Saturday, June 27, 2015

Devil Ninja, Chapters 15 & 16

Thunder Dragon: First of when are you going to give The Legend Of Gaia's Sennin an update(I love that story)? second I have an arch request to make if its okay with you. While you are not killing off Issei in this arch now, can you down the line? and have Draig eventually transferred to Naruto? I have a plot ready just in case you want it.

Say that later down the line Issei after the arch when and where he meets up with Vali, gets into a fight with him and gets killed but before Issei bites the dust he transfers Draig over to Naruto in order to fight against the Old Satan Faction and other enemies down the road. Naruto after feeling guilty about not being able to save one of his buddies and feeling even more guilty by remembering how he could not save his old friends, gets ambushed by members of the Old Satan Faction and some of Naruto's old allies who were resurrected by The Old Satan faction who found out about Naruto's past(how this happens is up to you). This arch would give Naruto a chance to let go of the past and forgive himself, also it would give Naruto a chance to develop some new skills and branch out his skills while working with and develop some new techniques working with Draig.

Third I really do not see Issei and Akeno being a really legit couple so break them up.

Answer: I'll see what I can do about updating Gaia's Sennin, but I make no promises. Right now, my creative juices seem to be flowing toward Devil Ninja, so that is what I'll be writing for now.

Also, no, I will no longer kill off Issei. The time where his death would have served any purpose is long gone. Now his death would simply be me killing off a character for no reason. While I have no issues killing people off for the sake of moving the story forward, I don't kill people off for no reason. Also, even if Issei DID get killed off, Naruto would never get the Boosted Gear. Boosted Gears don't “transfer over” to people. When the Sacred Gear user dies, the Sacred Gear finds a new owner who hasn't been born yet. People with Sacred Gears are BORN with their Sacred Gears. Besides, it would be stupid to give someone as powerful as Naruto another power. He doesn't need any extra power. He's already a badass.

And I'm not even gonna talk about the IsseixAkeno pairing. There's a pole for that.

Akenaru: I liked to see Naruto is back, the only thing i didn't like about the chapter and the story is the Akeno-Issei interactions, i hate them being together because it happens for no reason at all, so i hope people voted like me and break that awful pairing, so Naruto can be with Akeno, Issei didn't deserve a girl like her, hell he didn't even deserve a girl like Asia but meh. So i'm hoping that Isse and Akeno break, what they want, but seeing your develope it doesn't seem that they go to far so is easy to break their "relationship". Anyway maybe we got lucky and you update soon.

Answer: Your ignorance is showing. It's clear to me that you're one of the people who's only watched the anime, or maybe read the first 2 volumes of the Light Novel. Issei is far from being unworthy of having Akeno as a girlfriend. Is it true that she first started teasing him to rile up Rias, but Issie is the one who actually helped Akeno accept her Fallen Angel blood and repaired the broken bond between her and Baraqiel. Also, the reason it feels like they became a couple for no reason is because I don't bother showing their relationship. Neither Issei nor Akeno are main characters. I gave Issei some time to shine in this arc, but most of this arc has been about Rias and Kiba.

HIMandHERnotTHEM: Having given up on the actual manga long ago, I wasn't warded off this from the lack of Naruto for the most part as you did a fair recount of how the fights would have gone. On the other hand, I came here for a Naruto story where he was actually part of the story, sooooo~...

But I digress.

I feel that you are getting a little frustrated with the fan base, as you felt the need to move from your original story and I'm sorry for that. An author shouldn't have to alter their work for anyone other than themselves and only if it no longer fits the overarching theme they want to build. That being said, I thing killing Issei off just because Naruto was an ass that didn't want to get directions would have broken his core character and his persona. I don't think it would have worked.

Now as for Issei/Akeno... That never should have happened in the first place as it was unwarented in the manga and made worse here. We NEVER saw any kind of development between the two, nor were we given any examples from the source to fall back on. Having that would have made it at least bearable. But to have her just up and leave him at this point would be a mistake as it undermines a future relationship between anyone else. She (and you) chose her bed. She will need a damned good reason to get out of it.

At this point, I feel they should just be moved to a position where they can work out a realistic love life for the sake of story or kill Issei off in a way that Naruto would have had NO WAY to prevent it. Like when he was supposedly rebirthed from Great Red or something. Like I said, gave up on the manga LONG ago.

Also, if having Naruto be a wall for plot is bothering you because of his power, why not handle it like -some other anime;)- did and just make it plausibly deniable for Naruto to be in two places at once (figuratively speaking of coarse)

I mean, Naruto had the power to fight Madara and Tobi, but the others didn't. People died in the war and he couldn't stop it. If he's not able to bring the full brunt of his power to the fight for fear of annihilating the city Kokabiel might get a lucky shot at Issei or something. I don't know.

I do think she fit better with Naruto than Issei but I don't feel him being dumped would be fair to any of them.

Hope you can figure it out in a way You will be satisfied and to hell with the fans. It is your work after all.

Til the next exciting update,

Ja ne

Answer: Rather than the manga, I think you need to read the light novels. They do a far better job of developing their characters.

Of course you never saw them develop. Even in this arc, where I show Issei more than I have for most of the series, he and Akeno were never the main focus. They are, at best, secondary characters. The main focus of this arc was Rias and Kiba. Kiba because this arc is about his past, and Rias because I wanted to showcase how different she has become since Naruto entered her life. My intention for this arc was never to bring Issei and Akeno's relationship to the fore, but to showcase how some of the characters have been affected by Naruto. Chances are, if the pole ends up in favor of Akeno staying with Issei, you will never see anything from them again. There might be vague mentions of it, but it won't be focused on at all, and more of something that you see in the background.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Ever since Hestia's boob ribbon was first introduced, DanMachi has been the anime a bunch of people wanted to watch. Why? Well, I guess boob ribbons are just in this season. Regardless of what people think of Hestia and her boob ribbon, this anime is one that I myself enjoyed, though not one that I would consider the anime god's gift to man.

DanMachi is the story of Bell Cranel and his super hot loli goddess, Hestia. Bell dreams of becoming a hero, but he's kind of a coward. However, when he's rescued by another hot chick, this one a blond woman named Aiz Wallenstein, his Deus ex Machina powers as a hero are awakened and he quickly begins to grow stronger. While I was watching this anime, a small part of me always wondered if Bell had met Goku and convinced the Saiyan to let him use the hyperbolic time chamber, because that's the only way I can see him gaining that much power so quickly, but I digress. The anime itself is basically what I would call your typical Sue anime. You've got Bell, who has a lot of Sue qualities, which includes but is not limited to: quickly gaining enough strength to pass all but the most powerful of warriors, having several dozen women fall for him for no reason, learning new abilities at a rate that would make any Shonen hero jealous... did I mention the harem? Seriously, there's, like, six different women within this anime who fall for him after a single meeting.

Despite the general Sueness of his character, I actually kind of like Bell. Where most Mary Sues are dark and brooding, Bell is innocent and easily embarrassed. He's shy and lacks confidence for much of the series, which keeps him from becoming a complete Sue or, heaven forbid, a Kirito Sue. Ironic, considering his saiyuu is the same person who did the voice of Kirito from SAO. Of course, the other characters are well-developed and interesting as well. I absolutely love Hestia, and no, I don't love her because of her boob ribbons. Most of the characters themselves, even the support characters, feel like real people in this--or, you know, the anime version of real people. I don't think real people would try to grope another person in public, or maybe they would, I don't know.

While this anime isn't bad, I wouldn't call it amazing either. Like most anime to have come out recently, this one suffers from what I call a serious lack of major plot. Even now, after the anime has already ended, I'm not really sure what the main plot was about other than, "Bell gets Deus Ex Machina ability to grow strong, has women fall in love with him, and becomes sugoi." There's no clear-cut plot in here that I could discern. Much of the series is about exactly what I said. Bell is constantly powering up, gaining new abilities and becoming even stronger. Various women fall for him throughout the series. And he eventually becomes the envy of adventurers everywhere. There's no great enemy to face, no last battle between good and evil. It's just Bell Cronel growing in strength so he can become a hero... which isn't bad, but I really wanted a more cut and dry plot. You know, something like, "Bell Cranel is a weak loser who can't seem to level up, but when Hestia's boob ribbon is stolen, he'll have to find the strength to steal it back, or die trying."

Overall, I do think this was a good anime. It was entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I don't think it will be winning any Best Anime of the Year awards, but for what it was, I liked it, and consider it a refreshing change of pace from other anime of the same genre. If you want to watch something that is cute, has an interesting main character and even more interesting support characters, then you probably don't have to look any further than DanMachi.

Artwork: 8.5/10
Character Design: 9/10
Character Development: 9/10
Storyline: 6/10
Musical Composition: 5.5/10
Animation: 7/10
Total Score: 7.5/10

By the way... Hestia's boobs... without a ribbon.