Friday, July 18, 2014

Slower Fanfic Updates

Righto, so, I've got a bit of an announcement for you guys. I'm sure some of you won't like it, but there's little I can do, and I'm not one to apologize.

I won't be updating my fanfics as quickly anymore, maybe once every 3-4 weeks. Why? Several reasons. One is that I need to focus on getting a job. I'm unemployed right now because my last one had me losing more money than I made. After I get that job, I'm going to be spending more time working, so there's that two. But the second, and my mind, most important reason, is this.

I've decided to work mostly on my original stories. You know, the stuff I plan on publishing. So far, I've dabbled in publishing work, managing to even self-publish a book. I want to get more stuff published, and not just self-published, but traditionally published. To that end, most of my free time will be focused on writing my original stories instead of my fanfics.

I currently have 3 original stories going on. The second book of my American Kitsune series, lovingly titled A Fox's Tail, Yes, this Title has a Pun is rough drafted, and will soon be going through its first draft before I hire a professional editor. I have another series that I am working on called The Executioner Series. The first book is complete and I'm beginning to send out query letters to literary agents. My hope is to get the book published by a large publishing house like Random House. I'm also working on a fantasy light novel series called A Sorceress' Knight, which the is also in its rough draft phase and will need some polishing before I try getting it published.

Welp. There you guys have it. I'm pretty busy right now, and I want to become a novelist. While I still plan on writing fanfics, I want to actually go somewhere with my writing. Thus, I plan on focusing on more original stories instead of my fan fiction.