Saturday, June 21, 2014

Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin Q&A

Chapter 22

A Fan: While this chapter wasn't bad I feel that I should point out that griffins are half eagle and half lion. It does not have hooves or a snake tail. I believe you are confusing it with a chimaera which has the front half of a lion, the back half of a goat, a snake for a tail, and large bat or dragon wings.

Answer: Actually, I am not. The snake head tail is not... natural. I won't say anymore than that, but there is a symbolic reason the tail of Harry's Griffin form is a snake head. I kind of thought that reason would be obvious, you know, with the whole scar, parselmouth, horcrux thing, but I guess not.

ClassHole: Soooo Harry is now a dual jaguar/griffin animagus? Seems kind of stupid and totally out of the blue. What I've always liked about this story is you make Harry work for his skills, now all of sudden he just whips out this griffin form? Honestly it reminded far to much of a lot of the shitty fanfics on this site.

Also, the idea that the Basilisks gaze doesn't work on Griffin!Harry because magical creatures powers don't work on each other is just stupid. Does that mean a dragons fire would just do nothing to Griffin!Harry? or a Nundu's breath? If u needed Harry to be able to look the basilisk in the eye for the fight, just say that Parselmouths are immune to the gaze. Seen that used a lot and it always made sense to me.

Answer: You clearly never read the first of this series, Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories, have you? If you had, then you would know that Harry had both a Griffin and Jaguar animgus form. Or maybe you just forgot. Either way, it's not random and it's not out of the blue.

Not really. The Basilisk's death gaze is a passive ability. It doesn't control who dies and who doesn't. If you look into a Basilisk's eye, then you will die. Period. It's not like a Nundu's breath, or a dragon's fire. Those are aggressive attacks meant to cause physical harm and death. They're not passive abilities that stay active all the time. This is why Harry's Griffin form is immune, because all magical creatures have a resistance to other magical creature's passive abilities. When you think about it in a logical, intelligent manner, it does make sense. You should try it sometime.

Query: hi, this is my first review. I've to admit that while i didn't like you killing off hermione, i'm not a hermione fan but i just don't see the logic in killing her off rather than killing some1 like neville. Hermione could have proven to the wizarding world that first generation witches too can be great. Nevertheless its your story, and a very well written one too. I'm not a naruto fan so i follow only your harry potter series. I have one question though. It is shown in canon that you can't summon horcruxes. So how did harry summon the diary. Lastly, keep up the good work, and i hope you update soon.

Answer: Harry managed to summon the diary because it was Tom's first Horcrux. The reason the other Horcrux's couldn't be summoned was because they had protections on them that prevented it. This one didn't because he made it during his seventh year and wasn't as knowledgeable about magic back then.

Zexs: Ginny really should suffer more consequences of the after effect of her possession than she did in canon, she was under Riddle's control for a longer period of time and the fact that she cast the killing curse and it would still register on her wand could land her in prison because of the political climate and the fact that someone actually died this time. I don't really see this Harry being in a position to be able to or wanting to defending her and the excuse that she was possessed by Voldemort (whom Harry does not know the identity of this time around) would not hold up in court when their looking for someone to offer up to the public. I wonder thou what sort of effect casting the killing curse would have on Ginny's magic at her age when her core has not had time to stabilize coupled with the drain Riddle put on it would be, would her magic be stunted, mental damage from the possession or would she be fine?

Answer: I have a plan for Ginny, and I'll admit, it's not going to be all that pleasant. While I don't dislike her character, I can't see her not suffering from the consequences of being possessed. There are going to be some long-lasting side effects on her psyche. She won't be getting off what she did as easily as she did in canon, especially because Harry's not going to be supporting her.

DenarianLord: Wait...What? Don't tell me that Harry is gonna resign from Hogwarts cuz of some misguided sense of honour that distancing himself from his friends will help keep them safe?

Answer: No. No. Nothing like that. Harry isn't that selfless. In fact, Harry's reason for running are completely selfish, as you'll see in the next book. Without giving too much away, Harry is going to do a bit of growing up in the next book. It'll be hard, like pulling out teeth, but it will happen.

Guest: so harry, the same harry who investigated the philosophers stone issue and solved it around christmas in his first year, didnt bother to investigate the chamber of secrets at all up till after his friend dies near the end of the year despite the massive threat it posed. I dont know what else to say other than Im disappointed in the turn this story has taken its not the character death its just the flow isnt right its like you forced the death to create a situation where harry goes missing. The problem is in canon the bad guys plans are pretty convoluted and leave a lot to chance and if you write dumbledore as a competent good guy and harry as super intelligent they really should be able to thwart them easily. The entire thing seriously hinges on how quickly it takes to realize "hey wasn't myrtle the girl who died last time maybe we should ask her whats up". hermione should have died in a raid at her home disguised to look like a house fire in response to harry stopping malfoy's plan or something this just reads like she died because no one took the threat seriously which is kinda a blow to both your characterization of dumbledore and harry as intelligent and protective of those they consider under their care.

Answer: First off, I think I mentioned that Harry doesn't do anything unless it benefits him. What benefit does he gain from trying to uncover the Chamber of Secrets mystery? Nothing. He gains nothing. The Chamber of Secrets isn't said to possess treasure or knowledge, but a monster. Why would he go after that? Second. I don't think you understand what happened with the investigation. Neither Harry nor Dumbledore believed the Chamber of Secrets had actually opened. Dumbledore because he knew that Tom Riddle opened it decades ago and he didn't have any children, and Harry because he thought someone was trying to use the "Chamber of Secrets" myth to inspire fear and terrorize the school. Both of them were way off on their thoughts, and that's natural when you think about it. There were only two petrifications in the entire school: Missus Norris and Gilderoy Lockhart. After that, Dumbledore called in the aurors and diary Riddle went to ground, so to speak. You can't find someone when they don't even reveal themselves. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Tom Riddle did nothing after petrifying Lockhart and focused instead on absorbing Ginny's magic, and so Dumbledore had nothing to go on. It's not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of information.

Magitech: Nice chapter 

One thought I've long had was IF Tom had drained Ginny and gotten a solid body back, how long would it last?

Putting it in science terms, it was nothing more than a solid hologram and once Ginny's power stopped coming in, it would start to break down as it couldn't replenish itself, casting spells would only hasten its demise.
It can't have a magical core, if Voldie was breaking that up with every horcrux he would have been left much weaker each time he made one and that's assuming he survived breaking his core :)

Answer: I actually think that once Tom Riddle managed to drain Ginny of all her magic, that magic would then fashion a body he could use. Sort of like the ritual that had been used to make Voldemort a new body in the Goblet of Fire. I don't have the mechanics worked out, but I think magic would have taken care of most of the work.

Kain Everguard: I won't judge until this story is over, but this story is slowly beginning to get sloppy with how Fawkes shows up in the end, and how Hermione's death could be used as a catalysis of Harry's buildungsroman into a man, discarding an important character just for the sake of the development of main character and throwing away any remnant of golden trio even while Harry is in Gryffindor. Again, my inner assessment of this story may be baseless, and I'll hold off any judgmental opinions to myself, since there are many aspects of this story that has not been explored.

Answer: What makes you think that was Fawkes? I never gave any indication that Fawkes was who showed up to help Harry in his time of need.

totalsolution: You're evil! You know that, right? And I am quite sure you enjoy it! Anyway, I think it was a nice chapter and it was an interesting idea to make Harry's animagus form drain magic permanently because of its magical nature. But I think that something like this would maybe more block a certain part of Harry's magic rather than consume it? If it would consume that much magic, a real griffin would need to use just as much magic itself. And that doesn't seem to be the case, right? A much greater cost or the actual transformation is logical, as would be another cost, like a partition of his magic that is used to uphold the magical traits of the griffin, but draining it ad at the level you described at that, was really too much. Also a wizard of harrys caliber shouldn't have been exhausted of his magic that quickly, even though he just tried a spell he wasn't suited for and his magic was in disarray. Following that thought, normal first an secon years shouldn't be able to cast a spell effectively as soon as they were even a little angry because their magic wouldn't respond as it should and their capacity was so low to begin with that only one spell woul deplete it completely.
The rest was nice work and a really devious cliff hanger as I already pointe out. I really hope your muse is going strong right now.



Answer: The difference between Harry's Griffin for and a real Griffin is, well, Harry is NOT a real Griffin. He's a human who can transform into a Griffin. That's why his magic was being drained. The way I see it, because Harry is human, it requires energy to stay in the form of a Griffin. Sort of like in video games where a character has a power up transformation that lasts until their mana or whatever runs out. Because it's not his natural form, it requires energy to stay in that form.