Friday, June 12, 2015

Devil Ninja, Chapter 14

Draynuy: I do hope we can read another chapter soon, I've become rather fond of Naruto DxD crossover and yours is one of the best I have read.
Also, will the relationship between Naruto and Koneko evolve further ? There not enough of Naruto/Koneko pairing, this is one more point for your fiction.

Answer: I do plan on further developing Naruto's relationship with Koneko, naturally. Naruto and Koneko are going to become even closer eventually, especially as I haven't fully dealt with Koneko's problems.

Guest: I'm wondering can you incorporate Sasuke into the mix cause other than top tier Characters I don't see anybody else's giving Naruto a decent fight where winning is dead 50\50. Plus it could give the story an extra pop with another shinobi of Naruto's caliber running around.

Answer: That's because you're thinking in terms of power levels too much. Naruto is powerful, true, but power isn't everything. There are plenty of people in the DxD world who can beat Naruto right now, not necessarily because they are more powerful, but because they have more experience. One thing you'll find out about my story the further it progresses, is that power levels don't mean anything here.

Nh'f: Liked the fiction...
My opinion:
Dont you think narutos arrogance is a bit too much in some situations( especially last 2 chapters)
I mean common hes 17 now .. not that 12 year old brash idiot

Answer: Um, no. Naruto's biggest character trait has always been the supreme sense of confidence he has in himself and his goofy and outgoing nature. Also, it isn't arrogance if it's true. Naruto knows he's not the be all end all, and he knows there are people out there who can beat him, but he doesn't let that stop him from being who he is. That is what makes him such a likable character to write about.

lordxposeidon69: Great story so far but I'm a little worried about you moving away from cannon, and not because I don't like stories that aren't cannon that is just where most authors tend to do things that I personally don't like, still I hope you update soon I want read about what happens next.

Answer: I'm not really sure how to assuage your fears, especially since I don't know what you don't like about stories that aren't canon. That being said, a fanfiction of this nature could never stay canon. Naruto's very presence changes everything. To have a story remain canon for no reason other than “I don't want to mess up” is the height of folly. When writing fanfiction, one must take risks if they want to succeed. That is just how it is.

Aspharno: Well i like your story, but i'm a bit sad that you aren't updating anymore, it's bee a while since the last update.

And for the story the only thing that i don't like is the akeno/issei pairing, it seems kinda rushed or forced, i will like to see her with Naruto and not Issei it seems more natural, but well i don't think that you will change it. At least i will be happy if you update this story...

Answer: Not really. The reason the pairing might feel rushed is because I've never focused on their relationship. We only ever see one instance of Issei and Akeno together before they start dating. That being said, the relationship between Akeno and Issei will be explored a bit more later on, especially when the issue of Akeno's Fallen Angel blood comes up. Also, Naruto and Akeno have had almost no interactions whatsoever. A pairing between them would be even less natural.

Ahsoei: This is a truly wonderful story. You also did a wonderful job working on Naruto's influence in DxD universe and the way you re-create Excalibur arc. Seriously, I didn't see that coming from Rias. xD (y)

I really like your harem setting so far here, but I can't help but feel that development between Issei and Akeno is kind of... unnatural. What do you say about this?

And I always wonder, how powerful is Kurama or a tailed-beast compare with other beings/species in DxD universe?

Answer: I wanted to show how much stronger Rias has become as a result of Naruto's presence. One thing that a lot of fanfiction authors don't think about is how placing X character into Y fandom affects the characters of that fandom. Naruto's very presence changes things, and so I wanted to show that change.

I would have to say that the pairing feels unnatural mostly because I haven't explored it. I've been focusing mostly on Naruto's interactions with other characters, not Issei's. Since I'm planning on giving some of the other characters their time to shine, I'll be going more into Issei and Akeno's relationship, especially when Akeno's Fallen Angel blood becomes an issue.

Kurama is around the same level as Ophis.

Dumbledork: WOW! GReat sotry. I really enjoyed reading it. But I think Naruto is a bit of an asshole in these last two chapters. He should have at least sent a clone to tell Rias what was up. So little consideration for his girlfriend.

Answer: I'm not sure how you can think that. Naruto's not some all-knowing person, and you should know from his personality that he doesn't always think things through. His decision to let Kuroka and the others take him was completely spur of the moment. It was something he did without really thinking about it, and so the idea of telling Rias never really occurred to him. Besides, he had Asia tell Rias for him. Why bother making a clone?

Twon777: I've read through your whole story and I must say, it's very well done. The writing style reminds me of another author here. Kenichi618. Regardless I enjoy the story and can't wait for more.

Answer: It should. Kenchi618 is the person who inspired me to write, so my style is probably similar to his.