Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ecchi, Fanservice and...Character Development!? Oh my!

Ecchi has become much more prevalent in anime these days. And as its popularity grows it seems almost like each anime is trying to outdo the other in perversion to the point where they neglect the story itself for the sake of T&A.

As a guy, I can freely admit that I love ecchi. If there is one thing the Japanese know how to do, it's draw their women. Despite that, I often find myself disgruntled by the lack of actual plot and character development in most of the newer ecchi.

Fortunately for us, Girls Bravo doesn't do that. While the story itself has more scenes of random nudity, boobies and panty shots than many other anime, it also has an incredible amount of character development and plot to go with it. And get this; the ecchi comedy is actually funny. It's not like these newer anime where you see a pair of boobs and your only thoughts are: "Okay, now what?"

The story of Girls Bravo is about a high school student named Yukinari Sasaki, a boy who is so afraid of girls that his fear actually turned into an allergic reaction. Yeah, he gets a rash whenever girls touch him. The poor guy. Fortunately, after having a run in with his busty neighbor who, for some reason beyond my ability to comprehend, was in the shower, Yukinaru gets kneed in the face and thrown into his tub.

Poor guy? Not really. You see when his neighbor Kirie smashes her knee into his nose and he ends up in the bathtub, Yukinari is magically teleported to the world of Seiren; a world where about 99.999999% of the population is made up of women.

Sounds like his worst nightmare, right? Well, it probably would be, if it weren't for the fact that the first person he meets is Miharu Sena Kanaka, a gorgeous girl with pink hair, a generous figure and an appetite that makes Son Goku look like a forty pound weakling. The good thing about this meeting is that Yukinaru finally finds the one girl in the entire universe who does not give him allergies.

Naturally, it took having him get sent to another world via having his face smashed into find her, but who wants to sweat the small stuff.

Without giving too much away, while the story itself sounds kind of cliche'd, it's actually really fun to watch. This is one of the only anime that I actually liked so much I went out and bought the entire two series dvd collection of. It's THAT good. If you are a fan of ecchi, fanservice, and watching as a young man with a serious girl problem (pun very much intended) grows into himself, this is definitely an anime you'd enjoy.