Monday, June 29, 2015

Spice and Wolf, Volume 2

Once again, Hasekura must be commended for creating a wonderful light novel that I enjoyed thoroughly from beginning to end. Spice & Wolf volume 2 was thrilling to read and managed to somehow keep me hooked from beginning to end.

Volume 2 continues where volume 1 left off. Holo the Wisewolf is still traveling with Lawrence, and Hasekura accurately captures the charm of the original book by having the two continuously trading banters. Just like in the first volume, volume 2 retains its wit as Holo skillfully keeps ahead of Lawrence as far as dialogue goes, though I feel the young by comparison trader is starting to get a handle on how to deal with her. When I first started reading this, I had the distinct sense that Holo and Lawrence's relationship had progressed.

One thing that volume 2 doesn't quite manage to capture is the inherent loneliness that both Holo and Lawrence felt, which was the foundation of their decision to travel together. I honestly don't mind this that much, as I feel this shows that neither feel quite so alone anymore since they have each other, but I know others who didn't like that. This story tends to have a higher focus on a straightforward plot with clear-cut consequences and a just as clear solution, though that does not stop this book from being exciting.

This book also introduces a new character, Norah, a shepherdess of some skill. Meek and somewhat unsure of herself at first, she portrays a stark contrast to Holo in personality. I do not know if she will show up again in another volume, but I will admit that I did enjoy seeing a new character enter the picture, even if it's only temporarily.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book. It was one of the few that I found hard to put down. If there was one thing that I feel didn't hold up, it was definitely the artwork. While certainly not bad, I feel like the illustrations are uninspiring and somewhat bland in comparison to the story. They just have that typical manga-esque and there's nothing that really makes the art stand out. Aside from that, this is definitely a story that I would highly recommend reading.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Devil Ninja, Chapters 15 & 16

Thunder Dragon: First of when are you going to give The Legend Of Gaia's Sennin an update(I love that story)? second I have an arch request to make if its okay with you. While you are not killing off Issei in this arch now, can you down the line? and have Draig eventually transferred to Naruto? I have a plot ready just in case you want it.

Say that later down the line Issei after the arch when and where he meets up with Vali, gets into a fight with him and gets killed but before Issei bites the dust he transfers Draig over to Naruto in order to fight against the Old Satan Faction and other enemies down the road. Naruto after feeling guilty about not being able to save one of his buddies and feeling even more guilty by remembering how he could not save his old friends, gets ambushed by members of the Old Satan Faction and some of Naruto's old allies who were resurrected by The Old Satan faction who found out about Naruto's past(how this happens is up to you). This arch would give Naruto a chance to let go of the past and forgive himself, also it would give Naruto a chance to develop some new skills and branch out his skills while working with and develop some new techniques working with Draig.

Third I really do not see Issei and Akeno being a really legit couple so break them up.

Answer: I'll see what I can do about updating Gaia's Sennin, but I make no promises. Right now, my creative juices seem to be flowing toward Devil Ninja, so that is what I'll be writing for now.

Also, no, I will no longer kill off Issei. The time where his death would have served any purpose is long gone. Now his death would simply be me killing off a character for no reason. While I have no issues killing people off for the sake of moving the story forward, I don't kill people off for no reason. Also, even if Issei DID get killed off, Naruto would never get the Boosted Gear. Boosted Gears don't “transfer over” to people. When the Sacred Gear user dies, the Sacred Gear finds a new owner who hasn't been born yet. People with Sacred Gears are BORN with their Sacred Gears. Besides, it would be stupid to give someone as powerful as Naruto another power. He doesn't need any extra power. He's already a badass.

And I'm not even gonna talk about the IsseixAkeno pairing. There's a pole for that.

Akenaru: I liked to see Naruto is back, the only thing i didn't like about the chapter and the story is the Akeno-Issei interactions, i hate them being together because it happens for no reason at all, so i hope people voted like me and break that awful pairing, so Naruto can be with Akeno, Issei didn't deserve a girl like her, hell he didn't even deserve a girl like Asia but meh. So i'm hoping that Isse and Akeno break, what they want, but seeing your develope it doesn't seem that they go to far so is easy to break their "relationship". Anyway maybe we got lucky and you update soon.

Answer: Your ignorance is showing. It's clear to me that you're one of the people who's only watched the anime, or maybe read the first 2 volumes of the Light Novel. Issei is far from being unworthy of having Akeno as a girlfriend. Is it true that she first started teasing him to rile up Rias, but Issie is the one who actually helped Akeno accept her Fallen Angel blood and repaired the broken bond between her and Baraqiel. Also, the reason it feels like they became a couple for no reason is because I don't bother showing their relationship. Neither Issei nor Akeno are main characters. I gave Issei some time to shine in this arc, but most of this arc has been about Rias and Kiba.

HIMandHERnotTHEM: Having given up on the actual manga long ago, I wasn't warded off this from the lack of Naruto for the most part as you did a fair recount of how the fights would have gone. On the other hand, I came here for a Naruto story where he was actually part of the story, sooooo~...

But I digress.

I feel that you are getting a little frustrated with the fan base, as you felt the need to move from your original story and I'm sorry for that. An author shouldn't have to alter their work for anyone other than themselves and only if it no longer fits the overarching theme they want to build. That being said, I thing killing Issei off just because Naruto was an ass that didn't want to get directions would have broken his core character and his persona. I don't think it would have worked.

Now as for Issei/Akeno... That never should have happened in the first place as it was unwarented in the manga and made worse here. We NEVER saw any kind of development between the two, nor were we given any examples from the source to fall back on. Having that would have made it at least bearable. But to have her just up and leave him at this point would be a mistake as it undermines a future relationship between anyone else. She (and you) chose her bed. She will need a damned good reason to get out of it.

At this point, I feel they should just be moved to a position where they can work out a realistic love life for the sake of story or kill Issei off in a way that Naruto would have had NO WAY to prevent it. Like when he was supposedly rebirthed from Great Red or something. Like I said, gave up on the manga LONG ago.

Also, if having Naruto be a wall for plot is bothering you because of his power, why not handle it like -some other anime;)- did and just make it plausibly deniable for Naruto to be in two places at once (figuratively speaking of coarse)

I mean, Naruto had the power to fight Madara and Tobi, but the others didn't. People died in the war and he couldn't stop it. If he's not able to bring the full brunt of his power to the fight for fear of annihilating the city Kokabiel might get a lucky shot at Issei or something. I don't know.

I do think she fit better with Naruto than Issei but I don't feel him being dumped would be fair to any of them.

Hope you can figure it out in a way You will be satisfied and to hell with the fans. It is your work after all.

Til the next exciting update,

Ja ne

Answer: Rather than the manga, I think you need to read the light novels. They do a far better job of developing their characters.

Of course you never saw them develop. Even in this arc, where I show Issei more than I have for most of the series, he and Akeno were never the main focus. They are, at best, secondary characters. The main focus of this arc was Rias and Kiba. Kiba because this arc is about his past, and Rias because I wanted to showcase how different she has become since Naruto entered her life. My intention for this arc was never to bring Issei and Akeno's relationship to the fore, but to showcase how some of the characters have been affected by Naruto. Chances are, if the pole ends up in favor of Akeno staying with Issei, you will never see anything from them again. There might be vague mentions of it, but it won't be focused on at all, and more of something that you see in the background.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Ever since Hestia's boob ribbon was first introduced, DanMachi has been the anime a bunch of people wanted to watch. Why? Well, I guess boob ribbons are just in this season. Regardless of what people think of Hestia and her boob ribbon, this anime is one that I myself enjoyed, though not one that I would consider the anime god's gift to man.

DanMachi is the story of Bell Cranel and his super hot loli goddess, Hestia. Bell dreams of becoming a hero, but he's kind of a coward. However, when he's rescued by another hot chick, this one a blond woman named Aiz Wallenstein, his Deus ex Machina powers as a hero are awakened and he quickly begins to grow stronger. While I was watching this anime, a small part of me always wondered if Bell had met Goku and convinced the Saiyan to let him use the hyperbolic time chamber, because that's the only way I can see him gaining that much power so quickly, but I digress. The anime itself is basically what I would call your typical Sue anime. You've got Bell, who has a lot of Sue qualities, which includes but is not limited to: quickly gaining enough strength to pass all but the most powerful of warriors, having several dozen women fall for him for no reason, learning new abilities at a rate that would make any Shonen hero jealous... did I mention the harem? Seriously, there's, like, six different women within this anime who fall for him after a single meeting.

Despite the general Sueness of his character, I actually kind of like Bell. Where most Mary Sues are dark and brooding, Bell is innocent and easily embarrassed. He's shy and lacks confidence for much of the series, which keeps him from becoming a complete Sue or, heaven forbid, a Kirito Sue. Ironic, considering his saiyuu is the same person who did the voice of Kirito from SAO. Of course, the other characters are well-developed and interesting as well. I absolutely love Hestia, and no, I don't love her because of her boob ribbons. Most of the characters themselves, even the support characters, feel like real people in this--or, you know, the anime version of real people. I don't think real people would try to grope another person in public, or maybe they would, I don't know.

While this anime isn't bad, I wouldn't call it amazing either. Like most anime to have come out recently, this one suffers from what I call a serious lack of major plot. Even now, after the anime has already ended, I'm not really sure what the main plot was about other than, "Bell gets Deus Ex Machina ability to grow strong, has women fall in love with him, and becomes sugoi." There's no clear-cut plot in here that I could discern. Much of the series is about exactly what I said. Bell is constantly powering up, gaining new abilities and becoming even stronger. Various women fall for him throughout the series. And he eventually becomes the envy of adventurers everywhere. There's no great enemy to face, no last battle between good and evil. It's just Bell Cronel growing in strength so he can become a hero... which isn't bad, but I really wanted a more cut and dry plot. You know, something like, "Bell Cranel is a weak loser who can't seem to level up, but when Hestia's boob ribbon is stolen, he'll have to find the strength to steal it back, or die trying."

Overall, I do think this was a good anime. It was entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I don't think it will be winning any Best Anime of the Year awards, but for what it was, I liked it, and consider it a refreshing change of pace from other anime of the same genre. If you want to watch something that is cute, has an interesting main character and even more interesting support characters, then you probably don't have to look any further than DanMachi.

Artwork: 8.5/10
Character Design: 9/10
Character Development: 9/10
Storyline: 6/10
Musical Composition: 5.5/10
Animation: 7/10
Total Score: 7.5/10

By the way... Hestia's boobs... without a ribbon.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Akame ga Kiru

Akame ga Kiru is one of those anime that I both love and hate. It has a blend of things that I love seeing in anime and of things that I despise seeing in anime. I also feel like this anime is what would happen if George RR Martin had an illegitimate love child with Tetsuya Toshiro.

The first thing you should know about Akame ga Kiru is that it's a dark fantasy. This isn't one of those light-hearted anime where the good guys always win and evil is always beaten back. This is the anime good and evil are blurred, where corruption has set into the hearts and minds of the citizens. Which makes sense, as this anime is of the seinen demographic, which means it's an anime for college students and adults, not children 13 and up.

Set in a European fantasy setting akin to the renaissance period, Akame ga Kiru is about a young man called Tatsumi and his journey as he joins up with Night Raid, a group of assassins who have gathered together in order to fight against the corrupted empire.

Unfortunately, Tatsumi, for all his decent traits, isn't what I would call an amazing protagonist. While I like his enthusiasm and desire to become stronger, I feel like the anime never did his character justice. Everyone always talked about how much potential he had and how strong he could become, but I never really saw it. While I think he could have been an awesome protagonist, he never seemed to reach his full potential, and in the end, they had to Deus ex Machina him, because I guess he just wasn't strong enough under his own merits.

This anime features a fairly varied cast of protagonists. While Tatsumi is the main character, there are several others in here that I actually think are a thousand times better than him. My two personal favorites are probably Leone and Lubbock, but the others are well-conceived, too.

I think it's the support cast here that makes Akame ga Kiru worth watching. Tatsumi, for all his potential, isn't that interesting to watch, but seeing some of the other characters who support him makes not having a completely amazing main character a little better.

The only thing that really bothered me about the support cast was how some of them were killed off without being fully fleshed out. I feel like the director wanted to kill off the support characters for the shock factor, and also to make us feel the bleakness of their situation, but because some of the characters died before they truly had a chance for me to appreciate them, it didn't really have the same impact. And because they killed off so many characters in the beginning, the deaths that happened later on didn't have much of an impact either, because I was more or less expecting it.

Like I mentioned before, Akame ga Kiru is a seinen anime, meaning it's for an older audience. It makes sense, then, that this anime is far more violent and gory than other anime such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. While those are all violent and filled with action, this anime takes the gore factor up to a level that only a few before it have done. This doesn't just have the occasional arm getting lopped off. Sometimes a character might get bisected, their internal organs spilling to the ground. Other times they may have their heads bashed in, revealing brain matter and skull fragments. Again, I feel like this was done for the shock factor and to add some realism. While I myself am not a big purveyor of violence, I will admit that considering this is a dark fantasy, the realistic violence was well-suited here.

Artwork: 7.5/10
Character Design: 8/10
Character Development: 6/10
Storyline: 6.5/10
Musical Composition: 5/10
Animation: 5.5/10
Overall score: 6.4/10

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shinmai Maou no Testament

Have you ever watched something and then later on wondered why the hell you watched it? That's kind of what I felt like when I watched Shinmai Maou no Testament. It's one of those anime that I feel really conflicted about. I'm not sure whether to like it or hate it.

The first thing you should know about Shinmai Maou is that it's like Highschool DxD's annoying kid brother. It's not as good as the older sibling, and it lacks the depth that made its elder counterpart so good. To make up for this lack of substance, it tries to outdo the anime that came before it by being twice as loud, or in this case, twice as ecchi. I swear to God at least 95% of this story was nothing but an excuse to see Mio, the main heroine, naked and moaning like  a vixen in heat. More than once I actually became uncomfortable while watching this simply because of how much this anime pandered to fanservice. I don't think I would have minded having so much fanservice, if it weren't for the fact that it made this entire anime feel like it was trying too hard to be perverted. It felt like the animator got a hair trigger and suddenly decided he was going to make a story that had more boobs than every anime that came before it.

Now, despite my earlier complaint, this anime does have a story, mired though it is in fanservice, and you have to look really hard to see it. I'm sure some people don't even know what the plot is because they got too caught in the, well, in the Massive Plot that is Mio. What's the plot? Well, it's basically Mio is the daughter of the previous Demon Lord, and inherited his power. Because of this, the current Demon Lord wants to steal her power, and it is Harem Protagonist number 6--sorry, I mean it's Basara's job to protect her because his father adopted her into the family. Apparently, protecting her also means having sex with her, or at the very least getting into some heavy petting.

As is the case with most standard harem anime, this story is full of tropes. You've got Mio, of course, who is a classic case of a tsundere character. And of course, there is the loli succubus. Truth be told, I actually like Maria more than Mio simply because she's different from other characters of her type. Most lolis in anime are tsundere. I don't know why this is, but that has been the standard since Familiar of Zero came out a while back, which was also upheld to the highest degree in Toradora. Maria breaks the mold by being different, and she actually gets some decent character development later on in the series.

Overall, I feel like this story is about stereotypical of what I've come to expect from the harem genre. It has some upsides. Some downsides. I think there was a little too much pandering to fanservice and not enough character development. Basara feels like he could have been an awesome character, but because the animators spent so much time having him fondle Mio tits, his personality is very stale, like your typical harem hero/mary sue. This story will appeal to some people, namely those who don't necessarily care about plot and only want to see a pair of really large knockers put on display. I doubt, however, that people who want a deep, intricate and intense story will appreciate Shinmai Maou no Testament as much.

Artwork: 6/10
Character Design: 8/10
Character Development: 7.5/10
Storyline: 4/10
Musical Composition: 5/10
Animation: 5/10
Overall score: 5.9/10

Friday, June 12, 2015

Devil Ninja, Chapter 14

Draynuy: I do hope we can read another chapter soon, I've become rather fond of Naruto DxD crossover and yours is one of the best I have read.
Also, will the relationship between Naruto and Koneko evolve further ? There not enough of Naruto/Koneko pairing, this is one more point for your fiction.

Answer: I do plan on further developing Naruto's relationship with Koneko, naturally. Naruto and Koneko are going to become even closer eventually, especially as I haven't fully dealt with Koneko's problems.

Guest: I'm wondering can you incorporate Sasuke into the mix cause other than top tier Characters I don't see anybody else's giving Naruto a decent fight where winning is dead 50\50. Plus it could give the story an extra pop with another shinobi of Naruto's caliber running around.

Answer: That's because you're thinking in terms of power levels too much. Naruto is powerful, true, but power isn't everything. There are plenty of people in the DxD world who can beat Naruto right now, not necessarily because they are more powerful, but because they have more experience. One thing you'll find out about my story the further it progresses, is that power levels don't mean anything here.

Nh'f: Liked the fiction...
My opinion:
Dont you think narutos arrogance is a bit too much in some situations( especially last 2 chapters)
I mean common hes 17 now .. not that 12 year old brash idiot

Answer: Um, no. Naruto's biggest character trait has always been the supreme sense of confidence he has in himself and his goofy and outgoing nature. Also, it isn't arrogance if it's true. Naruto knows he's not the be all end all, and he knows there are people out there who can beat him, but he doesn't let that stop him from being who he is. That is what makes him such a likable character to write about.

lordxposeidon69: Great story so far but I'm a little worried about you moving away from cannon, and not because I don't like stories that aren't cannon that is just where most authors tend to do things that I personally don't like, still I hope you update soon I want read about what happens next.

Answer: I'm not really sure how to assuage your fears, especially since I don't know what you don't like about stories that aren't canon. That being said, a fanfiction of this nature could never stay canon. Naruto's very presence changes everything. To have a story remain canon for no reason other than “I don't want to mess up” is the height of folly. When writing fanfiction, one must take risks if they want to succeed. That is just how it is.

Aspharno: Well i like your story, but i'm a bit sad that you aren't updating anymore, it's bee a while since the last update.

And for the story the only thing that i don't like is the akeno/issei pairing, it seems kinda rushed or forced, i will like to see her with Naruto and not Issei it seems more natural, but well i don't think that you will change it. At least i will be happy if you update this story...

Answer: Not really. The reason the pairing might feel rushed is because I've never focused on their relationship. We only ever see one instance of Issei and Akeno together before they start dating. That being said, the relationship between Akeno and Issei will be explored a bit more later on, especially when the issue of Akeno's Fallen Angel blood comes up. Also, Naruto and Akeno have had almost no interactions whatsoever. A pairing between them would be even less natural.

Ahsoei: This is a truly wonderful story. You also did a wonderful job working on Naruto's influence in DxD universe and the way you re-create Excalibur arc. Seriously, I didn't see that coming from Rias. xD (y)

I really like your harem setting so far here, but I can't help but feel that development between Issei and Akeno is kind of... unnatural. What do you say about this?

And I always wonder, how powerful is Kurama or a tailed-beast compare with other beings/species in DxD universe?

Answer: I wanted to show how much stronger Rias has become as a result of Naruto's presence. One thing that a lot of fanfiction authors don't think about is how placing X character into Y fandom affects the characters of that fandom. Naruto's very presence changes things, and so I wanted to show that change.

I would have to say that the pairing feels unnatural mostly because I haven't explored it. I've been focusing mostly on Naruto's interactions with other characters, not Issei's. Since I'm planning on giving some of the other characters their time to shine, I'll be going more into Issei and Akeno's relationship, especially when Akeno's Fallen Angel blood becomes an issue.

Kurama is around the same level as Ophis.

Dumbledork: WOW! GReat sotry. I really enjoyed reading it. But I think Naruto is a bit of an asshole in these last two chapters. He should have at least sent a clone to tell Rias what was up. So little consideration for his girlfriend.

Answer: I'm not sure how you can think that. Naruto's not some all-knowing person, and you should know from his personality that he doesn't always think things through. His decision to let Kuroka and the others take him was completely spur of the moment. It was something he did without really thinking about it, and so the idea of telling Rias never really occurred to him. Besides, he had Asia tell Rias for him. Why bother making a clone?

Twon777: I've read through your whole story and I must say, it's very well done. The writing style reminds me of another author here. Kenichi618. Regardless I enjoy the story and can't wait for more.

Answer: It should. Kenchi618 is the person who inspired me to write, so my style is probably similar to his.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I'm sure all of you know about zombies. There's been a huge zombie craze ever since Night of the Living Dead first came out, and it's only become more popular since then. We've had a string of some really awesome zombie-related works, such as the Resident Evil and Silent Hill video games, and then we've had some really crappy stuff like the movie Warm Bodies, which I thought was quite possibly the worst cinematic production featuring zombies of all time.

Sankarea falls somewhere in between these two extremes: awesome and so gross that I want to vomit. It's basically the story about a zombie obsessed boy who wants a zombie girlfriend, and a young girl who becomes that zombie girlfriend, more or less. I think the part that I don't really like about this story isn't so much the story itself, but the concept behind the story, which is basically some dude who wants to screw a corpse. The idea just freaks me out, and is the main reason for my conflict.

That being said, in spite of the "oh my god, what the hell is wrong with you people?!" aspect that I feel when I think about a story about a dude who wants to date a corpse, I did actually enjoy the story itself, which held some surprisingly deep, meaningful and intense plots.

The saving grace of this story isn't necessarily the story itself, but the development of the characters and what they go through as the story progresses. Rea is a surprisingly sweet character, if you can get past the fact that she's basically a walking corpse, and Chihiro is actually pretty cool, once you get over the fact that he wants to date a walking corpse. The interactions between the two can be quite humorous at times, and there were a few times where I wanted to "aw"--until I remembered Rae is a zombie, and then I wanted to go, "what the hell is wrong with you, Brandon?!"

Like most romantic comedy/horror/ecchi anime, this one is filled with a lot of fanservice. Again, not quite sure how to feel about that. It's kind of awkward when you realize the cute naked girl you're seeing on screen is undead, but seeing how Japan was the country who created tentacle porn, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised they decided to push the boundaries of what's decent here.

The story itself actually deals with some major issues, the kind that you hear about in the news and think, "dear god, that father is a twisted, disgusting freak, and I'm glad he's getting thrown into the slammer!" Yes, it's those type of issues. I won't say too much, but let's just say Rae's father is the reason she became a zombie in the first place.

Despite the serious creepy factor this anime had going for it, I did enjoy watching it. However, I will also admit that this anime isn't for everyone.

Artwork: 7.5/10
Character Design: 9/10
Character Development: 6/10
Storyline: 5.5/10
Musical Composition: 4/10
Overall Score: 6.4/10

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spice and Wolf Volume 1 Review!

I've been meaning to write this review for a while and have finally decided to set my butt down and write this out.

This review is for volume 1 of what is one of the more illustrious Japanese light novels to have hit the American market. Translated by Yen Press, Spice & Wolf is the story of a traveling merchant who picks up a companion in Holo the Wise Wolf, god of the harvest. Having read the first novel, I can say with all certainty that Spice & Wolf is definitely one of my favorite light novels currently being translated.

I believe what I enjoyed most about this story was how it focused more on the interactions between the mercurial Holo and the more steadfast Lawrence. The dynamic byplay between them is quite clever, and I absolutely enjoy reading about them bantering back and forth. Lawrence, despite all his worldly knowledge from traveling the world as a merchant is constantly struggling to keep up with Holo's cleverness in their playful battle of wits.

One of the underlying aspects of this story is the struggling loneliness that both of the main characters feel. Holo, as a seven-hundred year old immortal wolf god, has been alone for a long time. Lawrence lives the life of a traveling merchant, constantly moving, never staying in one place for very long. Both have, up until this point, lacked the companionship they so desire, and it becomes clear as the story progresses that they're beginning to find that companionship in each other.

Hasekura's writing style is also very easy to follow. It's smooth and easy to read. He never gets bogged down by descriptions, but has a sufficient amount that I'm not wondering about the setting. Above and beyond that, he never forgets that his characters and their interactions are the driving point in his story, as opposed to the events that are being portrayed.

I must also give my congratulations to Yen Press for successfully translating this novel. The translation is smooth and devoid of the many idioms and slang choices that populate Japanese light novels far too often. Throughout the read, I only found one grammatical error where they used "it" twice in a row. Considering this is 230 pages long and they are translating it, I can forgive this small issue as it didn't detract from the story at all. Overall, this is an excellent introduction into what looks like an engaging read.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Harry Potter and the Ties that Bind, Chapter 2

Araytigre: Interesting, it would seem that Harry's Magic has changed somewhat (possibly due to using the AK?), as he no longer has his connection with Hedwig, nor as it seems, able to use his Mothers Wand. It didn't surprise me that Harry recognized Sirius (with his memory and all), but it did surprise me that Padfoot bolted like he did, well, at least they have found each other. Where they go from there is the next question. I'm glad that Harry didn't obliviated Lisa and her Family, that would have been just wrong. I wonder which of his Friends will think of Hedwig first, in order to try finding him. I also wonder if he has been in contact with either the Flamel's or Andi, either or both would have been a good idea. I'm also happy that his Friends are together, even if it is at the Zabini Manor. Thank You. TTFN

Answer: I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far. Harry’s magic hasn’t really changed due to using the AK, or at least, not just because he used the AK. Magic is a lot more complex than what has been revealed thus far. I’ll go into the sentience of magic and why neither his mother’s wand nor Hedwig are listening to him right now.

Nine Lives Bladeworks: I really appreciated the ending in The Heir of Slytherin. While it wasn't enjoyable to have Hermione killed off, it showed that you are willing to sacrifice major characters to advance the plot and has staved off my fears that Harry will eventually become Gary Stuish.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the scene where you had Mrs Zabini blackmail Daphne's father. It was a really nice touch as not only did it add a great deal of humour to the chapter but it also helped to subtly remind us that he wasn't always a bad person and helped show the complex shades a character can take.

Speaking of which, will Stephanie be seen again during the summer? I really enjoyed her character. Also, will the purpose of the blood stone Stephanie gave Harry be shown soon?

Answer: To be fair, Hermione wasn’t a major character in my story. I know that, canonically speaking, she has a very active role, being one of Harry’s only two friends, but in my story, Hermione isn’t really that important of a character in the grand scheme of things. It’s something that not a lot of people really thought about when I kill her off. All they see is me killing a canon favorite.
You mean Selene, right? I don’t have a Stephanie in my story.

Noble Korhedron: Heh-heh... So Harry can remember Padfoot?! Is he a savant or something?! Or just has a very long memory...?

Answer: Because Harry has perfect memory. That was the whole basis for me writing this series. Harry recognized Padfoot because he has the ability to remember everything that has ever happened to him, and he remembers how Sirius transformed into a dog before his parents were killed.