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Devil Ninja, Chapter 13

Guest: I don't if you can read my mind because when I first read the name Cao Cao in light novel I also thought about Cow Cow, that was cool. I am glad to see that you decided to give original dxd characters develop because there are many stories that have Naruto come and fuck everyone up while leaving out the original characters. I also think that Naruto should have kind of power from dxd because it will be more interesting how combines his original powers with the new ones. Somethink dragonic(Great Red and Ophis combined body with Kurama resealed into it) or a sacred gear maybe. And it would also good if he had the Hiraishin.

I also don't know if you took in consideration that if Kurama has become the Juubi then he should have Rinne-Sharingan as well as mokuton, all elements and yonbi's and gobi's lava and boil releases. So I think Kurama at least should have had Rinne-Saringan with slitted pupils instead of his usual ones when he met Naruto the first time. But you can add that when they synchronize. But Naruto shouldn't just enter that mode be able to use all that powers because that would be just plain stupid. He should be able to use the kekkei genkais that he is receives from Kurama without the mode but he shouldn't be a master of them.
And after the reason I reviewed I will just say thank you so that you don't think I'm doing this only because I want to see all this in your fic(and you would be right, but you have to admit that all that would be just plain badass). So:

Answer: Just because Kurama is the new Juubi necessarily mean he has the Rinnegan or any kind of doujutsu. The Juubi's were a mutation from Kaguya. All Kurama did was absorb the chakra of the other bijuu, so he didn't gain any special abilities, just a massive boost in power. Think of it as him gaining nothing more than the raw, undiluted chakra of the other eight Bijuu. He'll be able to use the powers of the other Bijuu, but he doesn't have any of Kaguya's power, which includes the Rinnegan, Sharingan and Byakugan.

The Slumbering Dragon: Although the chapter was good, I think you might need to get your facts straight. Sirzechs Lucifer, while indeed powerful, is definitely not so insanely strong that he outclasses all the four Maou combined. That just sounds ridiculous. Truth be told, Sirzechs is not even close to the top ten most powerful being in the universe. But, it is indeed true that Sirzechs is more powerful than the previous Lucifer in his true form.

And I'm not the one who said that. It was stated by the author of the series in both the light novel and the afterword.

Answer: The information I used on Sirzechs Lucifer came from the wiki, which stated that he was considered one of the top ten most powerful entities in the world. However, regardless of whether that information is wrong, it doesn't change that Sirzechs is a powerful devil. Here, this is the information that I was going on:

  • In Funimation's subtitles, Sirzechs' name is erroneously misspelled as Sir Zechs.
  • Sirzechs' name is derived from the names of two characters from the Gundam TV series, Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundanm 0079 and Zechs Merquise of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
  • Sirzechs claimed in Volume 6 that he once dreamed of being a musician, which was fulfilled when he composed the Oppai Dragon song to deactivate Issei's Juggernaut Drive.
  • Sirzechs loves to play the role of "Satan Red" with the "Maou Squadron".
  • Sirzechs is one of the two known Devils to be placed among the ranks of the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World", along with Ajuka Beelzebub.
  • Sirzechs is the only person among the devils who was able to make a sacred creature into his servant.
  • Sirzechs is over one hundred years old, having reincarnated Souji Okita as his Knight in the late 1800s.
 Aetemus: First of all, Rias threatening the church's exorcists makes no sense. Yes, Heaven may have taken horrible losses during the Great War - but they supposedly have one advantage that nobody else does - GOD - the creator of Heaven - the same one who created the Sacred Gear system, he who was unmatched by ANY single opponent throughout the war, and who, as far as Rias knows, is still alive. As long as he lives, Heaven will never run short of miracles to offer.

I can't speak for the other readers here, but I've read at least a dozen tired rehashes of the Kokabiel arc - and they all suck. Horribly. I was hoping that this story would be different - but nope, instead we do not even have a nerfed Naruto around, let alone one at full power.

Making excuses about Minato Arisato and a Demon Among Devils does not do a writer of your caliber any credit. You've read that fic, so I doubt I need to remind you that its entire storyline was because of Minato deciding to help Issei, someone with whom he only had a casual friendship, rather than 'staying out of other people's affairs'. This theme continues throughout the story - when he crushes Riser and Kokabiel - when he saves the peace conference from derailment - when he single-handedly helps Akeno to come to peace with her past, * completely of his own accord *. Compared to Minato, who can literally summon Gods to fight for him, Naruto is a very veerrrryyy small fish. Finally, I'd like to point out that even if Naruto is stronger than anyone else from Rias's group, he's still in a strife-torn universe full of the likes of the Old Satan and Hero factions, Sammael, Rizviem etc. etc. He's not gonna be able to win against all of them alone, even with Kurama's help. There are more than enough villians and enough trouble and hardship ahead to allow for serious character development, without any one character completely overshadowing all others.

Naruto seems to assume that he can escape whenever he pleases. I don't know if he still has the Hiraishin, but assuming he doesn't, does he honestly believe that he can get past whatever safeguards the Hero faction have put up? Or that he can escape from the mastermind behind all of this? Logically, whoever commands people like Arthur and Kuroka is going to be a lot stronger and far more dangerous than anything he's faced so far in this world. At his full power, it wouldn't have been a problem, but while nerfed, it certainly is. Of course, he could get a suitable power-up from Kurama in the nick of time (just like with Riser), but there's only so many times you can use that before it starts becoming really cheap.

Finally, with Naruto's fanatical devotion to his 'precious people', I don't frankly see him cooling his heels in a cell for a prolonged period of time while his aforementioned precious people keep worrying about him.

Answer: You and I will have to agree to disagree here. Even if they have God on their side, the fact is that the Church suffered catastrophically during the war. This fact is proven by how little power the church seems to have, how more angels fell after the war, how exorcists like Freed have been led astray, and how people like Asia have been banished despite their intense devotion toward God.

Considering this arc has only just started, I had hoped you wouldn't write me off yet. This is the beginning, the first few chapters of this arc. You don't know what I have planned, so please try showing a little more faith. Or is that too much to ask for? Do you have so little doubt about my ability as a writer that you'd think I don't plan on diverging from canon? If so, then why are you still reading this?

True, but Minato also doesn't help UNLESS HE IS ASKED. That is the key difference between him and Naruto. Naruto will help out anyone regardless of whether they ask or not because that's just how he is. In the beginning, Minato didn't help until someone asked for it, and the few times he did help, it was minimal at best. Naruto is the type who puts one-hundred percent into everything he does, which means that, unlike Minato who will only help someone help themselves, Naruto will try carrying everyone's burdens for them. And as for your mentioning of Minato helping Akeno of his own accord, that doesn't happen until much later in the story, chapter 17 or 18, I think.

Of course Naruto seems assured. He's Naruto Uzumaki. You know, that kid who was so confident throughout most of the canon that he proclaimed to everyone who would listen that he was going to become Hokage? That Naruto. Confidence is one of the few things Naruto has never lacked. Why would that be any different now?

Oh? So you're saying that Naruto is so lacking in faith about the strength of Rias and the others that he can't cool his jets and think logically? You're going under the assumption that Naruto is someone who doesn't trust in the strength of his comrades. That's wrong. Naruto has complete faith in his friends, in their ability to deal with whatever's thrown at them without his help. You're entire comment contradicts the fundamental core of what makes the person Naruto Uzumaki, his faith in his friends and the bond they share. He knows they'll be just fine without him, which is why he's willing to sit around gathering intel on potential enemies before they can become a serious threat to his friends.

Perseus: you know the church is not really the weakest faction right gainst devils they have an advantage that is almost unfair and rias doesnt know of god's death yet she is making threats, this is the same god that sealed 666, created the sacred gear system, sealed albion and draig, and in his weakened state was able to go out with the four satans

Answer: Yes they are. They may have an advantage against devils due to their holy powers, but they also took a beating during the war, which is why they've been on the decline. Anyone with a set of eyes can see that. Even IF Rias does not know of God's death, she can still see how much the church has suffered. The fact that miracles have been happening far less, the fact that people like Asia are being excommunicated... Rias is intelligent enough to know that SOMETHING is wrong, even if she doesn't know what. Besides, in that instance Rias was at a huge advantage. There were only two exorcists and they were surrounded by not just her entire peerage, but also Sona and her peerage. Xenovia and Irina are in the middle of enemy territory. They were at the disadvantage in that confrontation.

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