Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi Q&A

Chapter 33

bellamy1506: I have enjoyed this story so much in the past few days!
Your sense of pacing and character development is absolutely fantastic, and I am nearly salivating at the thought of reading the chapters to come. My favorite stories are those with powerful immortals, and I am in a tizzy over seeing the Miya-Naruto interaction after this chapter!

Now with that being said, I have one piece of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and that is your prolific use of homophones, or words with the same pronunciations, but different spellings and meanings. Off the top of my head I remember sent being replaced by scent but I know there are several more such issues throughout your story. On a positive note your fiction is meticulously spell checked and there is not a single thing I remember being misspelled.

I know you probably won't read this, as you are coming up on nigh 4000 reviews, but I want you to know that communities like those here on benefit greatly from your creativity and passion for your subject matter, and I eagerly await the next installment in your story.

Thanks again.

Answer: Not exactly a question, but I figured I would comment anyway to let you know that, yes, I actually will be reading your review. Unlike most authors, I take the time to read every single review I get. That way I can know what people like and what they don't like. So, I have read yours. Just wanted you to know. ^_-

That being, I am, unfortunately, well aware of my misuse of homophones. I have tried correcting this problem many times, but for some reason have been unable to truly fix it, even after going through my chapters 3 or 4 times. Fortunately, this is fanfiction. All of my original works that I am trying to get published are professionally edited and proofread. I would do that here, but, well, hiring a proofreader costs money.

And you will be pleased to know that I DO NOT spell check anything. I am just that good at spelling. Lol.

5-digit: Dear lord I needed a win this week like no one's business, and an update from one of my favorite crossover stories fits the bill, thank you.

I'm pretty surprised Benitsubasa didn't deactivate from 1: being at ground zero of Naruto's wrath and 2: the beating she took immediately after. The first one alone one would think her mind would turn to mush, discipline squad enhancements or no. Not to say that I wanted or didn't want her to be deactivated but it simply has me curious. And being connected to Naruto wouldn't his Sekirei be more affected by that as well?

Also I was a little skeptical about Musubi's reaction to Naruto's hatred, after all the 'love concurs all' moments and she is finally confronted with Naruto's feelings of suffering she seems pretty confident she can fix it (atleast that's the impression I got at the end there). I mean we are talking millennia of despair when she doesn't have a quarter of a century under her belt. Not that I want her to give up or anything after all Naruto WANTS Musubi to prove him wrong but hopefully after this and when Naruto explains himself Musubi will understand it's not as easy as she makes it out to be.

But that's why I'm looking forward to the next chapter when we see everyone's reactions. How will Musubi be able to relate? To understand? Along with the rest of his sekirei or Miya? Speaking of which will we see the reactions of that power surge from people we didn't see in this chapter? Like Seo and the twins, Kazehana etc?

Anyway thanks again for updating. One of the biggest things I anticipated in your story is when Naruto's origins comes to light so I highly enjoyed this chapter and greatly anticipate the next, as always.

Answer: When you think about it a bit more, you probably won't be as surprised. I never outright said it, but Naruto went easy on her. He beat her badly enough that she was just on the verge of deactivating, but not enough that he actually would deactivate her. Naruto wanted Benitsubasa to suffer, so he made sure she wouldn't shut down in order to prolong her suffering.

You've got to understand that Musubi is like the old, canon Naruto. She is oblivious to everything that does not conform to her ideals. Naruto's hatred is an anomaly that she can't understand, so she pretty much ignores it. It's like when Naruto kept screaming about Hokage and how he would have all these people who were so many people who were better than him, stronger than him, and more likely to be Hokage than he was. That never stopped him though. Musubi's like that, stupidly stubborn.

TheBlakkat09: way to go on finally reaching this part in your series. So naruto has the same eyes as the ten-tails then? but he had the rinnegan no too long ago how does that work? does that also mean that creature you wrote in Ch. 13 was the ten-tails then? still, great story, update soon will you?

Answer: I'll explain that during the chapter where Naruto reveals his past to everyone, but if you think about it, the answer should become obvious.

Junky: I don't know... that was kind of pathetic? I do understand how and why this could have happened, considering that you have made Naruto far more sensitive to the Sekirei bonds than other Ashikabi, but to threaten his own Sekirei and actually hurt them? To have lost his mind, destroyed all his plans and became what he hated the most, just because of one person's death though he fully knows what it is like to lose someone? My, how the might have fallen. Considering what he told Tsukiumi, I'm not seeing how he can maintain an attitude of superiority to Minaka's insanity when he's just as terrible or probably worse, as the damage he can do is far greater and he has lived for far longer. I'm starting to expect that a bunch of the biggest natural disasters in the Earth's history might be attributable to him losing a loved one.

Answer: Because Naruto is, in general, a fairly amoral character who just had an actual bond that could be physically, or metaphysically, felt, ripped away and ended up going insane. I've never said that the Naruto in this story is a good person. In fact, the Naruto in this story has done horrible things to humans plenty of times. As the story begins to progress now, I'll explain some of the things that he has done that not even Minaka in his sickest, most twisted fantasy would never do.

DarkPirateKing69: really hoping that you can come up with some form of theory/explanation how exactly she came back.. here is what we get from canon:

'It is unknown how, but Yume restored Musubi's crest. If Yume can do this multiple times, it is logical to think that Musubi can never truly be defeated unless she is outright killed.'

explains absolutely nothing..

but definitely looking forward to the eventual HP releases.

Answer: Don't worry, I've already got a working theory to explain how Musubi's revival works.