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Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Saphira113: I'll certainly see what I can do about Blaise. Eventually all of the characters that are in Harry's “Inner Circle” will get their spotlight time, but it's a bit harder to make some of them more established right now because their parts simply aren't as big. Blaise is a support character unlike, say, Daphne, who is a Main Character. It doesn't help that he's more the “silent and observant” type unlike Tracey and Terry who are constantly getting “screen time” because they're always arguing. But don't worry, Blaise has a part to play and it'll come when it comes.

Lucius' dislike of Blaise's mother has less to do with her antics and more to do with her power. Lucius knows that if she wanted to, Blaise's mom could easily cause him trouble. She just doesn't right now because A) she has no reason to and B) she finds it amusing to watch others squirm.

As for Selene, I have already said this but she will not be around until the Fourth Book.

Serialkeller: No. Harry Potter has perfect memory, not a Sharingan. Being able to “see” someone do something means absolutely nothing if you don't understand “how” it's being done. Just because Harry sees someone do something does not mean he'll be able to replicate it.

FreeTraderBeowolf: Big chamber of secrets scene? I think you're mistaking something here. My story has next to nothing to do with the chamber of secrets. The chamber of secrets is merely JK Rowling's plot running parallel to my own. Sorry if you think the story is moving slow, but I think that has more to do with your perception of what the plot is, rather than what the story is really about.

I am glad you like my version of Dumbledore. Too many people turn him into either a “Manipulative 'Master Chess player' (just what does that mean anyways?)” a “Dark Lord in Disguise” or a “Misguided old fool who makes mistakes no one in charge of a school full of children should make.” While I get why people feel Dumbledore may be one of those three, I never understood why those versions were so popular other than because of how easy they are to write.

CapJackSparrow21: Why did anything in the original Harry Potter happen? Because that's how JK Rowling “wanted” it to happen. All the things that happened, none of that is Dumbledore's fault. It's Rowling's for not thinking about how some readers might take his actions. Dumbledore is merely a plot device used by Rowling to take her plot in the direction she wants it to go.

Iryelb: Patience. Luna has only just been introduced. Don't worry. I'll explore her character in more depth a little later. She's just not that important to my overall story right now. I really only added a scene in her perspective for the comedy.

NarutoDkurosaki: Harry hasn't done anything about Sirius because he doesn't even know Sirius is innocent. Please remember that Harry only remembers things that happen around him while he's awake. If something, like, say, Peter Pettigrew becoming the Potter's Secret Keeper happens when Harry is not around or sleeping, he's not going to know about it happening. The truth is that Harry has no clue that Sirius was not the Secret Keeper. He doesn't even know about the Fidelius Charm that hid his home because he was not present when it was cast.

Dante 101: Harry performed silent casting when they were practicing because he was not giving a demonstration. As a rule of thumb, he prefers to cast his spells silently because it's more efficient than saying the spell every time he casts it. He simply didn't want to case silently when he was helping Shacklebolt by demonstrating how to use the spell in front of class because it wouldn't have helped those who were watching if he did.

Fabian Firman: That's something I can't tell you. I'm not one to give spoilers away.

Totalsolution: Normally you would be right, Harry isn't the type to rely on one law. But in this case that one law is all he has. It's literally the “only” law he can rely on to get a favorable outcome. There are no other loopholes that can be used to get Daphne out from under her father's thumb. Don't mistake “not wanting to do something” with “he has no other option but to rely on this one small hope.” Those are two very important emotional differences.

Maesde: He still has it, he just doesn't show it off.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 18

Chapter 18
Alright, so I've got a lot of people who reviewed this chapter and therefore a lot of people who asked questions. I'll try and get to all of them, but there were quite a few so bare with me.
To start, while Iryelb did not ask a question, he or she did make a comment about how easy it should be to realize to 'jump to' the correct conclusion about the Chamber of Secrets:
I am taking this comment to mean that it shouldn't be hard for Harry, or anybody else for that matter, to realize what is really happening; that being that a Basilisk is the creature that has been petrifying people. There are probably a number of you who feel the same way and think Harry or Dumbledore should be able to realize what's going on and stop it.
I disagree. All of us think it should be an easy mystery to solve because we have read the books. We know what's going on because we have that knowledge already. Neither Harry nor Dumbledore know what we the readers know. They only have what they know from their own observations, and both of them have a very incomplete picture of the situation, not at all like us, who have read The Chamber of Secrets and therefore know exactly what is going on.
Take this information into account and you'll see my point. Dumbledore knows that the Chamber of Secrets was opened once before, and he knows that Myrtle died in the girls bathroom. However, he also knows that the Chamber was opened by Tom Riddle, and that only an Heir of Slytherin, in other words, a parsel mouth, would be able to open the chamber. What's more, no one has died yet, but been petrified.
Now, we all know that the reason for this is due to the fact that neither Lockhart nor Misses Norris were killed is because they were not looking directly at the Basilisk when it stared at them. However, Dumbledore does not know that. A Basilisk's stare is supposed to be deadly, period.
Even if Dumbledore suspected that the creature within the chamber is, in fact, a Basalisk, he would not believe it was the cause of the petrifications. Why? Because A) only the Heir of Slytherin (aka Tom Riddle) can open the chamber and control the Basilisk, and B) no one has been killed, only petrified.
The logical conclusion to this would be that someone is simply using the Chamber of Secrets as a means to terrorize the school,. but is actually using a magical artifact of some kind to petrify people.
To Dante 101. The reason Collin did not get petrified was because he was not outside at night. Remember, the reason he was petrified in the novel was because he had been going to see Harry in order to take a picture of him while he was in the hospital (which is really creepy). As Harry was not sent to the hospital, Collin had no reason to leave the Gryffindor Common Room, therefore he did not get petrified.
And the reason the aurors never showed up in the original is likely because it would have ruined JK Rowlings plot. Remember, this story is actually a children's novel meant for kids, so she can get away with glaring and illogical plot holes like this.
To The Prime Cronos, I make no comment on whether there will be any deaths. However, consider this... Rowlings story was a tale meant for children, mine is not... just some food for thought.
ultima-owner, the 'old married couple' are not in love... yet. Remember, they're only 12. However, no one knows what the future holds and Tracey and Terry might become a minor pairing in later stories.
Sorry for the confusion Dunstan Xenon. To answer you, this story will have Harry in a multi-relationship, meaning he will be with more then one girl at the same time. Or, if you want me to be blunt, this will be a harem. It's actually an integral part of my stories plot. Also, do you remember the conversation between Harry and Daphne at the New Year Gala in my last fic? That was me hinting that Harry will be with more then one girl, though I have decided there will only be 4.
For the one anonymous reviewer with the original name, Guest. When has Harry Potter ever been realistic? This is a story about children learning magic at a magical institute. It is also a story where 12 year old children are apparently more capable of solving mysteries (like what was petrifying students when the Chamber of Secrets was opened) then adults. I find it highly unrealistic that a 12 year old girl (Hermione) would discover that the thing in the chamber was a Basilisk that has been moving through the pipes while the adults stand around like a bunch of idiots, doing absolutely nothing to try and solve this mystery before someone actually dies. You know, like what happened the last time the chamber was open. How is that for unrealistic.
0 Jordinio 0. While you're idea is interesting, I don't think I would ever do something like that. It's smacks too much of something an Newbie writer would do to 'show off Harry Potter's greatness to everyone'. Aside from the simple fact that I don't want to Marty-Stu Harry, I think that the mystery of people 'knowing' that Harry slayed the beast in the Chamber of Secrets, but not actually knowing 'how' he did it would spread his infamy much more thoroughly because people would then begin to speculate about how he did it, leading to the tales being told getting larger and more exaggerated until Harry is turned into this mythological and legendary figure the likes of which has not been seen since Merlin.
Fury074. Then this will be an AU. Truth be told, I never liked the part where Lockhart brought in Dwarves to sing Valentine day songs. It smacked of a child fanservice, and while I understand that this is a story for children, I've despised fanservices for children since the creation of Jar Jar Binks.
marcus nightfire. No. I have no plans on either Dumbledore or Moody taking Harry on as an apprentice. Why would they? They're going to be busy trying to figure out who among the students was responsible for petrifying Lockhart and Misses Norris, as well as trying to find some way to get evidence that Lucius was responsible for this entire fiasco. Even if they were inclined to take Harry on as an apprentice, they wouldn't have the time to teach him anything.
To CuriousGuest. For the answer to your first question, look at my answer for Dunstan Xenon. To answer your second question, no, I will not start a poll for the pairings because if I do that, it will force me to write along a path that this story may not be going towards, thereby not only changing my story into something it is not, but also causing me to lose interest for that very same reason. I already have the girls Harry is going to be paired with planned out.
Now, there are two more matters to state before I end this. First, let me give props to all those who figured out who I was talking about when I mentioned the American Wizard. Yes, it is Stephen Strange. For those who are wondering, no, he will not play a part in this series... though, if I decide to make a Marvel/Harry Potter crossover AFTER this series is complete as some kind of closing sequel... well, who can say?
And finally, this is for all those who are wondering about our favorite vampire. Selene WILL NOT be appearing in this story again. Her moment came and went, now you will have to wait for her to reappear in Book 4, which she will show up in briefly, before becoming a more permanent member of the cast in Book 5.
Well, I hope I answered your questions in a satisfactory manner. If you have questions, comments, rants, or want to tell me I should burn and die, just leave a comment.

Now, I am off to trim my nose hairs. Cheers!

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 17

Chapter 17
Dante 101: To answer your first question on how I come up with my theories for Transfiguration and Alchemy, I would have to say I use a form of logic, reasoning and information gained from other stories that use similar forms of magic. Well, at least I do for the Transfiguration aspect. My thoughts on Alchemy was actually taken straight from Full Metal Alchemist. On the other hand, the laws I had created for Transfiguration is canon knowledge combined with various sources such as anime, manga, tv shows and video games that have similar transformation magic but different rules. I suppose you could say I combine all of my favorite ideas in a way that makes sense.
As for Daphne, I want it known that her feelings for Harry are completely legitimate. If anything, she is LESS affectionate than she wants to be because she does not like the idea of her father using her to control Harry. I won't say anymore on that. You'll understand Daphne's feeling soon enough.
CheeseyCraziness: Please don't forget that Harry is still 11 years old, regardless of how intelligent and mature he can be. That means sometimes he will think or say things that aren't exactly nice or well thought out. His thoughts about girls not liking martial arts isn't really a comment made due to sexist thoughts, but one he felt has a basis in fact. Most of the girls he knows do not like martial arts, Lisa Crawft being a prime example, therefore, his belief is based on this knowledge. Have you ever heard of that old saying 'our reality is based on what we perceive is real'? It's similar to that. With knowledge that the only female he knows who like martial arts is Katrina, he believes that girls just don't like fighting and that Katrina is one of those one out of one million girls who just happens to be the odd man out, so to speak.
Akuma-Heika: It's like I said, Transfiguration is a very precise branch of magic and, at the moment, he is not skilled in transfiguring inanimate objects. I never explicitly said this, but Harry's skill in transfiguration is very specific. He excels at transfiguring living creatures and self-transfiguration. In other words, the two branches needed to become an animagi. However, while he is good at those to branches, he is only slightly skilled, comparatively, at inanimate to inanimate transfiguration, meaning he has the knowledge and skill of a third year student. Large scale transfiguration such as what you are talking about is currently beyond his reach.
And when Tracey said she didn't know what she was doing, it was not that she did not know what she was doing, but that she did not really know HOW she was doing it. Tracey has the innate ability to learn most spells with ease, but is absolutely abysmal when it comes to theory. Therefore, she can learn any spell easily, but will not understand HOW she is doing that spell because it's all instinct. In a way, you can think of her as the opposite of Hermione in that regard.
Concluding thoughts: So it looks like this chapter wasn't quite as well received. It has gotten far less reviews than my other chapters. I suppose at least part of the reason for that was poor English. To be honest, I am aware that this chapter was not really up to par as far as my writing goes.

The truth of the matter is that when I normally post a chapter, I will have read it over and revised it at least twice before posting. Because I had not managed to finish this chapter as quickly, however, meaning I finished it Thursday night, I did not get the chance to revise it. That means the chapter was... well, I don't know if you could call it unbeta'd since I do not have a beta reader, but it wasn't edited. That's why there were more spelling errors and grammatical mistakes than usual.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 16

Chapter 16
JordanMathiasManlyMonkJuli Beawrevelsaint93I know that a lot of people want to know where Selene is, and when we'll see her again. Like I said in my previous blogs. Selene's part in this story is DONE. You will not see her again until Book 4, where her role in this series will pick up again.
Anime PrincessThe reason Daphne has so much screen time is because her role has greater importance than any of the other girls. The problems she has are tied much more intimately to Harry's than, say, Hermione Granger or Tracey Davis. Thus, you see more of her then you do the others.
And the reason Hermione doesn't play a very important role is because she's not really needed. Think about it. In the original series, Hermione is pretty much the Mary Su of Harry Potter. She's the most intelligent witch of her generation, has all the answers to every question, has a spell for every occasion, is often times the voice of reason and has an OC rebellious streak against authority figures when they fail her. Really, the only thing Hermione doesn't have is a scar on her forehead proclaiming her the Girl-Who-Lived.
In my story, Harry is every bit as intelligent as Hermione and has perfect memory. Her role in the original, JK Rowling plot, simply doesn't exist.
mind ligerThe ratio of magical to non magical humans in my story is about 1:10,000. So if there are 4.5 billion people in this world, it means there are only about 450,000 witches and wizards in the world.
I'm sure all of you noticed that I finally added Luna. A good number of chapters ago, chapter 11 or 12, where people asked me to bring her in. It was a bit difficult, because I didn't just want to randomly have her come into the story, but I've finally managed to fulfill that request.

If any of you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Faraway-R: That has to be the best explanation for why Chuck Norris did not star as The Force that I have ever heard. And to answer your question, no, Snape does not know about Harry's perfect memory.
Kid Coheed: I've always felt that Snape is a very complex character, quite possibly the most complex of all JK Rowlings characters. Now, I won't go into detail about what will happen between these two in the future, but I will tell you that their interactions will be some of the most interesting later on.
And I'm not even going to mention my pairings. Like I said, I have some minor romantic moments here, but the romance won't really get started until Book 3 and won't get too physical (meaning kissing and snogging) until Book 4.
adrian11: It's not just a matter of consulting. I didn't go into details of the contract that Harry has with Nimbus Racing Brooms, but essentially, the first group of Nimbus 2001s that get produced, are done so with his name on them as a limited broom, and the rest that are made after that do not have his name on them.
So let's say that the contract states that the first 1,000 brooms produced are limited edition Harry Potter Nimbus 2001s, that means that Nimbus Racing Brooms HAS to make the first 1,000 brooms limited edition Harry Potter brooms. In the canon, Lucius Malfoy bought the Nimbus 2001s for Dracos team hot off the market, meaning they had either just come out or were coming out. This means that when Lucius tried to buy them this time, they had given him the limited edition ones and he demanded normal Nimbus 2001s.
Now, because of the contract, Nimbus Racing Brooms cannot make anything other than the limited editions until after the first 1,000 brooms have been produced. To do so would be a breach in contract. Harry found out about this and told them 'if you sell him those brooms without them being the limited edition ones, I will consider this a breach in our contract and take my business elsewhere'. Basically, they had to do what Harry said because of the terms of the contract. Make sense?
SweetSouthernGal: Actually, the reason was stated in Chapter 11. Remember, Harry assaulted Draco and his gang and went all Sith on Draco?
ImaDenarianLordX: Actually, if you'll recall, Harry first heard the Basalisk when he was serving detention with Lockhart, which cannonically speaking would be about the same time as now. The first attack was on Halloween, and Harry heard it's voice again which led him to finding Mrs. Norris petrified. While it's easy to see why you would forget this, please try to make sure your critiques are accurate before giving them.
0 Jordino 0: Well, I am sorry you feel Ice Potion is a bland name, but if you feel that way, then you should take it up with JK Rowling, who gave it the name Ice Potion. Just so you know, this is a canon potion that I looked up on Wikipedia, so it's not like I'm making this stuff up. Otherwise, I would have called it something like Flame Deterrent Potion or something.
Which might not be much better.
Tano Narhuine: I am actually well aware of what Eidetic Memory is. I looked it up just for this story. Granted, I will admit I boosted it's abilities because Harry is a wizard, therefore his memory is enhanced by his magic (meaning that instead of simply being able to recall fuzzy images until he actually thinks about a specific memory, he can recall everything perfectly all the time), but that's about it.
To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I needed to mention that Harry is naturally intelligent for people to realize that. Canon Harry is actually very smart, he's just incredibly lazy thanks to Ron rubbing off on him and him wanting to fit in with everyone else. Basically, JK Rowling's Harry wants to be 'normal' and goes to great lengths to be 'normal', including not using the intelligence he was given to become better. It doesn't help that he used Hermione as a crutch on top of being as lazy as Ronald Weasley.
Truth be told, I've always thought that Harry was just as intelligent as Hermione, but never used it because of the abuse (aka, mental and emotional abuse via isolation and sometimes physical abuse from his cousin and friends. I don't think the Dursley's ever raised a hand to him physically (Dudley being the exception rather than the rule) except for when they were manhandling him like when Vernon threw him into the cupboard after the Boa incident in the second chapter). By the time he got to Hogwarts, he was this meek little boy who just wanted to fit in and latched onto the first person he met (Ron) that didn't strike him as a complete ponse (Draco) and tried to make Ron like him by dumbing himself down to Ron's level of intellect. Had Harry met Hermione first, he would have probably been more like her than Ron.
In either event, in my story, because Harry is not this meek and pathetic child looking to fit in and is actually showing ambition, he has no trouble using his natural intelligence on top of enhancing it with his Eidetic Memory to be the best student in class.
To Guest, Drewz05, amoghtalwar: The reason the story feels like it's going slow is because right now, I have Harry doing a lot of things in a very short amount of time. The start of the term at Hogwarts is September 1st. I needed all the things I just had in the past 4 chapters to happen BEFORE Halloween and the first attack of the Basalisk on Mrs. Norris. All of the stuff I have in those 4 chapters is relevant to MY plot.
Please note that I put down MY plot and not JK ROWLING'S plot. This is something a good deal of you still seem to not realize. JK Rowling's story is about the Chamber of secrets being opened and Harry, Hermione and Ron trying to solve the mystery behind the Chamber. My story is not about the Chamber of Secrets being opened, it's just running parallel to the original canon plot dictated by JK Rowling and will influence the eventual outcome of the canon plot.
My plot is about Harry Potter trying to leave his mark on the Wizarding World by becoming it's most powerful and influential member of society since Merlin himself. All this stuff that Harry is doing right now is to help facilitate this rise. He is taking an active role in politics, cutting deals and making contracts with leading Broom making companies, suing people for unlawfully using his name in fictional stories, creating a potions making business, trying to change the school curriculum while still being a student, hoping to erase House Divisions and creating a better facility for learning. Everything he does is to further his goals of people realizing that, yeah, Harry might have 'defeated' a Dark Lord when he was a brat, but that's not the only reason we (meaning the sheep of the wizarding world) should be so awed by his presence.

Basically, he's trying to do what Voldemort did, only taking the opposite approach and becoming respected and loved instead of feared and hated, and he's ambitious enough that he is starting as early as his second year to do this.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 14

Chapter 14
erbkaiser: You're probably thinking about what Harry gets out of his proposal in too tangible a sense. That's why you haven't been able to figure out what he gains from it. Harry wants to leave his mark on the world. He's the wizard who wants to be remembered from eons to come for his accomplishments. He wants people to speak of him in the same tones of awe and respect that Merlin and the Four Founders have long after he's gone. Essentially, what he wants is recognition for his own accomplishments. His proposal for the culture classes is a step in that direction and a good beginning stage to bring forth some of his ideas.
I won't say anything more, because it would ruin one of my more important plots, but when Book 6 comes out, you'll look back on this moment and 'oh! So that's why Harry made those culture classes!'.
ElectroVenik: What you say is true, but do not forget Harry is still young. He doesn't always think of everything. You may have found the hints I left, but Harry got a little over excited about his own 'amazing idea' that some things like logistics skipped his mind. It didn't help that no one brought it up in the meeting, probably because they felt he was so young that he wouldn't understand everything that went into creating a new class.
amoghtalwar: The plot actually isn't slowing down, just your perception of it because you're trying to use JK's canon as a reference point. Don't. This isn't JK's Harry Potter. While her plot is in here, it's not the main plot of my story. The reason we're still at the beginning of the year is because most of the plot moving happens at the beginning of the year. Once my plot development is done, I'm going to be doing timeskips. I suspect by chapter 16 or 17, maybe 18, Harry and the gang will be back home for the Christmas holidays.
n0mster: I hate to disappoint, but there will be no romantic relationships in this book. Even though Harry no recognizes that he finds the girls in his group pleasing to the eye and sexually attractive, he's not going to be doing anything. He's still only 12 and feels there is no point to rushing into a relationship or multiple ones at that age.
narutoDkurosaki: Again, I don't think you have any concept of what it means for a chapter to be considered a filler chapter. You're so caught up in thinking that my fanfic is using the JK Rowling plot as it's main plot that you completely forget my plot has nothing to do with her plot. My story is based around a more or less original (I hope) plot of Harry leaving his mark on the wizarding world. It runs PARALLEL to her plot, but it is not the JK Rowling Harry Potter Plot, aka, the Chamber of Secrets being opened is not the main plot of this story.
I can't say I'm surprised you haven't realized this, but I am disappointed that you don't have faith in my writing.
LegendaryArimaspi: It was hypocritical in the first chapter. One thing you have to recognize is that Harry didn't tell her 'you shouldn't lecture everyone' because he was trying to be hypocritical, but because of the ramifications that come with her lecturing people. Hermione is a First Generation (muggleborn) witch, and as such, her lecturing other wizards, especially pure-bloods, is seen as an insult. Do you really think the pure-bloods, even those who are lenient towards First Generation magicals is going to put up with some uppity little witch from a nonmagical family telling them they're wrong? Of course not.
On the other hand, Harry can afford to dish out lectures despite being raised by muggles. Why? Just look at his titles. Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry Potter, the heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. Harry, regardless of his history, is an important figure in the magical realm. Because of this, he can get away with things like lecturing pure-blood wizards on magic and various other subjects.
Does that make it right? No, of course not, but that's life and sometimes, life is just unfair.
A Question for the readers:
A good deal of reviewers have told me that my 'Wizard cultural class' is not an original or inspired concept. Now, it could just be because I came to Harry Potter late and whatever story(s) had this idea were so far in the back of the search engine that I simply missed it (or them), but I have not found any other story that uses this idea.

My question is this: What story or stories aside from mine have decided to use the 'give magical children born from nonmagical families wizarding culture and etiquette classes?

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Yana5: No. That was the age I was when I first started 'checking out girls' as you call it. I don't see why someone who is a lot more mature than I was at that age and going through puberty wouldn't start looking at girls.
ElDani: That's because compared to people like Harry and Daphne, Tracey is very much a child. She's also the loudest and brashest one of the bunch. Unlike Susan who is shy, Neville who is under confident, Blaise who is quiet and observant, Hannah who is talkative but polite, Lisa who is for all intents and purposes normal, and Terry who often presents a small focal point to Tracey when arguing, she is the loudest and has the least amount of restraint when speaking. Don't worry though, she will eventually grow up, but right now, she's just a 12 year old kid. Try not to be too hard on her character because of that.
DarkPirateKing69, perses7x: That was the first and last time I will ever go into that much detail for an exercising regime. In fact, I would be surprised if I mentioned it anymore other than in passing. I only added it there because I wanted you, the reader, to know they would be doing it, and I wrote it in detail because I'm a detail oriented writer. 
0 Jordino 0, Heart of Virgo: I read your reviews and agreed with them. I honestly didn't really think about just how big the Black Lake is. To be honest, since Rowling never mentioned how big it was, I never really thought about it. Anyways, I changed it to Susan completing 2, Daphne completing 1 1/2, Neville finishing 1 and Hermione doing about 1/2. Harry, of course, did 5, which I think is about good.
Tsun: The reason Susan didn't get a POV of her own was because it wasn't plot important. Daphne's thoughts actually contain a good deal of information on one of the many side plots running alongside the main story. Basically, it mentions her internal struggle between what her father wants vs. what she wants and gives a bit of information in her own internal struggle.
Edmond O'Donald: Actually it's 'Neville and I'. That's the proper English way of writing it. Harry Potter, as an incredibly intelligent and literate young man, would use proper grammer. Anyone else would have used 'Neville and me', but not Harry.
Dante 101: I will admit, I may have gone a little overboard on Harry's work out routine. I think a part of the reason is because I'm very religious when it comes to exercising. I go to the gym five days a week, Monday through Friday, every morning at exactly 4:00 am when the gym I have a membership to first opens. And I've been doing this for 6 years now. Exercise has literally been an integral part of my life and something that not only helps me stay in shape, but also makes me feel good after each work out. I have more energy, I'm happier and I'm just in general a better person to be around than if I didn't go to the gym. On top of that, I don't need caffeine to wake up (because exercise actually wakes people up by getting the blood flowing and releasing endorphins into the bloodstream), which means I save a ton of money on coffee and tea. So yeah, as you can see I'm a bit exercise obsessed.
By the way, I'm impartial to cheddar.
Concluding Statements: So here is something funny for you guys to read. I was looking through my reviews because, well, I needed to know who was asking questions for me to answer and what those questions were when I ran into an anonymous reviewer named Billy. I doubt this is his real name but whatever. Anyways, Billy wrote a review stating this:
"I'm unsubsrcibing from update alerts for this story. The pedophilia is to unrelenting, and I don't want to read it."
Now, I took two things away from this. The first was that he's a coward. He wrote that he was 'unsubscribing' in his review, meaning he has an account but chose not to use it to tell me this. Only a coward would write a review that could be taken badly by the author anonymously when they have an account.
For those of you who know me and those of you who don't, I will never get angry at you for stating an honest opinion so long as it's done in a respectful manner. If you tell me that you can't read my story anymore because it has something you don't like I'll be disappointed, but I'll understand. I won't get mad. I won't throw a hissy fit. I'm not that kind of guy.
The second thing I took away was his mention of pedophilia. Now, pedophilia is described as an adult (meaning 18 years or older), having a sexual interest in prepubescent children.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was very sure that Harry is 12, meaning he is still a prepubescent child. That would mean that this story did not have any pedophilia, unless the laws have changed since I last looked them up, which admittedly was never. I'm not particularly enamored with the bodies of children so I wouldn't know.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 12

Chapter 12
narutoDkurosaki: Well, I am sorry you feel that way, but, honestly, what is happening to Harry is fairly natural, if a little rushed. Harry is going through what I like to call accelerated puberty, meaning it starts very quickly and ends fairly quickly. This was actually the last chapter that will feature the memory/dream sequence scene so you don't have much to worry about anyways.
And no, Neville is not a replacement for Ron. If that were the case, I wouldn't have added Terry and Blaize to Harry's group of friends.
NARUHAREM FOREVA: The dream sequence involving Perenelle was a combination of memory and a teenagers wet dream. Basically, the part where Harry was with Nicolas Flamel was a memory, and sometime after that was not. However, I am leaving it up to you to decide how much of the 'sexy Perenelle' scene was a dream and how much was memory.
kroz phantomville: How dramatic did you want it? Just so you know, the lawsuit issue was nothing more than a subplot. It held no true relevance to the story, so there is no real reason for me to focus on it beyond closing the plot as realistically as possible.
shadowz101: No he wouldn't. First of all, Harry did not know Sirius was not the Secret Keeper. He was not around when Lily cast the Fidelius Charm, therefore, he has no clue who the Secret Keeper is. Secondly, Harry has met all four of the Marauders at some point in his life, and none of them gave any indication of being a spy. If they had, Pettigrew would have been ousted very easily. As far as Harry knows, Sirius Black was guilty of betraying his parents and that's that.
ImaDenarianLordX: While I understand where you are coming from, I don't really understand how you can think I'm moving fast with Harry's relationships. Right now, all we have some moments of cute fluff and Harry's growing attraction to the girls in his group. Nothing more. I think I explicitly stated in this chapter that even if he likes one or more of the girls in his group, Harry is not going to act on his feelings because he does not believe romance is important for a 12 year old boy.
serialkeller: I don't know how you can say that. Occlumency does not keep you from feeling emotions or showing them. It clears your mind and allows you to detect mental intrusions. Now, the act of 'clearing the mind' helps keep your emotions in control and keeps you from being too overt with your feelings, but it's not a sure fire way to yourself from acting like nothing is wrong. If it were, then Snape would have never lost his cool whenever Harry did something he did not like. He IS an Occlumency master with enough skills that not even Voldemort can penetrate his mind, you know.
Futon Lord: Maybe you're right, but then, Harry doesn't know that, does he? YOU know that eventually the Firebolt will come out and completely beat the Nimbus 2001, but YOU also have the benefit of having read the original 7 books. Harry does not have that beneficial knowledge, nor is he a seer. Right now, Harry Potter knows that endorsing the Nimbus 2001 is the best way to earn a lot of money, therefore, that is what he's going to do.
And don't blame Daphne for my bad grammar. It's not really her fault.
amoghtalwar: Selene will not be making a come back in this story, but she will be coming back in the 4th book. As I said, I only introduced her character in book 2 because it was the only feasible time to do so. The rest of your questions I can't answer, as I do not give away spoilers, especially ones that important.
totalsolution: Are you forgetting that Harry is already in a close physical relationship with another girl? Namely, Lisa? Also, Harry spent almost an entire summer dealing with Selene trying to seduce him. Do you not think he would get desensitized to such an act very quickly? The fact of the matter is, Harry has already gotten used to physical contact with females by this point in time, so him initiating the contact in this instance shouldn't be very hard to believe.
Concluding Statements: 
A few people how they felt this chapter was really just following canon events. I assume the reason for this is because of the Herbology lesson.
Yes. I will admit it. This chapter followed a canon event, but did anyone actually realize why? Aside from this chapter just being a set up chapter to show how Harry will be interacting with various characters like Lockhart, it was also because this particular event in canon cannot be changed simply because Harry has eidetic memory. Things like class scheduling are things that remain canon because nothing Harry does can change that unless he decides to try and convince the teachers that there should be a change in schedules and FIY, there is no reason for him to do that.

This being said, I can assure you that most chapters will not follow standard canon. We already have several difference. For example, instead of having detention with Lockhart, Harry will have detention with Snape. This will also have a large consequence on the storyline, though I won't tell you what. I prefer letting you guys guess.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Tsun: Selene will not be showing up again until Book 4, which I have yet to name. Her role in the Heir of Slytherin is over. I merely revealed her in this book because I had no feasible way to introduce her in Book 3 and I needed Harry to know her before Book 4.
HellFirePhoenix: It very well could. To be honest, Harry wasn't really thinking about how Lucius Malfoy will react to hearing that Harry went Palpatine on his son. He just saw Draco hurting his friends and sort of snapped.
Im Not Itachi, Zikarn Krais: In most cases you would be correct, but there are two things you need to remember. First, most of Harry's friends have already been introduced to violence. Remember, they were there when Harry blue up that troll's head. Second, these kids are Harry's friends. Unlike in Sacrificial Second Chance were Harry freaked out Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, all of the people here have had over a year to get to know Harry. They're not going to leave just because he does something frightening.
They might be wary of him for a while, but they won't push him away.
Lightning King: I suspect this story will be around 230,000 words, maybe a little over or a little under.
narutoDkurosaki: I can see why you might think that way, but I did not use medical ninjutsu found in Naruto as a base for Harry's healing magic. It's just that when I think of 'healing magic' in any capacity, I think green because that's usually the standard color found in video games (cura? Anyone?) and the like.
FleeingReality, AlsoKnownAsMatt: In reverse order, Selene was only partially based on Selene Gallio from Marvel, and Harry already suspects that Daphne might like him as something more than just a friend. However, because he doesn't have much experience with romance, he doesn't know for sure, and he's not going to ask her because he's only 12 and still holds to the mentality that there are more important things for him to worry about than romance. I will still add moments between them, as well as add moments with Harry and some of the other girls in his group, but romance won't truly kick off until halfway through Book 3.
nomad62: To settle your worry, I'm going to tell you right now that Harry is not going to be abused by any of the girls he is with.What I had between Nicolas and Perennelle and Mr. and Ms. Davis was purely put there for comedy purpose and for Harry to decide that if he ever became involved with someone, he would not let himself be pushed around like they were. I won't tell you anything more for fear of ruining the story, but I will tell you that much.
DarkPirateKing69: I wonder, does the 69 at the end of your penname stand for something... explicit? Well, anyways, to answer your first question, possibly. I plan on expanding the POVs to include a few people. I know that Susan will be getting a POV or two and so will Hermione, but I don't know if I'm going to give Daphne anymore as of yet. I might, if I can work it in, but I'm not going to force myself to write a POV from Daphne's perspective if all it's going to do is show her thoughts on something I've already shown or waste words. Unlike most authors who try to add as much as possible to add to their word count, I just write until I'm satisfied.

Now for your second question, I do have a few scenes that will feature Harry and Dumbledore holding a conversation, and I may even show what the Headmaster is doing to try and discover who the 'Heir of Slytherin' is, but other then that... well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 10

Chapter 10
4master: How Harry got on the train will be revealed next chapter. I left it as a sort of pseudo cliff hanger so you guys would be wondering 'how did Harry get on the train?' because I'm an asshole like that.
4master, PotterinCanada, cmcwiki, InfiniteDragon, blueper, n0mster, Wandral: I think I mentioned this before, but every first person italicized scene is a dream/memory. The trick is to figure out where the memory ends and the dream begins. I left this particular one purposely vague so you could utilize your own creative licence on it. Did the memory become a dream when Perennelle showed up looking like sin? Or when she kissed him at the end? I leave it up to you to decide.
ImaDenarianLordX: Harry's training is pretty much complete. Thanks to his edietic memory, Harry absorbed all the information Nicolas Flamel had to give on the subject of alchemy without giving any 'freebies' (like how to make a Philospher's Stone) away. Now it's up to Harry to increase his own knowledge by creating Transmutation circles and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge.
AlsoKnownAsMatt: Overpowering? Really? You think so? Clearly, you have not watched the movies or read the books. Before Tom Riddle even went to Hogwarts, he was capable of powerful feats of magic no one his age should be able to accomplish.
"Tom could move objects with his mind and cause them to travel floating wherever he wished, manipulate animals and creatures as he wished, speak Parseltongue, and use his power to inflict harm on other orphans. After getting into a fight with fellow orphan Billy Stubbs, he used his powers to hang the boy's rabbit from the rafters. On one occasion, he took two orphans, Dennis Bishop and Amy Benson, into a cave, where he performed an act so horrifying that the two orphans were traumatised into silence." ~ Excerpt from
Riddle could do all this before he even came to Hogwarts. And he has had nearly 90 years to perfect his magic since then. How in the hell could Harry possibly be able to compete with that if I don't make him stronger than usual? Seriously dude, if you're going to complain about something, at least research your facts first.
Futon Lord: That would be even more work than creating my Bios.
On another note, you mentioned not having Harry save Ginny. I won't tell you anything regarding this, since I don't want to ruin anything, but I will tell you that Harry Potter's presence had nothing to do with the reason Ginny received the Diary. Lucius Malfoy planted it on her in an effort to discredit Arthur Weasley, who at the time was advocating muggleborn rights.
Death in Pink Boa: Considering I'm a male, you know, the gender with a COCK, a PENIS, a THIRD LEG, a TALLY WHACKER, a DONG and a whole slew of other names for a DICK, I would have to say that, no, Lisa is not a self insert. And if all you're going to do is complain about her, you can leave. I don't mind people criticizing my writing, that could at least help me become a better writer, but criticizing a character who has an important roll to play (even if you and other people can't see it) over and over again in the hopes that they'll make me kill her off or something is just annoying.
Same goes with your dislike of Harry going through puberty. He's 12, he's at that age where some children go through puberty. It's a natural process that not even a wizard can get away from. Don't like it, stop reading.
Endymion234: No, Harry wasn't going to kill Draco, just hurt him. The burns done to him are all very superficial and will heal up easily with the healing cream Harry gave Hermione.
smokeapound: The first parts are in first person because they are a memory/dream sequence told from Harry's perspective. As you are viewing Harry's memories from his perspective, I felt it would be more appropriate to show these scenes in first person.
DarkPirateKing69: I'm glad you brought that up. Yes, Harry does have a lot of issues. One of them is a similar case to PTSD, though it's not quite as traumatic. It's one of the reasons he is emotionally imbalanced.
I have no intention of making Harry a doormat. The girl's who end up in a relationship with him will be his equals, his partners, but they will not control him.
kroz phantomville: Nope, that would be a spoiler, and I don't give spoilers.
animekingmike: It's not so much that he just so happened to have a potion on hand, so much as it is that he made a lot of potions during the summer and past year to practice his potion brewing skills. Besides, last year he fought against Voldemort, you think he's not going to want to be prepared? Especially with Dobby's warning during the summer?
My concluding statements:
First off, I am very glad to see so many of you got my Star Wars references. Consider this my tribute to the coming of Episode 7, which is supposed to be out sometime next year.
I do wonder though, did any of you get my foreshadowing? My 'these are not the droids you're looking for' moment was actually a (hopefully) subtle way of informing you guys that something Star Warzy was going to happen. In this case, Harry Potter going Palpatine on Draco Malfoy.
The second thing I want to talk about is the end. For those who are worried that Harry's going to get all emo on you. Don't. That's not how I made this Harry. He may be a little critical of himself for a while, but I'm not the kind of person to spend large amounts of words and angst on something like this.

In either case, I do hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. For those who didn't. Eh. You can't please them all.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 9

Chapter 9
G96 Saber: I am very glad you've asked this question. And I am all too happy to give you an answer.
Yes, there is something wrong with Harry. In fact, there are a lot of things wrong with Harry.
The thing about Harry that no one really seems to understand yet is that he is a very emotionally imbalanced character. As someone who tries to rule himself through logic, he doesn't really understand emotions all that well. This problem is only confounded by the fact that he believes reading something from a book means he has all the knowledge he needs when in truth, psychological jargon derived from a book is often times useless without understanding the content and having experience in dealing with those emotions first hand. This is actually Harry's biggest problem. He feels that because he read books on psychology, he understands human emotions. The truth of the matter is he understands very little when it comes to emotions and is merely spouting bullshit without realizing it.
Because of this, Harry's emotions often feel a bit more intense simply because he really just doesn't understand them. Emotions are anathema to someone as logically thinking as Harry.
Then you have to take his puberty into account. First off, Harry was hit with puberty harder than a semi-truck going 120 KPH. It struck him fast and it struck him hard. This is because his own magic is actually fueling his hormones, literally supercharging his body and overstimulating it with hormones. This has the effect of turning his body into the lean mean muscle machine I've described him as having, but it also means he is going to experience a much more... erm... Intense? Yes, intense. He will be having a much more intense puberty than others.
GutoRo7: I'm writing a story where a twelve year old boy is going through puberty, of course I'm mentally impaired. However, Harry's reason for mentioning Hitler is because A) he is a history buff and Hitler was an important part of history no matter how many people try to deny he ever existed, and B) the moment I read the description of Gilderoy Lockhart in the original books, that was my thought.
Death in a Pink Boa: Then don't read my story. Puberty is a natural part of life, thus, Harry will go through puberty just like everyone else.
AlsoKnownAsMatt: I won't be focusing on Harry's problems with puberty for much longer. Not like I have been at any rate. Eventually, Harry will just get used to these new and strange feelings and desires. The only reason I am focusing on it right now is because he doesn't know what to do. He is mentally unprepared to experience puberty so all these new and intense thoughts and desires are overloading his brain.

Think of his brain as a marshmallow and puberty as a microwave. Do you know what happens when a marshmallow is stuck in a microwave than cooked on it's highest setting?
dbzegoun: I didn't show the scene with Dobby. Why? Because even if the scene happened differently than it did in canon, you'd still just be learning the same information you did from the original books. Remember, my story is NOT about the Chamber of Secrets being opened, but Harry Potter's impact on the Wizarding World. Ergo, none of that information was relevant to my story.
ImaDenarianLordX: It's not that Harry's some kind of super powered maniac with a power level over 90,000. I mentioned in chapter 8 that Harry's body is literally leaking magic all over the place. This is why he has so much trouble with the floo. All that magic is not just being leaked, but is also saturating his body and enhancing it to levels beyond what someone his age should have.
When Dumbledore looked at Harry with his Mage Sight, he was not blinded because Harry's magical index was off the scale, he was blinded because Harry's body literally cannot contain the magic it has.
Think of Dumbledore's Mage Sight as if it were the Byakugan from Naruto. Then think of Harry's magical index as Ichigo's ridiculous reitsu levels from Bleach and you should be able to see why Dumbledore was blinded.
blueper: I get what you're saying, but Harry would never, in a million years, confide in someone about something like puberty. Harry dislikes admitting weakness to anyone, and puberty is definitely a weakness as far as he is concerned. He is also incredibly stubborn when he decides on something. He will not be talking or confiding to anyone about his... let's just call it growing pains. Yes, he will not be mentioning his growing pains to anyone.
Joe Lawyer: First off, I don't think you understand what Occlumency is. Occlumency is the art of clearing the mind in order to push out intrusions from people trying to enter your mind. Clearing the mind requires a lot of effort on the part of the Occlumens, not just because people are always thinking new thoughts every day but also because it's just impossible to have your mind constantly clear 24/7. The only way Harry could have his mind clear constantly is if he was practicing Occlumency every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.
As I said, impossible. No one can do that. Why else do you think Snape can't keep himself from getting enraged whenever he sees Harry despite being a Master Occlumens?
As to your wonderings, it's actually a mixture of both and a third part you didn't think of. First, Harry can't meditate and keep his mind clear on a twenty four hour basis. I already said that's impossible, so you have that. Second, magical puberty for witches and wizards is usually much more intense because their magic is increasing the amount of hormones in their body proportionate to their magical index. I'm not going to go to far into this because I may be doing so in my book later, but suffice to say the higher your magical index rating is the more intense puberty is for you.
And now for the third and most important reason. I mentioned before that Harry's magic is helping his enhance his body by pushing large amounts of hormones into him at an accelerated rate. What this means is that Harry is going through a very accelerated version of puberty compared to what anyone else might go through. Because of that this phase of wet dreams and the like will not last very long, he will probably stop having serious issues before Christmas, but it will be one of the most intense phases anyone will ever go through.
zArkham: Harry obsessing over his reaction to girls is due to many variables, one of which is that he was never interested in girls until hormones struck. This is really his biggest problem. He was hit unaware and now his mind is replaying all the events he has ever been in with various women and then turning them into erotic fantasies that will plague his mind for the rest of his life. Or at least until he grows used to them.
I suppose you could say that, in a way, his edietic memory is the catalyst for his OCD reaction, but it's only one reason among hundreds of other smaller reasons.
wolf970: No. Why would he? Blaise belongs to a family of pure-blood witches and wizards. He has no knowledge of the vampire world.
Akuma-Heika: That's because the scene doesn't exist. If I went in and wrote out every scene that happened throughout the summer, not only would a lot of you guys complain about me adding too much filler and not getting to Hogwarts soon enough, but it really isn't that important to the story. So instead of deciding the actually have the scene in there, I had it all happen 'off screen' so to speak during one of Harry's trips to Diagon Alley.
Lavi Arcadia: When I say multi I actually mean it's a harem. I just feel it's a less derogatory term than harem. A harem generally implies a male in charge of a group of females who are there specifically to sexually please said male.
That is not what's going to be happening in this story. It would be more accurate to say that the females Harry will be involved with will each have a very important roll that helps keep Harry from going off the deep end. I can't say much without giving away plot reveals, so I won't. Just know that when I say 'multi' I am talking about Harry being involved with more than one female at the same time.
My Concluding statement.
I'm glad to see this last chapter was so well received. I know that I made a number of English mistakes, particularly my use of homonyms? Or was it homophones? I could never remember. Anyways, I do know that I made a number of mistakes with words like 'meet' over 'meat' and 'vein' instead of 'vain'.
However, I also know that I am not perfect. There is a reason I write fanfiction and not original stories. At the moment, I am just not good enough to write an original piece of literature. I am bound to make mistakes, though I like to think I make less mistakes than 95% of the other fanfic authors on this site.
Anyways, I am pleased to see most people are responding well to Harry's small... eh... let's call them issues. I remember my teen years going through puberty, they contained some of the most awkward and embarrassing moments of my life. However, they are funny to read about someone else going through them.

I am doubly pleased that you guys liked that small Harry/Daphne moment at the end. I always like those two together. Personally, I blame fanon for that.

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin, Chapter 8

Chapter 8
PriyanshPotter: I'm not sure how you can say that nothing happened here. There was at least two important events that took place in this chapter and several key pieces of information that I gave you that are important to the story, as well as some foreshadowing certain instances for the future.
Wirdo: By alternative focuses do you mean other magical foci like staffs instead of wands? Or something else? Please be a bit more specific with your question because I'm not one hundred percent positive what you are talking about?
As for your second question, there aren't really any non magical associations that know about magic. I may create a society like that, possibly, and use them as an antagonistic group for Harry to face, but that's only if I can reasonably put it in without losing focus of the story.
However, while I don't know if I'm going to have magically knowledgeable muggles, I will have muggles who know about Vampires. The Vatican, for example, know of the existence of vampires and werewolves and hunt them down where ever they can.
narutoDkurosaki: I'm not sure you know what a Gary-stu is if you think Harry is one. A Gary-stu is a male character that is nauseatingly perfect. Nothing he ever does is wrong, he is always right, he always knows what's best, he always does the right thing, he never gets flustered or confused because he knows EVERYTHING and always has a solution to every situation he may find himself in.
If my Harry was a Gary-stu, he would not have been confused by Selene, he would have made Selene confused about him. She also would not have flustered him, he would have flustered her. When Selene flirted  with him, Harry would have not only flirted back but would have done it twice as well as she did and made her feel inadequate and embarrassed. Harry would not be having wet dreams about Selene, he would have been the one giving HER erotic dreams about him.
Harry would not have been confused about his feelings if he were a Gary-stu either. He would have known right away what was happening and why, then he would have taken steps to ensure that it was under control.
There are a hundred other little things that Harry does that show he is not a Gary-stu; things like dressing in a muggle business suit because he thinks it makes him look more mature when all it does is make him look like a child playing banker. These small character flaws are what make him specifically not a Gary-stu.
To be frank, Gary-stu is a term people throw around far too often without truly understand what that term means.
Gary: All I'm going to tell you is too bad. Puberty is something all children go through, and as this is a story being told mostly from Harry's perspective, you will have to bear witness to him muddling his way through the most awkward years of a teenagers life. It's the unfortunate consequence of writing a story about children as they grow up.
HellFirePhoenix: I think you're getting yourself confused. There will be no real romance in this story. The romance does not really pick up until book 4. Book 2 is simply Harry going through puberty and the hilarity that ensues because of it, nothing more. It's not like just because he's going through puberty he's going to start jumping every female he sees.
GinaKim: In that case, I'm not sorry to see you go. It's clear to me that you have no concept of how to properly build up a series.
I also find it funny that you decided to delete this story from your favorites on the chapter that Selene made her departure from this fanfic. Really smart of you.
And thanks for upping my review count by the way. I always love you 'I can't read your story anymore' types. It's like you get your rocks off telling me your not going to read my story anymore like I should actually care. Especially when in doing so all you're doing is giving me one more review to add to my count.
Hydreigon915: Yes, they are. Both Jeanette and Therese are from Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. I was wondering if someone would actually get that reference.
n0mstr: Actually, Harry's magical index is simply the largest that Emily has ever seen. I did not mention it directly, but I left enough hints that while, rare, there are people who have had a similar case of having a high magical index within the past one hundred years.
I don't think I need to tell you which two had a similar index rating to Harry.
Q&A Done. Now time for thoughts and conclusions.
To start, I am pleased to see that Selene has been, for the most part, well received. Creating likable, realistic (at least realistic as possible while keeping compliant within the canon story restraints) OC's is always difficult. Most of the time an OC will either be extremely annoying and unlikable, or they will be a Gary-stu or Mary-su. That you guys have come to enjoy reading about Selene means I've accomplished something monumental here, as there are very few stories with likable OCs'. In fact, I can only name one story with good OCs', and his story is OCcentric.
In other news, I completely forgot how large grapefruits were. I was actually looking for another item to reference breast size but couldn't think of one and just went with grapefruits without really realizing that they were a pretty good size. I have since corrected that small mishap when I said Lisa's chest was the size of grapefruits.
So some people have decided they apparently can no longer read my story because Harry is going through puberty. I guess they're uncomfortable reading about someone going through a natural process that happens to everyone at some point in time when they begin growing up. I don't really blame them for feeling this way, I remember when I went through puberty and it was very awkward to say the least.
I do, however, have to question the validity of their statement. I went on to these people's profiles just to see what kind of stories they have on their favorites, and most if not all of the people who said they can't read my story anymore possessed unparalleled amounts of slash. In particular, they had a lot of Harry/Snape stories.
Now, maybe it's just me, but I find the idea of reading about a child going through puberty - something that happens to all of us regardless of whether we admit it or not - to be far less controversial and disturbing than a 30 something year old man having sex with another male 20+ years his junior. Maybe it's just me and I'm the weird one, but I can't help but think these people have a serious double standard.
And now for the cyber cookies!

What? You think I forgot? Bitch please.
There were several people who managed to guess my reference. For those who didn't, it was a tribute to Daneel Rush's Naruto Genkyouien, awesome story by the way. Even if you are not necessarily a Naruto fan, I would check this one out. The funniest story I have ever read to date.
And now, the Cyber Cookies. They go out to these people:
Cheeser42, who couldn't remember the name but knew it was written by Daneel Rush. blueper, Guest. I'm a Nobody. Who are you?. Wrandral. Futon-Lord, and yes, if you divide 90,000 by 10, Dumbledore's power level is OVER 9000! narutoDkurosaki. And IReadOnly. Congratulations! You people get a Cyber Cookie!

I apologize if you guys don't like chocolate chip, but that's all we have in stock right now.