Monday, June 1, 2015

Harry Potter and the Ties that Bind, Chapter 2

Araytigre: Interesting, it would seem that Harry's Magic has changed somewhat (possibly due to using the AK?), as he no longer has his connection with Hedwig, nor as it seems, able to use his Mothers Wand. It didn't surprise me that Harry recognized Sirius (with his memory and all), but it did surprise me that Padfoot bolted like he did, well, at least they have found each other. Where they go from there is the next question. I'm glad that Harry didn't obliviated Lisa and her Family, that would have been just wrong. I wonder which of his Friends will think of Hedwig first, in order to try finding him. I also wonder if he has been in contact with either the Flamel's or Andi, either or both would have been a good idea. I'm also happy that his Friends are together, even if it is at the Zabini Manor. Thank You. TTFN

Answer: I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far. Harry’s magic hasn’t really changed due to using the AK, or at least, not just because he used the AK. Magic is a lot more complex than what has been revealed thus far. I’ll go into the sentience of magic and why neither his mother’s wand nor Hedwig are listening to him right now.

Nine Lives Bladeworks: I really appreciated the ending in The Heir of Slytherin. While it wasn't enjoyable to have Hermione killed off, it showed that you are willing to sacrifice major characters to advance the plot and has staved off my fears that Harry will eventually become Gary Stuish.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the scene where you had Mrs Zabini blackmail Daphne's father. It was a really nice touch as not only did it add a great deal of humour to the chapter but it also helped to subtly remind us that he wasn't always a bad person and helped show the complex shades a character can take.

Speaking of which, will Stephanie be seen again during the summer? I really enjoyed her character. Also, will the purpose of the blood stone Stephanie gave Harry be shown soon?

Answer: To be fair, Hermione wasn’t a major character in my story. I know that, canonically speaking, she has a very active role, being one of Harry’s only two friends, but in my story, Hermione isn’t really that important of a character in the grand scheme of things. It’s something that not a lot of people really thought about when I kill her off. All they see is me killing a canon favorite.
You mean Selene, right? I don’t have a Stephanie in my story.

Noble Korhedron: Heh-heh... So Harry can remember Padfoot?! Is he a savant or something?! Or just has a very long memory...?

Answer: Because Harry has perfect memory. That was the whole basis for me writing this series. Harry recognized Padfoot because he has the ability to remember everything that has ever happened to him, and he remembers how Sirius transformed into a dog before his parents were killed.