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Harry Potter and the Ties that Bind, Chapter 1

Immortal Sailor Cosmos: And Harry hasn't thought to ask Dumbldore who has been at Hogwarts for ages who Riddle is? Or Flmel who is 600 years old and might know where to look if he doesn't have his answers, because why now? (Think Harry! THINK! Use that brain you are so proud of!)

Answer: I think you're forgetting that Harry isn't perfect. Intelligence means little when you're an emotional child whose friend just died. Harry isn't thinking clearly. You've probably noticed from reading this chapter, but he's actually slipping back into the darkness he'd been in during his childhood before meeting Lisa and Master Wei. He's not really capable of logical thinking right now.

themaximus: Sorry for ask about this,but when Selene will be back?
When Selene will appear again in the story?
Please dude,make she be back soon.

Answer: Selene will not show up during book 3, I'm sorry to say. There's just no place for her right now. She does show up during book 4, however, so you have that to look forward to.

BiomassDenial: Hey,

Loving your work. I powered through your first two HP fanfics in about 24 hours with minimal sleep to be heard of. Can't wait till you start running with this third one.

I thought it was a brave move killing Hermione and it seems to be paying off (as bad as writing that makes me feel). I got scared for a second that Harry was going to be trying to bring her back to life when his bit in this chapter started up but it seems like he is just out for some gold old fashioned revenge.

Not sure what your plans are but I hope you don't let him spend too long outside of school being angsty. It always strikes me as weird reading fanfics which aren't set at least partially at Hogwarts. I'm guessing it will be up to the girls to "cheer" him back up.

I was disappointed that Harry didn't walk into Dumbledore office carrying the basilisks head in one hand whilst stabbing Malfoy with the sword of Gryffindor but a man can't have everything he wants :P


Answer: I'm glad you're enjoying my stories. And thank you for saying so. I know that killing off a major character is a bold move, and not something that everyone will agree with, but it was something I had planned for ever since I first started writing. I know that some people probably won't approve, but that's life, I guess.

In answer to your last comment, Harry doesn't even know that Malfoy was responsible for the Basilisk being released. Neither he nor Dumbledore are aware of Malfoy's involvement. In my story, Lucius Malfoy is a much more cunning and dangerous opponent, which makes sense, as my story isn't a child's book where preteen brats can go toe-to-toe with adults and come out on top. At least not all the time. ;)

anonymousCould you have harry resurrect Hermione,at least by the end of this can have him use some sort of ancient artifact or make some sort of deal with harry has to get all three deathly hallows for death before coming to age.

answer: No. There will be no resurrecting of the dead. Anyone who dies in my story will stay dead. That's how this story will work. Besides, there are NO Deathly Hallows in this story. I absolutely despised that cop out plot device when Rowling used it. I'm not gonna use it here.

Luna's Meow: I have to commend you on this. You have made a rather excellent series. You make harry very overpowered, and utterly charming, etc. But it is balanced out by him not really understanding people, girls especially thus making him not into the typical perfect self-insert character. I usually only take time to point out flaws, but other than the few I pointed out in my recent reviews of the last two stories, there weren't many outside of tolerable their and there mixups and the like. I do hope you read those reviews to the previous stories, especially as the last one was very important to possible future events regarding harry's animagus form. If not, simple google gryphon and chimera. Read the wiki, and look at the google image results and you should get the point.

The only thing I have left to say is that I wish you had put the same quality into you Naruto story that I reviewed. You are one of the few actual good writers here. I wish my writing for my own Harry Potter story was as good as the writing in this series. Unfortunately you alloed bashing to destroy the beginning of that one. I'm glad that I decided to stil check this series out regardless however. I would have missed a rare gem otherwise.

Answer: I am actually well-aware of the difference between a griffin and a chimera. The snake head on Harry's animagus form is not a natural part of his form. I won't tell you anything else. You should be able to figure out what that means, and the reason for the snake tail will become even more obvious in this book.

Guest: Good chapter mate:) I just don't like how angst it is though...I get hermione died aand all, but really, that's too much. Also how come Daphne hasn't been mentioned yet? Shouldn't she be among Harry's inner circle of friends?

Answer: Oh? So you're saying that if you were twelve years old and your friend died, you wouldn't feel awful about it and get really depressed? Either you're really strong mentally or you're really cold-hearted. Harry, despite his attempts at making it seem like he doesn't care, really does care about his friends. While this is a mostly OC Harry, parts of the original Harry Potter are still inside of him. If you'll recall, Harry Potter in Rowling's story was a brooding little bastard, and he never lost any of his friends until Sirius died. This Harry just lost Hermione Granger at the age of twelve. His regression into the dark side that he keeps locked away is a natural consequence of what happened.

Guest(2): Well I went on a binge the last couple days reading your stories and I believe you are overall one of the best writers I have read of all time professionally or in fan fiction. Interested in Harry's new attitude but also slightly disturbed. Hermonie and Harry were friends but the amount of grief seems disproportional to the relationship they shared. Disappointed in Harry for just running away especially when his friends specifically Daphne need his help. As far as I can tell Harry has relapsed and he's going to need help getting out of this one. Well hanging on for your next review and I hope to see your stories in the future recognized for the works of art they are.

Answer: Harry is dealing with more than just grief. I'm not going into great detail, but the loss of Hermione isn't the only issue he's dealing with right now. It's one of them, and it's admittedly a large one, but he has two other problems that exacerbate Hermione's death.

Some Dude: 1. Why is Harry supposedly ten years old? Is that a mistake 
your part? Or is that you insinuating that Skeeter is a bad

2. Why was nobody questioning Daphne's absence from
the party?

3. Is Harry missing going to be the spark that has Sirius
break out of Azkaban?

Answer: 1. Harry is not ten. That was just Rita Skeeter being Rita Skeeter. If you'll recall from the original Harry Potter, Rita had a really bad tendency of getting simple facts like age and name wrong in her articles.

2. That's explained in chapter 2.

3. Perhaps, but perhaps not. You'll have to read and find out.

HP-DG-SB-NR-AG-TD-KB-RR-AJ: Ok, first up, the story, so far, this seems promising, but I can't say much more than that till I read more. My only question is, is there a prequel to this story or is this one the start? Your writing style is pretty great, so I'll be checking out other Harry Potter stories you've got.

As for your book that you mention in your note, I went to check out the link in your profile and checked out the description for it. It did seem interesting, and I'm not quite sure what Ecchi means, as I'm not familiar with the term. I read manga, but its specific ones tied to animes I watch. Yours did look interesting though, so I'll keep it in mind for the future perhaps. Good luck with it though.


Answer: This is actually the third book in a series. I'm basically redoing the entire HP series. This is book 3, Gift of Memories is book 1, and Heir of Slytherin is book 2.

And Ecchi basically means fanservice. Think of all those times in anime and manga where you saw a panty shot or some girl randomly found their clothes getting ripped off, and you've an approximation of what Ecchi means. For further information, watch anime like Highschool DxD and High School of the Dead. Those two anime are filled with ecchi.

Aetemus: I see you've updated the title there... melodramatic much?

Also, I'm amazed that HP has apparently not even tried to contact the Flamels. With their centuries of knowledge, they might at least have *heard* of something similar to the diary, even though they themselves may not possess any expertise in such Dark magic. For someone starting a search from scratch, even a small hint would be invaluable.

But nope, you just had to have to HP attempt everything on his own - with his woefully poor knowledge of actual Dark magic - to add more drama than necessary. Obviously, after spending a summer all on his own, he'll be back to his old sociopathic ways when he returns.

Meh, at least this time dear Drakie-poo will suffer more than just a mild electrocution. That's the only silver lining I can see.

Answer: I'm a very melodramatic person, in case you haven't noticed.

I feel like you're being sarcastic and rude with your comments. Despite that, I'll answer you. Harry Potter is twelve years old and one of his friends just died. I don't care how intelligent someone is, a child whose friend died isn't going to think rationally regardless of intelligence. Harry's got a shit-ton of baggage that I haven't introduced yet, and most of it will be coming to light in this book.

tsune: Question. Why is time turner not used? I'm probably fine if his not introduced to it but his been using it to train so why not used it to saved Hermione?

Answer: Because Harry doesn't have a time turner. The time turner he used in book 2 was the Flamels, not his. When his training with Nicholas ended, he returned the time turner to his teacher.

ISWTMTH22: It is great to see this story back and continuing. the only issue that i have with this story/series is the amount of time that is given to the side characters, there side characters. Now don't get me wrong a little side development is nice, however not what I read this story for. I read this story for Harry and what he is doing. for example I will use book 6 of cannon: i don't really care what Hermione and Ron were doing when Harry was in the cave with Dumbledore. I think that this is a problem because if you insist on giving every character equal time you are going to be hard pressed to continue the story. Which then lead to abandoned works which I HATE.

Answer: Side characters? I'm sorry, but none of the people I've focused on are side characters. Susan Bones becomes a major character later on, which is why I'm developing her now. I don't add anything in my stories that isn't important. And it should be obvious why Susan Bones and Harry's other friends are getting development. I didn't have Harry befriend them just so they could be relegated to lap dogs, stooges and background characters. If that was the only purpose I had for Harry befriending them, then I would have never bothered.

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