Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi Chapter 32 Q&A

Kyo no Kitsune: I won't tell you not to worry, because I don't want to spoil anything, but I will tell you that I am not Arthain. Though we've both written a Naruto/Sekirei crossover, we are completely different as writers. What he writes and what I write are not the same even if they are based on the same universe.

Aiden Kennedy: I don't plan on writing a Naruto/Fate Stay Night crossover because I know very little about the Nasuverse. The truth is I still have yet to watch the anime, read the manga or play the visual novels, so my knowledge on Fate Stay Night is limited to the two fanfics I've read by Neoalpha, and that's not enough to write my own fanfic.

zod6006: I'm not sure how you can say that. More than half of my story is filled with unnecessary amounts of descriptive writing, details and repeated information. If anything my recent chapters have less details than my previous ones. I haven't waxed poetic about how hard Naruto's life is, or made a billion comments about Naruto's past or his woes or anything like that. This is one of the few chapters where there is no repeated information, just pure battle.

Juoppo: I think I've given you enough information to know by now that Naruto isn't really a team player anymore. It's been so long since he truly worked with anyone and not just controlled or manipulated them into doing what he wants that he doesn't really know how to work with others. You should also realize that he's not perfect. Naruto honestly didn't expect his Sekirei to lose. Most of them are single digits, with the only one who isn't being Musubi, and she was with Tsukiumi so he assumed she would be fine. The idea to use clones to keep an eye on his Sekirei didn't really occur to him, not because he doesn't care, but because it's been so long since he HAS cared about anyone that he would do such a thing.

Also, the plan itself was actually well executed all things considered. He succeeded in doing what he set out to accomplish. He just ended up miscalculating how strong Musubi was compared to Benitsubasa.

Lednacek: Many Ashikabi also can't use chakra. Naruto's ability to use chakra and his incredibly potent chakra make the bond much stronger. That's why in the beginning of the fic he was affected by Musubi's emotions to the point that he couldn't distinguish hers from his own.

5-digit: Fear not! I have a plan for Yume, and it is completely different from canon. Can't say much, but trust me, I think you'll like it.

Plums: I am sorry you feel that way, but there's not much I can do about your dislike of my chapter. And I showed all those fights because they were important. Uzume was getting Kuno and Haruka out of Shinto Teito so I had to show the battle because I needed to show that scene and didn't want to leave any loose ends. Naruto vs Karasuba and Musubi vs Benitsubasa should be obvious why I had them, and Tsukiumi vs. Haihane, while not obvious, becomes clear once you think about it. They were fighting. The fact is, if I hadn't shown that fight, people would have wondered what happened to Tsukiumi and then complained when I didn't show it. Sometimes showing something is necessary simply because not showing it leaves unanswered questions.

I hope this answered your guys' questions. If you have anymore on Chapter 32, just ask them here. You can also find this post by going to my Ashikabi no Shinobi Q&A section of this blog.