Saturday, September 27, 2014

High School DxD, Chapter 9, Q&A

Random Reviewer: Continuity error discovered. Naruto is introduced as Rias's pawn to her parents, but he's not actually a pawn. No one knows what he is, including Rias, because at the start of the story his Evil Piece was said to be mutated and not even Rias could figure out what it originally was.

On top of that it was also said ( I think in the training chapter) that Issei was upset because he felt weak and that he had taken all of Rias's pawn pieces and yet wasn't worth the expense. The problem with this statement is that Rias mentioned, in one of the earlier chapters, that when she traded a single pawn piece to Sirzech's for Naruto's mutated Evil Piece she *also* got a mutated pawn Evil Piece as well, which she used on Issei.

That means that Rias *should* have 7 pawn Evil Pieces, 1 Rook piece, and 1 Knight piece still left. Akeno - Queen, Koneko - Rook, Kiba - Knight, Gasper/Asia - Bishop, Naruto - Unidentified mutated piece, Issei - 1 Pawn mutated piece. Since Rias was stated to have traded 1 pawn piece for both Issei's mutated piece *and* Naruto's mutated piece that means that Naruto's piece was, effectively, "free". Which means she should still have her 7 other pawn pieces (Issei didn't use them), one knight and one rook piece left in order to resurrect people into her peerage.

I thought you were going to use this as a plot point to get more people into the peerage that weren't originally in canon, but it appears you have forgotten bits of your own story instead.

Answer: I think the one who needs to double-check his facts is you, not me. I wrote that Rias traded ONE Pawn Piece for the Evil Piece that Rias used to reincarnate Naruto and ONE Mutated piece, which allowed Rias to reincarnate Issei even though she didn't have all 8 pawn pieces. You clearly haven't been paying attention to anything in my story, have you?

TheDisdainful: While I do indeed love your fanfiction, I'm guessing this is the final chapter I will read. Why? Your decision to have slow updates. With 7 ongoing stories, 3 weeks per update, each story will get an update every 5 or so months. Meaning if the third Harry Potter book also has 20 chapters, it will take OVER 8 years to finish. For Devil Ninja to gain a semblance of a decent plot and end it could take over a DECADE. Even if you cut that number by a third too include a couple fast updates or skipping a update on your other stories, that is far too long to stay interested in an ongoing series. So I guess this is it. Signing out -thedisdainful

Answer: I hope this isn't your way of trying to guilt trip me, because if so, I'm going to tell that it's not going to work. And to be frank, even updating only every three weeks to month is better than nearly 80% of the fanfiction writers out there. There hundreds of thousands of stories where people don't update for months if not years. I am still putting chapters out faster than more than half the people on this sight, and this is while working a full-time and trying to become a traditionally published author. If you can't read my work because you don't want to wait three weeks for an update, well, there's not much I can do about that, but it sounds to me like you're being greedy.

Phoenixblade: OKay, before I say anything else, awesome chapter. That being said, time to nit-pick.

Point One - "Reigned" I believe is the word you were looking for when describing the chaos that ensued with the, as I'm going to call it, "Ode to the Sunset Genjutsu of Youth". You have the spelling of "rained".

Point Two - Not actually a problem, more of a small comment. Love how you managed to bring back Kurama, though I'm not certain about making him the new Ten-Tails. Oh, right, connected to this, I do believe the Japanese word for "Ten-tail" would be "Juubi" not "Jyuubi".

Point Three - If Naruto receives the cliche fox-type Familiar, I may have to hunt you down and prove how wrong you were to do so. Let's face it, he has Kurama back. Does he really need more fox? Liger, Sylph (wind spirit if ya didn't know), Wyvern, Hydra, Gnome (Earth Spirit), Salamander (Fire Spirit), Undine (If I need to explain this one, you need to go back to Season of DxD), Firebird (not Phoenix, and yes there differences), Harpy, Basilisk, Dryad, Yeti, Djinn, Griffin (or Gryphon if you prefer), Bugbear, Elfin, Hell Hound, Cerberus, ... There are so many different things to choose from. If you're really stumped, find a D&D Monster Manual, some fun ideas in there. The ones I listed are the kind that come to mind when I think of Naruto's character, something I feel is what a Familiar represents. Rias has that little Devil-Bat, cute and unassuming. Akeno has a group od tiny Oni, not necessarily pretty, but loyal. Koneko has that kitten (ironic), cute and friendly. Kiba actually has a small bird (according to the Wiki), which would actually describe a fair bit about him, and not necessarily good things. And of course Asia gets that little Sprite Dragon, small and rather apathetic-looking, but with hidden strength... I'm ranting. Sorry 'bout that.

With all that said, keep up the good work man.

Answer: Oh. I must have missed that one. Thank you for finding that. I try my best to get the correct wording, but I'm afraid perfection is out of my reach, so I do miss things sometimes.

I understand your concern, but trust me, there is a reason I've done this, and it's not just so Naruto has a Deus Ex Machina power under his belt.

You make a very good point. To be honest, I never intended to give Naruto a fox familiar either way. Foxes and Toads are too cliched, especially because every time they appear in fanfiction it's supposed to be somehow symbolic or something. I don't really need any extra symbolism. That being said, the whole issue is pretty difficult. I may just end up having him go it alone. Not like he actually needs a familiar. He's got Kurama and clones.

SonOfPoseidon05: This is a good chapter! A little Ravel and Naruto moment, and I know some might not want it but it is a very welcome part for me. It IS like Naruto to save and accompany those who are sad and alone. And Rias and Naruto had their first kiss! 

I was actually expecting the talk about Kurama this chapter, but I guess it can wait for a chapter or so. Also, I feel that Koneko is a little off the spotlight this chap. Not that it's a bad thing, but she is cute with Naruto. I'm also looking forward with the talk with Koneko about chakra and sage mode. It would be pretty interesting I think.

And for the familiar, I would think that a female wind sprite would fit nartuto well, and will add some comic relief when she acts all possessive of Naruto :)

Please keep up the good work!

Answer: One thing you should probably understand about my writing is that I try to never do repeat info dumps...anymore, at least. I did that in Ashikabi no Shinobi and I'm pretty sure all the repeating crap made a good portion of my story redundant. That being said, I've tried to get better about this. I'm going to be honest, chances are good that you won't actually bear witness to the conversation where Naruto explains Kurama to Rias. It'll likely happen off-screen because A) I've already shown Kurama's return and B) it's not some great and controversial secret that has any bearing on the overall plot. If it were something that could cause conflict, then I would add it, but other than adding to my word count, this wouldn't really add anything to my story.

Psuedo42: So Naruto doesn't hate Riser. The guy who treated Rias as a possession despite being of lower status as a third son. The guy who then proceeded to introduce and play with his harem in front of Rias and everyone else. The guy who said he would kill her peerage if she didn't come along.

Answer: Um, do you know Naruto? If you do, then you would know that Naruto DOES NOT HATE. He doesn't. It's not really in his nature to hate someone. Naruto is belligerent, obnoxious, kind of an idiot and gets easily upset at people, especially when they threaten the people he cares for. But at his heart, Naruto is one of those people who just doesn't hate. How many people in the anime and manga do you know that Naruto can honestly say he hates? You can't. Why? Because he doesn't hate anyone. Not Madara. Not Obito. Not even Sasuke, who not only shoved a hand through his shoulder but has also taken douche baggery to a whole new level in the recent manga chapters. If Naruto doesn't hate all these people who have wronged him and hurt the people he cherishes, then why would he hate Rizer?

Kid Coheed: Pretty good, the escape of Naruto and Ravel was fun especially since Naruto took her to a Ramen bar and showed her not just a normal time but a normal time with Naruto.

Oh yeah, [Pawn] really I thought you were going for another piece type from Fairy Chess, add into the insinuation that the Mutation Piece Risa used on Naruto was unlike any other mutated piece she had seen, Ie the ones she used on Issei. Maybe a [Fox] Piece or a [Squirrel] Even another cool piece...

As for a familiar... Foxes and Toads would be redundant, add into that we would want to see it often. I say a Animated Armor, kinda like from Kur0Kishi's "End Game Version R", a young Armor, maybe of a Samurai design like Hashirama, Tobirama, Madara etc. Have it all "Youthful" like Gai and Lee, it when worn by its master increases the wearers strength durability and speed several orders and with some fuinjutsu maybe it can store "packets" of Senjutsu Chakra like when Naruto has shadow clones in reserve, gathering and holding the chakra for when his stores run out. Add in when he uses Kurama's Juubi chakra it's facemask/helmet can mold into that of a fox, giving Naruto a Pseudo Scale Mail/Balance Breaker on par with Azazel's "Down Fall Dragon Another Armor", add in just the Juubi Chakra, the Six Path Sage Mode, and his new ability to use basically all 5 elements and Sub elements, he should be on par with the strongest, like Ise and Vali's Juggernaut Drives, or just on par with Sirzechs and the other 4GS/Archangels etc

Answer: A slip of the...finger? Yeah. Let's go with that. It was a slip of the finger on my part. I didn't actually mean to call Naruto a pawn, but a servant. I've actually gone back and fixed that, which I would like to thank you for finding it or I never would have noticed.

Akeno paired with Issei: A lot of people have been bothered by this pairing, feeling that Naruto should get Akeno. While I understand their feelings, I also disagree with them. Everyone who complains does so because they don't like Issei, and it's always the same complaint. He's too perverted and doesn't deserve to have a harem.

Um, who was the one who created the Sexy Jutsu? And just how the hell do you think Naruto came up with this jutsu anyway? I can tell you right now it wasn't from NOT peeping on women.

Who was the person who wanted to peep on Sakura while they were in the hot spring?

Who peeped on women with Jiraiya while they were training? (This one might not be true, but I think I remember watching an episode where Naruto and Jiraiya ran from a horde of women.)

Let's face it people, Naruto might not be as big a pervert as Issei, but he's still kinda perverted. In truth, Naruto and Issei are actually pretty similar. Yes. Issei is way more lecherous than Naruto, but like our favorite blond-haired troublemaker, he's also kind, compassionate and willing to do anything for his friends...or did those moments where Issei cried because he couldn't help the people important to him not tell you this?

Naruto isn't some Gary-stu who's going to get all the women in my fic. I know some of you want to see this, but it just isn't happening. I want the polyamorous relationship to remain small, probably no more than 5-6 women at the most.

Also, I have some fun plans for Akeno and Issei. Ideas that would not be possible if Akeno was paired with Naruto.

UFO Princess Valkyrie

UFO Princess Valkyrie, or UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie as it has also been called, was a cute anime with surprisingly adult undertones. The story is about a princess from outer space crash landing on earth, where Kazuto is desperately trying to maintain his grandfather's old bath house. Due to a set of circumstances, Kazuto ends up receiving a part of Princess Walkyrie's soul, which is a problem in and of itself. However, to make this issue even more exacerbating, due to the princess losing a piece of her soul, the soul she manages to retain has weakened, and with it, her age has regressed to that of a child.

Yeah. That's right. This story is about a big-breasted woman who transforms into a lol.

The story itself is, actually, surprisingly, good. While certainly not the best I've ever seen, it's not the worst either. That being said, you probably shouldn't take this anime very seriously. It's definitely a Rom-Com anime and therefore not something that you should think too hard about.

The pacing is surprisingly quick. Despite spanning over four seasons, which I would not have expected from an anime like this, the plot moves along at a pretty fast pace. Of course, the plot also tends to get mixed and muddled with fan service and other things, but this is an anime where a little girl transforms into a beautiful woman with large tits. Fan service is kind of expected here.

As is the case with most anime, this one is filled with a combination of slapstick comedy and ecchi humor. There are moments where what you're watching is just so stupid that you can't help but laugh, and other moments where you're laughing thinking "Oh my god. I can't believe that just happened!"

I think the most controversial part about this anime are the transformations. To start, for Princess Walkyrie to transform, Kazuto has to kiss her. Now, I'm not even going to go into how wrong it is to kiss someone who is, for all intents and purposes, a six year old little girl. The transformation itself, while reminiscent of Sailor Moon or any other Mahou Shoujo, is also different in that, unlike all the other transformations out there, this one shoes everything. Literally. There are no sparkles covering her body as she transforms. You see her boobs, including her nipples, as they grow larger and her waste as it flares out. They don't show her, um, cat, yes cat. What else could I be talking about? Anyway, they don't show that to you, but pretty much everything else is on display. Now, as a guy, I can appreciate good nippage, even if it's from a pretty 2D character, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable seeing a six year old's boobs. Which it does show. I don't. Maybe it's just me, but it just feels wrong somehow.

Despite the questionable aspects of the transformation, I will admit that Princess Walkyrie's adult form is quite gorgeous. But that's par for the course with anime girls.

I do enjoy the cast of the series as well. While most of the story centers around Kazuto and Princess Walkyrie and the shenanigans they get up to, there are a crap load of other characters, including seven other princesses, all of whom are vastly different from each other. Fans of pretty magical girls would love this anime simply because there's a type for everyone.

Now, while I enjoyed most of the anime, I will admit that after the second season, the plot really went downhill. While the first two seasons had a clear, defined story, the third and fourth seasons felt more like a series of fan service OVAs. There was no problem that needed to be solved, no real storyline, just episodes about of the Princesses as they go through their lives and get ready for, well, I won't ruin that, but they get ready for something. Of course, the ending of the third season does kind of make up for that. So it's not all bad.

On a grading scale, I think I would have to give this story a 6.5/10. It's a decent anime, the artwork is nice and the story is cute...and there's boobs. It's good if you're looking for a romantic comedy to watch, but it's not one of those memorable anime that will transcend time itself.