Monday, September 8, 2014

Ashikabi no Shinobi, Chapter 36 Q&A

Hazon: Hello, 

Just wanted to ask... So was Miya already activated by Takehito? I'm not exactly sure how that relationship works and why Miya is heating up.

Perhaps you might be explaining it in the next chapter, but that seems to be like your next 'plotbunny' or arc that you are going into.

Answer: By "activated" do you mean winged? Because if so, then the answer is no, Miya was not winged by Takehito. Takehito was not an Ashikabi, and therefore incapable of winging Miya. She just fell in love with him anyway. I suppose you could say their relationship was unique in that Miya loved Takehito despite him not even being an Ashikabi, much less her Ashikabi.

yuyuyre: You need lemons.

Answer: You know what? You are absolutely right, my friend. I need more lemons. Someone get me lemons! In all seriousness, the next few chapters are going to be lemon oriented so don't worry. ^_^

harlequin320: great chapter as always, very interesting making Miya so conflicted, a lot of stories on here have her join up with the protagonist rather easily, if not during a long process, but from everything we know about Miya it is very believable that she would be so conflicted, keep up the good work, update soon

Answer: Yeah. I've never liked stories like that, where Naruto just gets every women he sets his eyes on without a single ounce of trouble. In my mind, nothing worth gaining is ever gained easily. It's boring when characters don't have to fight and struggle to acquire that which they desire most. I like it when people in stories actually have to overcome something before getting that happy ending. Which is why I'm making Miya and Naruto struggle more than most people do. I also think it's more in line with her character. Miya's not some floozy who would betray her husband at the drop of a hat just because she's reacting. I think most people tend to forget that.

Dansama92: Hey so just out of curiosity how many chapters are we looking at total for this story? And I also liked the way this chapter went and genuinely laughed a couple times.

Answer: I am hoping to end this story somewhere between 45-48 chapters. Maybe even less, depending on the length of each chapter.

A Stray Owl: I'm glad you're not going to drag on, considering that the entire story was about Naruto's healing, not about the cannon plot line. I think you're the best guy to ever get his hands on Miya. You've given so much more deaph, humor, and charm to her character. And even if "The Ninth Sekirei Pillair" is my favorite Naruto/Sekire X-over, this comes into a very close second.
Have a nice day.

Asnwer: Le gasp! An understander! You have officially made my day. I'm so pleased to see someone who has realized that my entire story revolved around "Naruto healing from the scars of being immortal" and not "Naruto comes to Tokyo and gets caught up in the Sekirei Plan." Most people haven't gotten that yet. But yeah. I don't plan on dragging this story out for much longer. I'll be giving a few fanservicy chapters where everyone reading finally gets their reward, aka, they get to see Naruto do sexy things to his Sekirei, and then the last two chapters will just be me tying up lose ends.

FredFredNineNine: It's really almost over? Dang, I thought that this was only halfway done with the way the plot was progressing. :(

Answer: The story isn't about Naruto getting caught up in the Sekirei Plan, it's about Naruto healing. Well, Naruto is now on the mend. He's accepting his Sekirei and actively working to build bonds again. That means the climax of this story has already passed. The rest is just the closing chapters. I wanna give you all something to enjoy after reading 30+ chapters of emo angst, and then I need to close all of the plots and bring the story to an end.

FireKing500: How are you going to answer Naruto's immortality to his Sekirei's mortality? Are you going to say because they are bonded, they get his immortality or maybe with the Jinki that can make him mortal? Sad to hear the story is coming to a close because this is one of the best sekirei stories I have read, or are you going to create another story and maybe have funny scenes like pranks with Uzume, Naruto getting wasted with Kazehana, Matsu acting out Icha Icha Paradise scenes with Naruto? Cant wait until the next update.

Answer: Without giving anything away, know that I have a plan to deal with Naruto's immortality. Well, two plans, actually, but that's neither here nor there. Just know that I do have a plan.

Musubi Kazesaru: I'm pretty surprised the story is already finishing up. Sure you've worked through almost all of Sekirei, but I dunno it just feels that Naruto as a whole never faced any real opposition or anyone truly strong enough to serve as a real antagonist but I suppose that's the nature of the story given what Naruto is and this is more of a healing story for him. I mean this story is already so long but it feels like it could keep going, but it'd also be nice for you to write new things or work more on the DxD crossover I recently tried. This chapter felt a little shorter than usual but I'm pretty sure it's because everything I've read today has averaged around 20k words per chapter hahaha. Anyways keep up the great work

Answer: There is a reason Naruto hasn't faced anybody who is strong enough to serve as an antagonist. Two, in fact. First: there is no one who is strong enough to match Naruto. When I wrote about how Naruto is pretty much a God on earth, I meant it. Naruto is like a living God. He is so overpowered it's not even funny. Second: Naruto's antagonist in this story has always been himself. I'm sure you've noticed, but Naruto has a lot of angst in this story. A LOT of angst. In fact, 75% of this story is him angsting and whining. That's because he is his own worst enemy. This isn't a story of man vs. man or man vs. alien babe or even man vs. nature. This is a story of man vs. himself.

cmcwiki: Coming to a close? But how? This story feels like its only halfway done to me. Are you going to make a book two? Because just killing minaka off to end the game seems really anticlimactic as there are so many unresolved issues, Musubi's grudgematch with karasuba, the jinki, the sekirei's mortality, etc...

Answer: Read the review for both Musubi Kazesaru and A Stray Owl.