Saturday, October 11, 2014

Five Favorite Opening Anime Theme Songs of 2014

I'm doing something a little different today. I just recently made my first...not-music video? I don't know. It's basically a video with my favorite theme songs for the anime that have come out in 2014. I did this because I wanted to see if I could, mostly.

Anyway, just know that these opening themes are MY favorite, meaning this is really just my opinion. If they're not your favorite, cool, be sure to let us know which 2014 opening anime theme songs you would have chosen for this.

Oh, and please don't mind the quality of the video. I know it kinda sucks, but this is the first one I've ever made. It's not going to be amazing.

#5. Madan no Ou to Vandis: I like this opening because of how different it is. Most anime have a very pop-rock feel to them. This one sounds more like an Opera of some kind, which is awesome.

#4. Akame Ga Kill: I love the hard rock theme this music has. It just makes me wanna bang my head...or something.

#3. Fairy Tail 2014: Something about the hip-hop style this theme song has going for it is just enjoyable.

#2. No Game No Life: This is a fun anime and the opening theme song is just as fun.

#1. Gun Gale Online: Love the anime or hate it, I don't think anyone can deny the opening theme song is catchy.