Saturday, July 26, 2014

Only in Hyrule

So I usually do reviews of anime, but I felt that this particular story warranted a review. Truthfully, this story is awesome enough, and well written enough that I feel it could have been an original novel had its writer not taken the fan fiction route.

The story is about Zelda Harkinian is a simple girl living on Lakeside south of Hyrule, near Lake Hylia. She earned a college degree and now works for Malon and her father Talon Ranch in order to repay them for helping pay her way through college. Hyrule is in something of a state of upheaval. Parliament has voted to overthrow democracy and turn the country into a monarchy. This doesn't really affect Zelda, though.

At least, it doesn't affect her until hot blond publicist Link Forester comes knocking on her door and tells her that her real name is Zelda Nohanson, that is the daughter of the late Daphne Nohanson, leader of the royalist party, and that she has been selected to become Queen. Now she's learning how to act like a Queen, is running against a tyrant who wants the thrown, has to deal with her crazy friends, and all she wants to do is jump Link's bones. So you can see why she would have a problem.

Told from the first person perspective, I thought this story was incredibly cute. It's a light tale about a young woman who's stepping way out of her comfort zone as she tries to be something that she's most definitely not. The writing is well-done, easily on the same standard of writing I've seen in professionally published pieces of work. The prose are nice. They may not be flowery and complicated, but they're written well and the author manages to really capture Zelda's voice in this.

It's also pretty funny. I know that I spent a good deal of time laughing.

For those who are curious, the rest of my time was spent wondering why I enjoyed the story so much when it's being told from the perspective of a girl. I could have sworn I felt my man points dropping as I read it, yet I couldn't stop for some reason.

I also enjoyed the conflict. Like most Legend of Zelda fanfics, Only in Hyrule has Link and Zelda facing off against iconic villain Ganondorf Dragmire, who, let's face it, is the most badass Zelda villain around. In this, Ganondorf is a lot like his canon self, except he doesn't shoot magic balls of death from his hand and can't transform into a giant pig monster. He's as human as everyone else, but his personality is pretty much left intact.

A major theme within this story is Zelda's growing attraction to her publicist, Link. Throughout the story you see how her thoughts on him begin to change. It's not a very big change. She seems to mostly focus on his hotness, but overtime, you begin to recognize that there is more about him that she likes than just his body, which is good, because I was really worried in the beginning when Zelda kept mentioning how "deliciously handsome" he was. And I do think that term was actually used in the story, but I digress.

And yes. Link is a publicist in this. It's not as awesome as wielding the Master Sword and slaying baddies, but, well, I suppose Heroes just aren't needed in this modern day Hyrule. However, publicist are, apparently. Especially if you're trying to learn how to be queen.

Overall, this story was cute in that Princess Diaries kind of way, except a hundred times better because I actually got bored and ended up falling asleep when I watched the Princess Diaries. I would rate this story a 9.5/10 and suggest anyone who likes Zelda and romance to read this. It might not be filled with sword fights and epic quests, but it's definitely worth taking the time to read.

For the link to the story, just click here: Only in Hyrule