Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Periodic updates and changes to Blog

So I was going through my blog recently and noticed something wrong. I've got way too many pages. And by pages I mean those tabs you have to click on that directs you to various areas of my blog. I have 14 different pages, which is a lot, way more than I should and this makes it more difficult for you, the people coming here and reading the stuff I put up, much more difficult.

I've decided to consolidate a good deal of these pages into a single page. Starting today all of the Q&As for all of my fanfictions will be combined into a single page. This way you don't have to click on a different tab each time you want to check out a different fanfic.

To that end I plan on posting all of my already existing Q&As on here for starting tomorrow and then creating a link on a new page, which will likely have some horrendous name like: "Brandon The Engulfing Silence Varnell's Q&A section" (try saying that five times as quickly as you can) and then getting rid of all the other pages. This should hopefully make it easier for you to find the post you're looking for, and this way if you have a specific question pertaining to a specific chapter, you can ask it on that post and I'll be able to answer you more efficiently.