Saturday, October 31, 2015

UQ Holder

Having finished re-reading Negima Magister Magi, one of my favorite risque manga series, I’ve decided to begin reading UQ Holder, the sequel to Negima.

I think the sequel holds up well to its predecessor, though I have to admit, I don’t like UQ Holder as much as Negima. The reason for this is very very very very simple.

I’m a fan of romance. While I can’t deal with straight up romances (a girl I dated awhile back tried making me watch her romance movies and I feel asleep. They were a total snooze fest.), I still enjoy anime/manga/books whatever with heavy romantic themes.

Negima satisfied my need for romance, while maintaining a certain level of badassness. It had an excellent blend of romance, action, comedy and fan service rolled up into a nice package of pleasant to look at artwork.

That being said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We’ve gotten some romantic developments in the recent chapters for UQ Holder, and so it looks like I may get some nice romantic scenes to go with my main dish of action-packed and violent goodness.