Monday, March 3, 2014

Quite possibly my favorite Harry Potter fanfic of all time!

Hope...a story of love and why you should never lose hope.

Here is a story that you will not be able to find on, but one that is worthy of enough praise I'm going out on a limb. Hope is a tale about what happens to Harry and the gang after Voldemort has been defeated. This fanfiction is a story about love and fluffy bunnies...okay, maybe not bunnies, but it's definitely fluffy, and let us not forget it contains a completely overpowered Harry. Somehow, strangely enough, it manages to tell a compelling story in spite of Harry being the closest thing to God. 

It's a very AU story; the world is, while not vastly different from the canon universe, has enough changes in it that you can't rely on the original books to tell it straight. For starters, many of the people who died in the canon universe are alive in this like. Fred, for example, is still alive. Or was it George that died? I always get the two mixed up. In any case, both twins are alive and well and invested in their joke shop.

Likewise, Harry Potter is a very different person in this fanfiction. To start, in the canon ending I believe Harry became an auror. In Hope he became a Star Quidditch player; a Seeker to be exact. Naturally, what else would he be?

The start of this story begins with Harry Potter playing against Victor Krum in the Quidditch World Cup. Harry wins, of course, but ends up injured in the process. Now on temporary sick leave until his injuries heal, Harry is forced to stop playing Quidditch, which has more or less become his life, and is now directionless. Thank magic for him that he has Ron and Hermione to help him out; they get him a nice job as a flying instructor at Beauxbaton Academy. Too bad they have ulterior motives for doing so.

Enter Gabrielle Delacour, the gorgeous young half-veela, sixteen, and in her last year of schooling (she skipped a grade). During the Tri-Wizard tournament, in which Harry rescued her from the merpeople, Gabrielle ended up bonding herself to Harry. 


Yes, she Veela bonded herself to Harry. In most cases, this would be where I stop reading. The whole "Veela bond" cliche has been done to death. However, Jeconais' writing was good enough that I kept reading. Unlike most stories of this type, the Veela bond is not just done to "Give Harry a Veela slave so he can stuff her womb full of semon." Aside from the fact that it IS the driving force of the main plot, there are also a lot of issues that come from Veela bonding, like, for example, the fact that if Gabrielle does not mate with Harry (yes, mating as in having sex) before her seventeenth birthday, she will literally lose her mind and probably end up going insane.

The story itself has many twists and turns, and even though it's very light-hearted most of the time, it's not all happiness and rainbows. Conflict, that is what keeps this story interest, the perfect blending of conflict and drama with those light, fluffy moments that every person who enjoys happy endings love. This story does this perfectly; it helps that the grammar and English are superb, truly something worthy of praise.

Overall, I would gladly give this fanfiction a 10/10 and a strong recommendation that you guys all read it. It is quite possibly one of only a handful who will ever get that from me, so you know it's gotta be good.