Friday, July 31, 2015

Devil Ninja, Chapter 17

Due to the nature of the reviews I received this time, I have decided not to answer single questions, but answer the many issues that have been brought up with each review. These are the major issues that most of my reviewers have brought up, and I believe they deserve some attention.

The Naruto/Rias Divide:

Almost everyone has expressed their opinions on the tension between Naruto and Rias. Some have sided with Naruto, stating that he did the right thing and that Rias was just being a spoiled brat. Others have sided with Rias, claiming that Naruto was being an insensitive jerk and deserves what he got.

To be perfectly honest, neither side of this argument is wrong. Naruto's decision wasn't wholly incorrect. He saw a clear threat to his friends and family and acted to neutralize that threat. He allowed himself to be taken in the hopes of uncovering the motives of the people who wanted to kidnap him. At the same time, the manner in which he did it left a lot to be desired. He could have sent Asia with a message letting Rias know what was happening. He could have sent Asia with a clone to let Rias know what was happening. There were many things he could have done to mitigate his girlfriends worry. Instead, he just left with no word and no warning. What's more, after being kidnapped, he actually had a pretty good time. He made friends, he joked around, he pulled pranks, he got himself another loli... yeah, let's just stop there. My point is, Naruto acted on a threat, which wasn't a bad decision, but he let himself get caught up in the moment and didn't think about Rias or the others. He made a mistake, which is something that all non-Gary Sue characters do. If you dislike his imperfection, then I'd suggest reading a story where Naruto is perfect, can do no wrong, and gets all the bitches. There are plenty of fanfics like that out there.

Rias's anger towards Naruto is justified. She's not being spoiled, and she's not being bratty. Had Naruto just gone off and come back with information about a new threat, Rias would not have been angry at Naruto. She might have expressed anger at first for letting himself be kidnapped, but then she would have hugged him and told him to never leave her again. Instead of coming home with information on a new threat, he comes home with another girl who she's never met - and if that wasn't enough to add fuel to the fire, then she and her peerage were almost killed while he was gone. In short, Naruto left his King (Rias), to fend for herself, and as a result, she and the rest of her peeage nearly died. That is why Rias's anger is justified. Is Rias taking things too far? Yes, but how would you feel if your boyfriend/girlfriend was kidnapped and then suddenly showed up out of the blue with some super cute boy/girl accompanying them? What would you think if you saw that? You'd probably think your significant other had never been in danger, but had instead decided to go off and have fun with that other person. Wouldn't you be angry at your BF/GF if you saw that? If you answer no, then I'm gonna claim you're lying.

Beyond all this, I think everyone here is forgetting something important: NARUTO AND RIAS ARE ONLY TEENAGERS! They aren't adults; they are teenagers playing at adults. Do you people even know what happens when you mix super-powered battles with hormones and romance? You get DRAMA. Yes, drama. Real relationships are never smooth and there are always bumps in the road, so fictional relationships where you have an entirely new dynamic - aka, ridiculous super powers that can kill you at the drop of a hat or, you know, almost kill your love interest - you're going to have even more drama. I get that a lot of you don't like drama, I guess because you're trying to insert yourself in Naruto's place and want everything to go perfectly because that's how you want your relationship to be, but if that's what you are looking for, then you should go somewhere else. I write realistic relationships - where characters aren't perfect, where they have inherent flaws, and those flaws sometimes cause friction and tension. If you dislike that, then I would suggest reading something that you will enjoy, like those Mary Sue Naruto fanfics I was talking about earlier. They're a dime a dozen, so it shouldn't be hard to find one.

Naruto's angst:

A few people have expressed dissatisfaction towards Naruto's behavior, claiming that he's being too angsty and it's out of character and Naruto would never act like - HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVEN READ THE MANGA?! Naruto doesn't angst? What rock have you been living under? What did Naruto do after Sasuke beat him and left for Orochimaru at the Valley of the End? He angsted. What did he do after going four-tails during the Sasuke retrieval mission in Shippuden and accidentally hurting Sakura? He angsted. What about when Jiraiya died? He angsted. Naruto goes through a number of angsty moments in the cannon storyline. Sure, they don't last very long, but the guy can't be chipper 24/7. He just returned home and realized that, while he'd been enjoying himself with Ophis, his girlfriend and her peerage almost got themselves killed. You think that Naruto's not gonna blame himself for not being there to protect them? If so, then you clearly don't know Naruto.

Naruto taking Rias's Anger:

Some people have told me that my Naruto is a pussy and OOC because, apparently, Naruto isn't the type to just let people walk all over him. I mean, sure, okay, he let the entire FREAKING VILLAGE OF KONOHA WALK ALL OVER HIM FOR YEARS, but you know what? I'm sure that was just some non-canonical fluke created by a fanboy who - oh wait. Never mind. That was actually WRITTEN BY KIHIMOTO! You know, the author of Naruto? Those of you who claim that Naruto isn't the type to let himself be trodden on by others have clearly been reading too much fanfiction. Naruto is like the freaking Jesus of manga. Seriously people. This is the guy who accepted the hatred of his village and strove to become someone those same people who hated him could look up to. The guy who, even after having a FREAKING CHIDORI SHOVED THROUGH HIS SHOULDER continued thinking of Sasuke like a brother. The guy who accepted Pein's views, even though the man destroyed half of Konoha. The guy who allowed Sakura to BEAT THE UTTER LIVING SHIT OUT OF HIM WHENEVER SHE WAS ANGRY! Are you telling me that a guy like him, a guy who would put up with that much crap, wouldn't let his girlfriend vent because she's angry? Because he made a mistake? You guys make me want to slam my head against a wall. Ignorance does this no justice. If you think my Naruto is OOC, then you've clearly not been reading the same manga that I have. Naruto is a freaking saint.

Please note, this post is not meant to stir resentment, but debate. If any of you disagree with my opinions, then feel free to express them here.