Saturday, March 5, 2016

No Game No Life, Volume 2

No Game No Life, Vol. 2No Game No Life, Vol. 2 by Yuu Kamiya
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What is there to say about No Game No Life, volume 2? Well, it was a lot better written than volume 1. A LOT BETTER. I enjoyed this story way more than the first volume. In terms of writing only, volume 2 kicked volume 1's ass. It was like watching Kakashi Hatake give Naruto the One-Thousand Years of Pain.

And now that your mind has been thoroughly robbed of all reason by my super awesome gif, let's get back to the review.

Like I said before, this volume has way better grammar. There are still a large number of run-on sentences, but with the much improved grammar, I can state with some certainty that this was likely a stylistic choice of the author. While the run-on sentences annoyed the crap out of me, I could put up with them since the rest of the story had some damn fine English.

Writing aside, I feel like the story is about the same as the last one. It maintains a healthy dose of humor, but it also deals with a few issues that would've cropped up for kings and queens during the renaissance period in Europe - except problems here are solved through games, not war. Sora and Shiro are in great form. They're probably the most mentally unstable pair that I've ever read in a light novel series, but that's kind of why I like them. I enjoy reading about batshit crazy characters.

Also, we've finally been introduced to my favorite character in the series. Jibril. Jibril is a Flugel, which is like an angel of death. She's also crazy - both crazy powerful and just crazy. Before the Ten Commandments forbade all forms of combat, she was a creature who spent her years slaughtering just about everything in sight, and, as part of a race that was created specifically to kill gods, her power is undeniable. I think what I like about her the most is her personality, which can change at the drop of a hat. No joke. One minute, she's all polite and kind. The next, she's talking about how she used to collect the heads of her enemies. Jibril is also a knowledge junky who gets her fix by collecting books from around the world.

I do feel pretty bad for Steph, though. As is the case with the first volume, Steph is basically comic relief. Shiro and Sora spend a good deal of time by beating her at games, and then making her do stuff that normal, sane people just wouldn't do. Reading this story, I would often wonder if I was a bad person for laughing at all of the crazy and mean crap that those two did to Steph. It's cruel, but undeniably funny.

Overall, this was a good installment to the series. I'll be reading volume 3 shortly, and I have some pretty high expectations for awesome this time.

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