Saturday, April 12, 2014

HP and Shuffle!

Hogwarts Shuffle is a Harry Potter/Shuffle crossover that combines all the harem goodness found in Shuffle with the humor and writing style expected of fanfic author GinnyMyLove. The story itself is decently written. The authors only real issue is his punctuation. He tends to put commas where periods are needed, periods where commas should go, and sometimes just adds a comma or a period for no apparent reason. This tends to disrupt the flow of the story, especially if you're a grammar nazi, but if you can get past that, it's not too bad.

I think my biggest issue with this story were the Harmony and Harry/Ginny moments. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a personal biased against those two pairings. I find Harmony repulsive because Hermione reminds me of my sister and I don't want to think of her in a manner anywhere close to sexual; I had to skip every part where Hermione flirted with Harry or something of a physical nature happened because of this. And I personally don't like Ginny at all. Aside from the fact that her character was never developed and she just sort of comes out of left field all of a sudden because Harry's suddenly got this big green monster inside of him (Cough love potion cough), what little of her that we do see makes her come off as a fangirl. Let's face it, we only see her a few times, and except for when she's snogging some guy she's dating (to get Harry's attention, of course), she usually comes off as a fangirl. I mean, wasn't she dreaming of being Mrs. Potter long before she had ever met Harry? Sounds like a case of fangirlish hero worship to me.

The other problem I had, one that is not as large but still annoying, MASS OOCness. Almost every character in the story was OC in some way. Now, I don't mind Harry being OOC. Let's face it, if you're writing an HP fanfic about Harry Potter, he's going to be OC. That's why we write Harry Potter, to turn our favorite green eyed, scar-faced wonder into an actual hero. However, while OOC Harry is acceptable, OOCing other people for no discernible reason is not.

Let's take Hermione as an example. Hermione Granger is a studious girl who doesn't have any experience with romance. The closest she comes to flirting in the books is arguing with Ron, and only a fool would actually think that's flirting. From the first chapter of Hermione's introduction in Hogwarts Shuffle, we see her blatantly flirting with Harry, laying in his bed, sitting on his lap, making sexual innuendos at his expense. This is not Hermione Granger. Not only is it not Hermione, there is no discernible reason for her to change so much. For the entire summer she was stuck with Ron and Ginny, and let's be honest here, neither of those two would have made her turn into this flirty and vivacious woman.

Because of how many characters had nearly 180 degree personality changes, I couldn't get into the story as much as I might have. Overall, I would rate this story a 6.5/10 for quality writing and an original plot, but take points away for OOC characters without showing their development first, grammatical errors, and my own personal biased. For those of you who like Harmony or Harry/Ginny, I would recommend this story. For those who don't, I would suggest reading the first few chapters to see if it's something you can hop on board with.