Saturday, January 4, 2014


I just updated my writing tips section with a tip on how to use and create OCs and what not to do when using an OC in your story. If any of you have anymore suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

And now for your trope of the day:

A Tragedy of Impulsiveness
"The Council was divided. Mine was the deciding vote. They killed him. I was furious. I never knew myself capable of such rage. All I could see was death."
— DelennBabylon 5

A Tragedy Of Impulsiveness is when a tragedy is caused by someone's impetuousness or irrational impatience. This trope's power comes from the fact that if characters had thought before they acted the tragedy could have been avoided.
From seeing enemies where there are none, to jumping in a swimming pool before checking for water, to messing with the Mad Scientist's machines, acting without considering consequences can cause catastrophic calamities.
This is most likely to be caused by Leeroy Jenkins, or any Hot-Blooded character in general. If the character is normally more stable, chances are this happens during a Moment of Weakness.
Related to Green-Eyed MonsterThird Act MisunderstandingPlethora of MistakesWhat an IdiotCycle of Revenge, and Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. See also Fawlty Towers Plot, which is this trope's comic cousin—caused by (often impulsive) compounding lies and blowing up in the liar's face (typically causing embarrassment rather than death or suchlike).