down a persons face, Gokukoku no Brynhildr is packed with blood and gore, as expected from the same person who created Elfen Lied. They don't shy away from brutality and violence. And while I generally dislike violence, in this anime, I feel that it surprisingly fits.

And of course, there are plot reasons for why this anime has so much violence. Much of the cast in this anime are witches. No. These aren't your lotions and potions kind of witch. These witches are the product of science. They were given incredible abilities, but, like all great power, theirs comes with a price. You see, in order to survive, these witches need to take a pill that keeps them from dying. If they don't take one within 24 hours, they melt, and it's pretty ugly to witness.

Now, here is where I find myself conflicted: the ecchi fanservice of a harem anime. On the one hand, harem anime have become insanely popular because, well, what hot-blooded male wouldn't want a bevy of beautiful women at his beck and call? On the other hand, I would like, just once, to see an anime with an actual romance that isn't a harem. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of ecchi fanservices as much as the next guy, and despite how I feel the ecchiness in this anime feels disjointed and at times takes away from the plot, I did enjoy the awkward erotic moments. Unfortunately, I don't really think it worked in this anime. For one, the story starts off with this really dark and serious quality to it, as you would expect from any horror/suspense. However, as the anime goes on, the story changes from dark and serious to what feels almost like a light-hearted harem comedy. It then proceeds to randomly switch between the two, making it impossible for you to take the serious moments serious. How can you when you've got random boob groping in the middle of the anime?

I can sort of understand why this anime went harem, unlike most. Every girl in the cast is a witch with a horrible sob story, and with the constant threat of death looming over their shoulders, they would naturally want to live as normal a life as possible. This includes finding someone to love. And since Murakami is the only male who knows their secret, accepts them unconditionally, and is a generally nice guy, they all end up clinging to him.

Of course, doing this takes away from the romance, delegating what could have been amazing romantic development between Murakami and Kuroha to the backseat. But hey. Sometimes you've got to make sacrifices if you want some good T&A, right? Right.

Character development is another place where I take issue with this story. When the anime first starts out, the main character is actually kinda cool. He's smart, he's determined, he has photographic memory, and he can come up with incredibly insane plans that are surprisingly effective. However, as the story progresses, Murakami goes from potential badass to That Guy. Yes. That Guy. You know the one. He's in, like, every single harem anime on the planet. He's That Guy who is extremely caring and willing to protect at the cost of his life, but generally winds up needing to be saved by everyone else. He also gets easily embarrassed by ecchi things, which happen a lot.

The other characters don't have a whole lot going for them either. I think this is, in part, due to the anime only having twelve episodes and at least half of those episodes focusing on fanservice. The characters themselves all have the potential to be incredibly complex and dynamic people with their own back stories and personal issues, but never get the chance to really grow and develop because the producer decided that sex would sell better than good character development. It doesn't help that one of the witches became a literal Deus Ex Machina at the end of the series.

I know what you guys are thinking. Brandon, if there's so much wrong with this anime, then why do you love it so much?

Aside from the fact that I just love anime and will watch anything at least once (I even watched Kanoken, horrible show that it was), I believe this anime is one of my favorites simply because it's a Guilty Pleasure that had the potential to be something truly amazing. It has dark moments, it has light moments, it has ecchi, and...boobs. Yes, these components don't always go together, but for some reason, despite its discontinuity, I still enjoyed the series.

On average, I would probably rate this anime a 5.5/10 because despite my enjoyment of it, there were a lot of things wrong with it. It lacked any real character development, the pacing was screwy, the MC started off with potential before getting turned into a harem protagonist, and the ending had me literally facepalming. While I would give this anime my personal recommendation to people who want a little Guilty Pleasure, for people who want to really get into the story and understand the more complex plots and deeper character development, I would recommend reading the manga.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi, chapter 35

The Lord of Shadow: I feel like I should mention that the sage of six paths created Ninshu not Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu came after Ninshu. 

Just saying though. 

Also, I'm really loving the story. You don't make naruto super ultra strong right away killing everyone who comes against him. You made naruto smart and logical. He doesn't immediately go super sayain 29 and destroy the world and create it again using his Jesus powers, you make him plan things out and keep his power a secret. 

And that's why I love this story, and hope you update soon.

Answer: I am aware that Hagaromo is not the creator of Ninjutsu. However, until he made an appearance in the recent manga, everyone had been told that he WAS the founder of the ninja world and creator of all ninjutsu. Because I am not ascribing to the canon timeline in Naruto, a good portion of what happened in the manga (Naruto meeting Hagaromo, Kaguya being the apparent real threat, etc.) never happened, so Naruto doesn't actually know that Hagaromo created Ninshu and not Ninjutsu.

Grey vs Ale: It actually hit me when Naruto proved his immortality by ripping out his own heart. Sure I was skeptic at first, but the proof along with hearing his tales of the past. Yeah it stung in a good way though, especially with the reactions everyone had to him. I am kinda wondering if Heracles was a child of Naruto. Enjoyed the chapter.

Answer: Yes, Heracles is indeed a child of Naruto's, as are Artemis, Athena, Apollo, and a number of other past figures who the people of those times thought were gods.

fresh prince1: two things, one, is it possible for him to break the connection between them, and second, are your blog updates gonna be on the same schedule or is that gonna change to?

Answer: Alright. First off, awesome profile name. Fresh prince1. Love it. Now then, to answer your questions in order: Naruto could probably find a way to break the connection if he wanted, but he's not really a scientist. He only SEEMS smart because he's live for a really long time, but in all truth, Naruto's kind of an idiot. It was subtle enough that I think most people missed it, but none of Naruto's plans in this story have ever gone off without a hitch except for one. As to your second question, no, my blog post schedule will not change. I'll update my blog every weekend at least once a week.

AzureStorms: Interesting chapter all things considered, but seemed a bit dry. The reactions to the story by the other characters was a bit meh. The reaction to the "proof" was quite entertaining though.

Answer: Yeah, maybe their reaction wasn't that big, but then, how do you think they should have reacted? Let's face it, if someone came up to you and said "I'm an immortal ninja who has godlike powers." you'd probably be like "bitch please. Show me the proof." right? That's more or less what happened here. Everyone around him was too skeptical to really give a definite reaction to what they learned. At least until Naruto ripped his own heart out.

MWRANDOM: Didn't actually notice any glaring errors. It was an OK chapter (too much recapping of cannon Naruto to be an excellent one). The reactions to Naruto's life and the conversation with Homura were the high points of the story and were done quite well. Good work.

Answer: I personally agree with you. I don't much like recapping canon. However, in this instance, it was kind of necessary. If there is one thing I've learned it's that not everyone who reads my stories knows the canon for one of the anime I write for. In fact, some of the people who read this story only started reading it because they finished my HP stories and enjoyed them enough to start reading this one, but they've never read or watched Naruto. I add the canon mostly for them, but also because it would read awkwardly if you were to just cut that section out.

DarkPirateKing69: despite trying to put Naruto's individual thoughts into it.. you were pretty much just reciting canon verbatim. so it was fairly tedious to try and read it word for word. you could have condensed it and added more interaction. 

so i skimmed over evertyhing pre-Madara without feeling bad about it. would have been different if there was more reactions and discussion between, which i'm used to while reading chapters like this, but you decided to do it this way, so yeah. felt like you just wanted to get the word count high enough for this chapter.

pretty sure you knew all that by yourself too, but i decided to give my own opinion about it anyway.

everything after that was very satisfying to read though. there was enough of 'shock and awe' that i almost forgot about the first half of the chapter.

Homura was really obsinate and repetitive about the whole immortality thing though, so that was mildly annoying. especially after that rather convincing demonstration.. but i've seen Homura dorn this way before, so it was a minor thing

so.. he destroyed destroyed 'Atlanta', huh?.. well, i guess that's impressive.. but maybe you meant 'Atlantis' in this case _

but you have your reasons for the small mistakes, so should stop here.. i'm too tired to begin with, not sure how this review sounded. well, anyway.. nothing i say is ever a personal insult towards the author. there are ony my thoughts about the chapter as a reader.

looking forward to the next update, regardless of when it comes out. ciao

Answer: The canon reciting was actually for the benefit of people who don't know a thing about Naruto but still read this story because they enjoy my writing. I know several people who, after reading my Harry Potter fanfics, moved over to this one just because they enjoyed my writing so much, but they don't know a thing about Naruto. It was meant to be skimmable if you are already familiar with the series, but provide necessary background information if you aren't.

Can you blame her? How would you feel if the person you suddenly found yourself bound to told you they were immortal, had lived for several thousand years, posed as various gods throughout history, and fucked a good portion of the human population? You'd probably freak out, right? Homura simply wasn't able to deal with that kind of knowledge as well as the others because she's a bit of a history buff, and what he told her flew in the face of everything she knew.

And no. I definitely meant Atlanta. XD

Arafell: His teasing of Homura seems exactly what an immortal, world weary Naruto would do XD

Also, seriously? slept with his daughters? Talk about a class act, no matter what your justifications .

Answer: Yeah, it's kinda gross, sleeping with your own kin, but you have to remember that Naruto can't really be considered human anymore, and I don't mean that in a "he's an alien or some supernatural creature" kind of way, I'm talking about the way he thinks. Naruto is a broken individual who has long since discarded any and all sense of morality that we humans ascribe to. Genocide, incest, fratricide. These concepts mean nothing to him. If he wants to kill off an entire population of human being, he'll do it and won't bat an eyelash. By that same token, if he wants to have sex with his daughters, he'll do it, because he really doesn't care. This Naruto is one of the most amoral people you will ever read about in my stories.

AiSard: Huh, good luck with the job hunting.
That said, this chapter is super rough.. I was really looking forward to the history lesson as well, ah well.
The first half was skim skim skim, did not understand why you felt the need to rehash the entire Naruto story. From the reader's perspective its a boring rehash, but more importantly, in-story the characters are pelted with a billion little pieces of detail that don't mean anything to them and are actually irrelevant. The shift in perspective halfway through story-time (3rd to 1st person?) was also really jarring, in part because it seems like we're getting the memory that Naruto is suddenly daydreaming about while he's actually explaining it to the harem, not helped by the shifts back to 3rd person when the harem reacts to this explanation we are not actually hearing.. if that makes sense..
Naruto ripping his heart out to prove a point was also pretty.. stupid. Why?... It's.. not even proving the same point he's trying to make.. I get that he was trying to prove that he's immortal, but there are many forms of immortality. He's mainly trying to prove his broken Longevity, but instead goes to prove his healing rate/unkillable-ness, relying on shock and horror so no-one would ask any questions.. Which was followed by some conversation I felt was a tad weird, if only in how Naruto was acting, like he was lecturing everyone? I havn't pinpointed what irks me so much but it felt very much like a "yes, I've explained this already. Really, really? another question? fine Homura, and put your hand down already" kind of thing, which felt really weird to me, more than could be waived away by the psychopath thing atleast.
The last bit was the only part I mildly liked, if only for Homura's confession thing :P but it really drove home how bad Naruto is at giving explanations of any sort, something I was looking forward to becoming a chore to go through. The type of explanation where you're actually telling a story that only tangentially covers the topics that your audience is interested in, in which clarifications and questions are either shot down or spawn yet another story that is only part way relevant.
I have been enjoying this fic, but at times the quality goes up and down some. Anyways, good luck with the job hunt and novel writing :)

Answer: The first half wasn't for you, or anyone who follows the Naruto series. I wrote that for people who read my fanfics DESPITE having never picked up the Naruto manga or watched the anime. It was WRITTEN for people who knew about Naruto canon to skim without missing anything too important, but give enough details so that people who don't know a thing about Naruto some more background information.

Yes it is. I know you don't think so, but showing someone that you can regenerate your own heart is pretty much the same as saying "I'm immortal." It's also the only way he can prove it. How do you think he's going to prove his longevity? Having them cut him open and count the rings? He's not a tree. There are very few ways to actually prove that someone is immortal, and while ripping out your own heart might not be the best way, he didn't have many other options.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei

So here's an interesting anime I found a while ago and have been watching for the past 20 episodes that have aired. Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei is an interesting story of Magical Realism set within an alternate reality in. Unlike most magic, which involves long, complicated incantations to cast, or relies on some kind of sacred power within the human body, magic within this world is a lot more like a science. There are rules and theories and highly advanced mathematical equations that are involved in the act of spell-casting. Mediums like guns and batons and swords and even phones can be used to spell-cast, provided you have the right activation sequence to do it.

It was actually the magic system that first got me interested in Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei. All of it is very well thought out and the magic itself is incredibly complex. This is nothing like your average Lord of the Rings magic.

Now, awesome magic aside, the story itself is packed full of action. Despite the setting being another one of those "high school" settings that seems to have become increasingly overdone, the story itself manages to keep my interest throughout all of the episodes they currently have. I think it helps that, aside from this simply being some high school anime, the characters also have to deal with discrimination, terrorist organizations, violent school competitions, sabotage, military operations, and a whole slew of other problems that you just don't see in most high school fics.

The cast is also surprisingly memorable. The main character seems to be your typical Overpowered Gary Stu at first, but despite seemingly having few faults, I actually like Tatsuya Shiba's character, for the most part. As a main protagonist, he's not bad, and I actually appreciate that he's talented and highly skilled in combat and advanced magical theory. There are only a few anime out there where the hero is a complete badass, and this is one of them.

Now, I do have a few concerns about the romance. As can be expected in an anime, the romance is very skewed and unusual. For starters, Tatsuya has a thing for his sister...and his sister seems to have a thing for him. Yeah. Tatsuya's a total siscon and his sister Miyuki is a complete brocon. Throughout the entire anime they act more like "that perfect couple" rather than siblings.

I generally do not enjoy stories with incest, mostly because I have a little sister and the idea of doing anything with her is putrid at best and makes me want to gouge my eyes and puke up my innards at worst. That being said, I still watched this one because, incest aside, the anime is pretty awesome.

As the story continued I, much to my surprise, began to actually grow used to and even appreciate the odd romantic relationship between the two. I would sometimes even forget they're siblings and find myself rooting for them. I think it helps that they don't really look alike. Tatsuya is tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. And while Miyuki also as blue eyes, she is shorter, willowy, and has much paler skin along with blue hair. It probably also helps that she's rather pretty as far as anime characters go. Sure, she doesn't have the huge knockers you'd see on Rias Gremory or someone from High School of the Dead, but that hardly detracts from her appearance.

Overall, I would definitely give this anime some high ratings. 9/10, with the only reason it's not 10/10 being the awkward incest. If you like action, magic, science, and military-esque high school anime, then you should definitely watch this.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Devil Ninja, Chapter 8

ArmorOfGeddon: The final fight was a disappointing anti-climax. Why didn't Naruto just stab him with Kumar if he couldn't beat him? Also, if Riser had been reduced to the level of an ordinary human then being punched so hard that his body left a crater in concrete should have killed him. The punch itself should have destroyed his head, and the impact that cratered the concrete should have destroyed his spine and ruptured organs. All in all, a disappointment that served no purpose beyond showing that Naruto still needs Kyuubi to rescue his butt when things get too hard.

Answer: The reason Naruto didn't stab Riser with a Kumar is because there is no such thing as a Kumar. Or did you mean kunai? If so, then the reasons should have been obvious since I stated in chapter four or five that Naruto doesn't like to kill. Stabbing someone with a kunai when they have no ability to heal themselves could kill them. Aside from that, Naruto wanted to show Riser up, not just win. And there you go, forgetting that this story is based off Shonen manga. It is perfectly acceptable for someone to be cratered into the ground and not die or suffer from ruptured organs.

Amunra: OMG. Please tell me this Issei/Akeno stuff is just a horrible joke. I almost stopped reading right there. Issei is one of my least favorite anime characters of all time which is why I'm reading a xover. I already feel sorry for Asia. But seriously we went 7.5 chapters with Akeno's innuendos towards Naruto and all the sudden she did a 180 and suddenly has the hots for Issei. Wtf?
(Rant Finished) anyways...
You are probably my favorite fanfic author of all time. I've read all your stories and I'm looking forward to whatever you have next. My personnel favorite is Namikaze's Return. Good job with a Fox's Love as well.

Answer: I don't get why people dislike Issei. You guys all vilify him because he's a pervert, but you know what, Naruto is just as perverted. Who the hell was it that created the Oroike no Jutsu and the Harem jutsu? It certainly wasn't Issei. Also, just because Akeno and Naruto bantered back and forth doesn't mean they were into each other. Seriously people. Not every girl is going to be attracted to Naruto. Akeno likes him, as a friend, and she respects him, as a friend, but nothing more. Their playful banter is just that, playful banter between FRIENDS.

Guest: Enjoyed it; though one thing pissed me off, and that is Naruto's chakra. Naruto produced 4 shadow clones and felt a drain? He can create a thousands of clones before he even feels a drain. That being said, him, with his advantage of the seal, still get beat up by Riser... To me, Sage is the strongest and/or wisest person. What I just read was a Naruto back from Genin, and it ticked me off :(

It's a good story nonetheless.

Answer: Dude, it's not Naruto created four clones and felt the drain. It's Naruto created four clones and GAVE THEM ALMOST ALL OF HIS CHAKRA and felt a drain. You need to read my story more carefully.

Ash0601: So after the first reading I figured the sealing you had Naruto do was some type of alteration to the five element seal Orichimaru put on Naruto in the forest of death. After rereading though I saw you only used 4 elements in the seal. Do you mind answering why you didn't have Naruto work with the five element seal? Is he not advanced enough in sealing or what? 

Answer: That is exactly the reason. Naruto's skill in sealing is never revealed in the canon, so we don't really know how good he is at it. Now, most people go the "Naruto's an Uzumaki so he's got some kind of sealing bloodline" route, which I think is complete bullshit. Being part of one family over another doesn't make someone better at something like this. It's not a genetic trait, but a learned skill. While I don't think Jiraiya would have NOT taught Naruto at least SOME fuinjutsu, I also don't think Naruto could progress to the level of a master so easily. Right now, I would say that he's a novice who's recklessness and stupidity cause him to get lucky on occasion.

Sytekh: There is something that I simply do not get about this chapter.

So you spend basically tens of thousands of words espousing upon Naruto's warrior skills and tactical ability because he fought in the great shinobi war and then you have him create this 'plan' to beat Riser that, in the end, completely tactically fails. The only reason he wins is because Kurama comes around and bails him out randomly. It doesn't even tactically fail because Riser had a surprise or two for Naruto, no, it fails because Naruto was stupid.

I don't get it.

Why would Naruto exhaust himself before fighting Riser in that sort of situation? He was completely relying on the fact that he had the advantage in skill and chakra usage to beat Riser and then he goes in to the fight having EXHAUSTED his chakra? I...WHY?! Did he just 'forget' that he had lower chakra? I doubt that as you see fit to remind us of this at least six times a chapter so what on earth was Naruto thinking?

If this was supposed to define some sort of character flaw like arrogance or something I guess I could see that...but Naruto has been averse to that basically the entire story so that would be a tad left field. We don't see any of that though. I can't see any applicable reason for Naruto to do what he did. It's completely out of character for him to go in to the fight with that sort of disadvantage.

I mean unless the clones seriously took all the time to do 156 hand seals...which wouldn't make sense again as Naruto had to memorize those seals, presumably through shadow clones, and should be able to do that in roughly two and a half minutes...there was no reason why Riser had to be drawn out at all. Rias could have just supported her peerage while Naruto suppressed Riser or something. They were using his arrogance against him the entire time...why not then?

Other than this nonsensical stuff about the plan this story is probably your most solid one. The main character is likeable, generally, and the way the characters interact feels organic. I suppose I understand your point about trying to avoid throwing Issei in to the background and I can be only thankful you're finally going to stop rehashing canon so closely. You have good story telling ability that's hard to flesh out when you're so close to canon.

Answer: You seem to be under this misguided belief that Naruto is perfect. I'm not sure I understand why you feel this way, unless you've been reading one too many OP, Gary Stu Naruto fanfics. Regardless, just because Naruto is a good fighter, does not make him an excellent tactician. Naruto is the kind of guy who is great at planning on the spot tactics in mid-battle, but couldn't plan a fight in advance to save his life. I want it known right now that Naruto DID NOT plan the battle against Riser. Rias did. And we all know she lacks experience in Rating Games. Second, Naruto's only contribution to the plan was the barrier ninjutsu and the seal to cut off himself and Riser from their Devil powers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hail Emperor Naruto: Great chapter and battles.

Just one complaint. Naruto's interaction with Ravel. It was too...random. I'm a huge fan of Ravel. So it isn't that i dislike her. Naruto's behavior was just a huge flip flop. He brutally and mercilessly destroys five members of Riser's peerage. When it comes to Ravel, complete shift. He not only doesn't show any hostile intention, but he calls her adorable, hugs her, introduces himself, and her finger. Ravel might be adorable, but that was not the proper atmosphere or place for Naruto to goo all cuddly. It seems like the kind of illogical behavior shift meant solely to guide a plot. Not what was realistic in that situation. There are other ways to make Ravel crush on Naruto. Just beating Riser and that last declaration would have probably been enough to catch her attention. It is how Issei did it in the novels. Still great chapter, but i couldn't help being utterly confused when i came to that part.

Oh yeah. Mihae is a bishop, not a rook. You made three rooks in Riser's peerage.

Answer: I understand where you are coming from, and I can see why you would think that way. Naruto's love of cute things is something that I wrote up mostly for the comedy, but I actually have another reason that he acts the way he does, which I'll get into later on as the relationships between characters develop. Also, while I do understand that you want realism, I would like to remind you that this story is based on Shonen tropes. Watch any Shonen manga like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or Fairy Tail and you'll see that what I'm doing here isn't all that different from what happens in a Shonen manga.

Joe Lawyer: I’m really trying to keep an open mind about Issei. Even with all the heavy handed comparisons to Jiraya, whom I respected greatly as a character, I just can’t like the guy as a person. This thing you’re trying to build with Akeno and him…I can’t help but think she’d be slumming it with him, especially when Naruto is around for comparison. 

The rating game is always a hard scene to write in these crossovers and I think you did a pretty decent job of it. I felt like the sheer melodrama was enhanced pretty significantly when Naruto didn’t just throw that kunai into Riser’s heart instead of merely nicking his cheek though. If you had only included something to justify it, like Naruto was willing to kill Riser but couldn’t because of the long-term implications, the enemies he’d be making with the Riser family, etc. I guess you’ve accepted the watered down interpretation of ninja to some extent. Ninjas are ruthless killers and paid assassins. But that’s neither here nor there. I suppose it did set up the introduction of the return of Kurama or the voice of some kind of sacred gear that Naruto now has.

Despite our differences in philosophy regarding Naruto and ninja in general, it was still a mostly well written chapter.

Answer: Your issues with Issei are your own problem. While I won't say anything about them, I will say that I don't understand them. While Issei is a lot more perverted than him, CANON Naruto is pretty damn perverted. I know fanfics espouse his "Sexy Jutsu" as being an "Anti-Pervert Jutsu" or some such garbage, but the truth is that Naruto is just a pervert. He created that jutsu with pervy intentions in mind, and I know that he went peeping on women in the hotsprings with Jiraiya during their training trip (I think I remember seeing a flashback of that). Also, remember that Naruto, at one point, was going to spy on Sakura and only stopped because Yamato scared him? Yeah, Naruto might not be as bad as Issei, but really, when it comes down to it, they're not that different. In fact, of the Shonen archetype Character, Naruto and Issei are the most similar. Both are loyal, kinda dumb, really weak at the beginning, but are also loyal, want to help others, and grow a lot stronger as their stories progress. The only difference is that Issei is more perverted.

And killing Riser? Really? Did you not read chapter five? You know, the one where Dohnaseek tried to fight Naruto again and Naruto was VERY reluctantly forced to kill him? Do you not remember the speech that Naruto gave Rias? Naruto DOES NOT LIKE KILLING. He doesn't. Killing is only perpetuating the cycle of hatred, and he won't kill unless he's left with no other option. Now, I know a lot of people want him to be this merciless Boss who kills people without a second thought, but that's not who he is, it never has been, and I won't make such a drastic change from his canon personality when it doesn't serve a purpose. He won't kill Riser just because the guy pissed him off.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


When Massive Plot meets an unusual combination of character development and a surprisingly good story, you get something like High School DxD.

High School DxD is the story of Hyoudo Issei, a not to regular high school student who dreams of one day becoming a Harem King. Yeah. Issei wants to be a harem king. One of the things that sets our young protagonist of this series apart is the simple fact that Issei has an insane amount of lust for such a young person. His thoughts tend to center around boobs more often than not, which is good because this anime has a lot of boobage.

In fact, sometimes there is so much tit that I end up missing the story entirely. I almost feel like my man points are dropping just from thinking this, but I almost feel like the director of the anime tended to focus so much on the oppai that he sometimes forgot what the story was actually about.

For those who are curious, the story is about this guy right here, the one with blood pouring out of his guts. The story starts with Issei Hyoudo taking his first girlfriend, Yuuma Amano, on a date. However, before the date could end in a kiss, Yuuma does something shocking.

And no, it isn't just having some strange clothing transformation where she strips naked. That's a fanservice.

It turns out that Yuuma Amano is actually a fallen angel who came to kill Issei, which she does by stabbing him in the gut with a spear of light. As Issei lays dying, he wishes to be able to at least die within the bosom of a beautiful girl.

Fortunately for Issei, his wish is answered.

This boobilicious girl's name is Rias Gremory, and she is a Devil. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Aren't Devils supposed to be those monsters that have red skin, horns on their head, a spaded tail, and black devil wings? Maybe they do have all that in real life. Though having never met a Devil in real life, I couldn't say. However, in this anime, Devils are not ugly creatures bred for the purpose of perpetuating violence and evil. They are actually gorgeous women (and a few men) with generally large boobs and a killer figure. At least the women are, the men are all bishounen.

Unless they're a loli, in which case they'll look like this adorable cat-girl with Devil wings.

Anyway, Rias resurrects Issei as her Devil servant. Now Issei must work hard to become the strongest Devil possible, because becoming a strong Devil means he'll be able to get his own servants, which means he'll finally achieve his goal of becoming a harem king.

Yes, even after getting stabbed in the stomach and resurrected as a Devil, he's still got harem on the brains.

Issei's pervy like that.

T&A aside, High School DxD is a nice anime that's already got two seasons up and running and a third on the way. I myself am looking forward to the third season, which I speculate will come out either sometime during Fall of 2014 or so sometime during 2015. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves anime, especially of the ecchi variety.