Friday, March 14, 2014

Aquarion Evol

Evol or Love?

Aquarion Evol is the sequel to the original Aquarion series. Set 12,000 years after the first Aquarion, mankind is now facing a new threat...alien robots are abducting all their women! Yes, no longer are they dealing with a threat to all of mankind but to their lady friends.

The story is set on a planet called Vega, where most of the protagonists live, while the antagonists come from Vega's sister planet, Altair. The anime starts when the main character, Amata Sora, a young man who has kept his ability to fly a secret since his youth, meets a girl that defines the term "Girl Next Door," Mikono Suzushiro. The two become fast friends, on might even go so far as to say it's love at first sight. Unfortunately, a large scale attack by Altair forces the two of them into a vector, where Amata instinctively forces the vectors to combine and create Aquarion, the all powerful giant mecha. After the battle the two are forced to become members of Neo-DEAVA.

Much like the original series, themes such as love, mutual understanding, and individual growth play an important role in the story, albeit, in different ways. A good example of this is that romantic relationships are forbidden to all students of Neo-DEAVA.

Amata Sora is the main protagonist of this series. His Elemental power is Anti-Gravity, which he can use in conjunction with Aquarion to give it flight capabilities. He doesn't have very good control over his powers, and when experiencing strong emotions like anger, excitement or nervousness, he will often start flying away. He actually wears weighted boots on his feet to keep himself grounded.

The gorgeous girl in the picture above is Mikono Suzushiro, the heroine of this series and Amata Sora's main love interest. She comes from a very long line of Elemental users, but is believed to not have any special Elemental powers and is therefore considered a failure by her father. Because of this, Mikono acts very shy around other people.

Kagura Demuri, I am unsure whether he should be considered a protagonist, antagonist or anti-hero. He's sort of a mix. He is the subordinate of the Chief Commander of Altair. During the raid at the start of the series, he manages to catch Mikono's scent (yes, he smelled her, literally) and becomes obsessed with finding her to the point that he will disobey direct orders.

Truth be told, I actually liked this anime more than it's prequel. The artwork is beautiful, the story is a bit more comprehensive, the characters are a tad more likable...the fanservice is still there but is done much better and is way funnier. I might actually watch this anime again sometime. This anime comes with a 8/10 and a recommendation to all people who love mecha fights and romance to watch it.