Sunday, March 23, 2014

One of the most Awesome Anime Ever!

Okay everyone! I just finished watching what I feel is one of the most badass anime of all time. It's called Guren Lagann. As someone who has been watching anime since 1992, I've seen a lot of the animations that Japan has to offer. Out of all them, this one was one of my favorites. It quite literally has everything; a solid plot, good humor, action, adventure, awesome mecha battles, total BAMF moments complete with Shounen manga speeches, romance, and most important of all actual character development.

The story starts off like this: human beings live undergroung , eeking out a living as well as they can. It is a wretched existence, one that people only live because they don't know anything else. Among these people are two young men, Kamina and Simone. Kamina's dream is to one day climb to the surface, Simone has no dream, he just digs holes to help expand the colony they live in. One day while digging, Simone discovers a tiny drill. Little did he know that this drill would become the key to humanities future...

Known as Simone the Digger, he is the main character of this series. At the start of the anime, Simone is something of a frady cat with no aspirations. He doesn't really have anything going for him, and his only purpose seems to be paraphrasing Kamina, who he calls Bro. However, throughout the series we see him go through may transformations and actually get to watch as he develops into someone worthy of being a Shounen manga hero, which is more than I can say for most mainstream Shounen manga heroes whose only real change is their power level.

Kamina must have taken several levels of badassery, because he is one of the coolest characters I've ever seen in anime. Kamina prides himself on being manly and tough. At first glance he appears to be extremely boisterous, hot-headed and hungry for greatness. Never is this more illustrated then when he refers to himself as The Mighty Kamina. He is also extremely perverted and Yoko has said that he is "a man of unlimited stupidity." Despite his loud and perverse antics, Kamina is very determined and insightful, despite his often reckless and downright insane antics. One of his favorite quotes is: "Just who the hell do you think I am!?"

Because no anime is ever complete without the big-breasted fanservice girl, I give you Yoko Littner. Yoko is a surface dweller who originally came from one of the underground settlements. Unlike Kamina who is impulsive to the point of stupidity, Yoko prefers to think before jumping headlong into battle. She is very mature and tends to be protective towards Simone, Kamina and the children with them. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this gorgeous lass, aside from her ginormous knockers and incredible figure is her age: she's only 14.

Because no anime is complete without a good romance, I give to you, Nia Teppelin. From her first introduction into the series, it's quite clear that she was going to be the romantic interest for Simone. She naive, innocent, and very kind to everyone she meets. She enjoys making people happy and is very empathetic, especially towards Simone. Out of all the people Simone meets on his journey, she is the one who never lost faith in him even for a moment.

Awesome moments in this anime: Who the hell do you think I am!?

This anime was so awesome that I give it an overall rating of 10/10, the only one to date which has achieved this rating...I think. Well, whatever. In any case, this is an incredible anime, one that any anime enthusiast worth their weight in gold would love to watch over and over again. Yeah, its replay value is just. That. Good.

Hope you enjoy it!