Friday, January 3, 2014

New Chapter!

I just posted a new chapter of Ten-Tailed Wolf on FFN! Anyone interested in reading it is welcome to head on over.

Unfortunately, I do not have much else to give you here. But, if you write a post telling me what kind of writing tips you would like me to blog about, I will certainly do that the next time I update.

And now, here is your trope:

Atomic F-Bomb

Spoony: Oh, we're winding up to a big ol' "Nooooo!"
Quinlan: FUUUCK!
Spoony: ... Or that works too, I guess.

The Precision F-Strike relies on timing. The Cluster F-Bombrelies on frequency and multitude.
The Atomic F Bomb relies on volume. Sometimes this trope is self-censoring, and cuts to some other scene (like birds flying away) to imply the volume.
Sub-Trope of Big Word Shout.
Compare Big "NO!"Big "WHAT?!".