Saturday, May 3, 2014

First chapter!

Just a quick update. The entire first chapter for my book, A Fox's Love, is now available to read. Simply click on the American Kitsune tab and you can read it to see whether you would like the book or not.

Have fun!

A good anime that didn't quite reach its full potential

Now here is an anime that I enjoyed watching, but felt didn't quite live up to it's full potential. Date A Live is the story of a young man named Shido Itsuka, a seemingly ordinary high schooler who comes across a mysterious (and hot) girl dressed in armor at the ground zero of a spacequake, which is essentially just a large explosion of pure power that causes mass amounts of death and devastation. Shido soon learns that this girl is called a spirit, and that spirits are the cause of all spacequakes. He also learns that his cute little imouto is the commander of commander of super-advanced and powerful airship and is recruited to help seal the spirits powers, thus stopping their threat to mankind.

There is a catch to this however. In order to seal a spirits powers he must first make them fall in love with him and kiss him.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this anime was that it has a very interesting take on how to do a proper Harem genre. It's idea of the Main Character needing to seal off the incredible powers of a spirit by making them fall in love with him and kiss him is probably the most original harem story I've seen in recent years.

The issues I have with this anime is not in the harem itself or how the Itsuka goes about getting one, but rather, the main character himself. Like just about every other harem protagonist, Shido Itsuka is a very plain, dull boy, especially compared to the wacky and ridiculously beautiful women he finds himself surrounded by. He just doesn't stand out in any way, just like Tsukune Aono, Rito Yuuki, and other protagonists of the harem genre. And that makes him boring.

Fortunately, a second season of Date A Live has been released. It's only got 3 episodes right now, so we can only hope something happens to make Itsuka man up, because I do not want to see another harem protagonist who can't make up his damn mind about the women in his life.

Overall, I give this anime a 7/10 due to the originality of the storyline, the artwork, and the crazy beautiful girls.