Saturday, March 22, 2014

Naruto Meets Alien Princess

When Two Realms Meet is a Naruto/To Love Ru fanfiction written by Gavedin, and is definitely my favorite of this particular crossover grouping. The story follows Naruto Uzumaki and his sensei, Jiraiya, who leave the Elemental Nations during their three year training trip and travel to the "outside world," aka, Japan. To keep their cover as ordinary citizens, Naruto ends up going to Sainan High School, where he befriends the likes of Rito Yuki, Haruna Sarenji, Risa Momioka and Kenichi Saruyama.

The story itself progresses much like one would expect from a story of this crossover. Instead of appearing before Rito in the bath, Lala Satalin Deviluke appears before Naruto instead. Like in a good deal of fanfiction, the story starts off fairly canon, with all the things that would happen in the original To Love Ru storyline happening here, only they are happening to Naruto instead of Rito.

Despite this story starting off like a canon rehashing with our favorite blond replacing the main protagonist, it is still very entertaining to read. Like all of Gavedin's works, it is well written, with few grammatical mistakes. His style also plays a hand in keeping the reader hooked. Not only does he manage to keep most of Naruto's personality from becoming OC, but he manages to make the changes his character does go through feel believable and natural.

And of course, just because the story starts off looking like a canon rehashing does not mean it stays that way. In fact, there are a good deal of differences this story has from every other story of its type. For starters, Naruto is not immortal, nor has he been thrown across time. In this story, the Elemental Nations still stand, they are still there, and all the other characters from Naruto canon still play a part in this story, albeit, they do not come in until later. And because of this one small difference, a good deal of the story itself changes. Gavedin manages to combine two different worlds very nicely, though not without issues.

I think this is actually what I like best about Gavedin's fanfic. Naruto isn't just stuck in one world. Both the To Love Ru world and the Naruto world are combined in such a way that Naruto can interact with people from both worlds. It would not surprise me to see both worlds colliding together later on in the story once Akatsuki enters the picture

I would give this story an overall rating of 8.5/10. 8.5 because there are still some grammatical mistakes and his writing can get a bit tedious and long-winded at times. If any of you guys were a fan of To Love Ru, either the anime or the manga, or are just fans of Ecchi, I would definitely suggest this story as a must read: When Two Realms Meet.