Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sekirei, Chapter 34

5-Digit: What WAS with the latin chanting? Or was it not anything significant?

Not much happened in this chapter plot wise but atleast in the next chapter we get to see everyone's reactions so I'm hyped about that. Will we ever get to see anything more specific on Naruto's past with the greek gods and his time with Morgan during King Arthur's reign?

And damn Homura opened up a can of verbal whoop ass on Takami. I love how you manage to get Minaka's crazy down to a T, I wonder how long he knew of Naruto's existence and what was the catalyst for him finding out?

Also, with 63 wives Naruto has obviously had children before yes? Wouldn't they have inherited some form of chakra especially considering who their father is? I mean Kaguya is considered a goddess in her own right and even though she considered all chakra belongs to her she still had 2 children who became strong in their own right.

Thanks for the update!

Answer: The Latin chanting holds no significance. It was placed there for purely comedy purposes. I got the idea from Naruto Genkyouien.

I'll definitely be feeding you guys tidbits of Naruto's past here and there. I won't go into a full blown dissertation of his past, however, since it is not significant to the plot. The only thing that you really need to know that really matters is that Naruto is f***ing old.

Naruto has had hundreds, maybe even thousands of children in his life. In fact, at an estimate, I would say that about 15% of the population, aka people who can become Ashikabis, are related to Naruto in some way, even if its just distantly. And yes, they have inherited a small portion of his power. I'll go more into that later.

ChessmasterWll: How much time has passed since Kazehana been introduced to Naruto? It just seems to me that Kazehana is an outsider being lucky to learn Naruto's history.

Answer: The reason Kazehana feels like an outsider right now is because Kazehana IS an outsider. Don't worry overly much, I've got a plan for her.

Hogwarts Knight: I only have two questions right now on this story since Naruto is about to explain his past to the residents of Izumo Inn, was Miya's reaction to Naruto actually her "reacting" or simply the fact that she is falling for him hard? And also is Kazehana starting to either fall for or react to Naruto as well? Miya's reactions where a bit more obvious but after rereading some I noticed something of a reaction from Kazehana too.

Answer: Miya's reaction to Naruto's flattery was a combination of both. We know that Miya is reacting to Naruto. I haven't exactly been subtle with it, even if I never came out and said it. But it's not JUST that she is reacting. Another reason is that Naruto is just a smooth talker, when he wants to be. I've mentioned butt loads of times that Naruto is a player. He can get into a woman's pants faster than Jiraiya can say Tsunade. He's just that good. And Miya is not immune to his charms. Her reacting to him only makes his words that much more potent.

Riba Nyabom: Why not just resurrect his wife and child instead of being an emo?

Answer: To start, bringing someone back from the dead via Rinnegan requires something that Naruto didn't have, a fully functioning body of the dead person you are bringing back. If the person you want to bring back is, say, missing a head, it wouldn't matter if they were brought back because they would just die again. And Edo Tensei is a crappy jutsu that only brings people back as a sort of sentient corpse. Not a pleasant existence.

EmD23: If Naruto has so much experience, shouldn't he know that he wouldn't have hurt Musubi even if she had a hymen as long as he did it right? Or is he all talk?

Answer: Okay. Dude. Seriously? I don't know where you got the idea that breaking a chick's hymen doesn't hurt, but I'm going to tell you right now that is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. Breaking a girl's hymen ALWAYS hurts. There's no such thing as "doing it right" and that you seem to think so shows an obvious lack of experience in regards to sex. You can't tear through a woman's hymen and expect it to not hurt. You just can't.

Kids these days. I swear.

ShadowStar91: My only problem with this chapter was actually the ramen part. Not only have you done a scene almost exactly like it earlier with Naruto making some for him and Musubi to have on a picnic, it was also extremely boring to read. If I wanted to know the intricacies of cooking then I'd go to a cook book, I'm here for plot/action/romance and that entire scene was pretty much pointless until Miya walked in and it switched to her thoughts and growing attraction to Naruto instead of the ramen.

Answer: Heathen! You take that back! Ramen is the food of the Gods! It must be showcased every chance I get!