Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should I make more changes to my blog?

So I just updated my Writing Tips when I realized something. We're only at Writing Tip number ten, and already you have to do a whole lot of scrolling to get to the bottom. This had me thinking, and so I went back to my other pages, the question and answer ones, and realized something else. These pages also required a good deal of scrolling to get to the bottom.

I feel this makes it just as difficult to find what you're looking for as my previous format did, which had me thinking that it may be a good idea to change the format again. I was thinking about using links and linking PDF files to my pages which would contain information about a specific subject. For example, having each Q&A for Ashikabi no Shinobi in a separate PDF file that you can access upon clicking the link to it. That way you don't have to do all this scrolling, just click on what you want and it will take you right to it. Do you guys think that's a good idea?

In other news, I'm making good progress in my writing. I seem to be having a much easier time getting this story written than usual, so that's good.

There isn't much else on this front. My stories are well in hand, my writing is going smoothly and my editor is hopefully making my novel more awesome than it already is, lol. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to say hello, just drop me a line.