Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why KonoSuba is Hilarious

Why KonoSuba is the Funniest Anime in Years

Hell everyone! It's Brandon, and today, I am going to talk about a very serious topic...

Actually, that's a lie. What I have to talk about isn't serious at all. So, then, what am I going to talk today, you may ask? Today, I am going to tell you why KonoSuba is the funniest anime to have ever been produced in recent years. So sit your ass down and listen—listen and be amazed by this harrowing tale of the most dysfunctional D&D party to have ever formed.

KonoSuba God's Blessing from Another World takes your average Hikkikomori NEET, and transports him to another world.

Oh. For those who don't know the term, a hikkikomori is basically a shut-in who shuns all forms of social interaction because they're afraid of being around people, and a NEET stands for Not Employed, in Education, or Training.

Anyway, the story starts off during one of those rare occasions where our hikkikomori NEET, who goes by the name Kazama something or other, comes out of his small room. Of course, his only reason for leaving is because he wants a new limited edition video game, which I believe comes with a figurine or something. While he's traveling back home, he comes across a girl who is about to get hit by a moving vehicle. In an out of character display of kindess, Kazama pushes the girl out of the way to protect her and then dies.

He wakes up to find himself sitting in a chair. In front of the chair is a cute girl with blue hair and blue eyes. Known as Aqua, this cute girl is actually a goddess. She tells Kazama that he has unfortunately become one of the dearly departed. Kazama is depressed, but then he asks about the girl he saved. Aqua, of course, tells him that the girl is fine, to which Kazama expresses his relief. Sadly, his relief is short-lived when Aqua, being the kind goddess that she is, informs Kazama that even if he hadn't pushed her out of the way, the girl would have still been fine. She then goes on to explain that not only would the girl not have been hit because the tractor—yes, tractor—would have stopped, but that Kazama didn't even die because he was run over. He died from shock. She is also kind enough to tell him that his death was so absurd that his family laughed when they heard about it.

Even in death, poor NEETS and hikkikomoris are made fun of.

Aqua offers him a new chance at life. He can be reincarnated in another world with all of his memories intact, and he will be given a special ability that no one in that other world will have. All he has to do in return is slay the demon king. Now, Kazama is a mature and intelligent young man, and being a person of such intelligence, such maturity, he makes the only reasonable request a man of his stature can—he demands that Aqua comes with him, and that, my friends, is the start of what has quickly become one of the most hilarious parodies I've ever seen in my life.

One thing that I really loved about this series is how it takes a completely overused concept that's been done to death in anime, and remakes it into something that is not only watchable, but also so funny I nearly pissed myself watching it. Every episode had me holding my gut with laughter. The characters were hilarious. Everything felt fresh and new simply because of how absurd each episode was. Even the obligatory perverted episode that comes in towards the end felt original because of how the characters acted.

What made this anime really shine wasn't the story—because let's face it, this anime doesn't have a story. It's the myriad of exaggeratedly preposterous scenarios that our dysfunctional characters find themselves in, which brings me to another factor that made this anime so interesting: the characters. Oh, god, the characters.

Kazama is not what I would call your typical hero. The main protagonist of an anime of this nature is generally a kind-hearted, slightly bumbling, and a completely dense person who, despite not realizing it, has a magnetic force known as Every Girl Likes Nice Guys...

Excuse me while I laugh. Okay. I'm done.

Kazama is, to put it in the most blunt manner possible, a complete jerk. Sure, he sometimes displays kindness, but that's usually in between moments when he's either having an internal monologue that insults one of his party members, insulting a certain goddess out loud, or generally being a stuck up prick. And you know what? I like that. Sure, I'd never be this guy's friend, but for a parody series about a guy being sent to another world, this dude's personality is grade-a awesome.

I could go on about what makes Kazama so funny, but I'd be remiss not to discuss the other characters. First off, you have Aqua, a goddess who's as useless as she is stupid, and no, I'm not insulting just because the main character does. Aqua is, quite literally, the dumbest character in the series. She's arrogant, self absorbed, is always getting into debt and trying to get Kazama to bail her out of it with some outrageous quest, or is telling Kazama that he should worship the very ground she walks on because she's a goddess.

The personality that these two have opens up a whole new dynamic for this genre of anime. I would even go so far as to say that KonoSuba has reinvented the “stuck in another world” genre. Every time these two interact, I'm bound to bust a gut from laughing too damn hard.

And let's not forget the other two characters; Megumi and Darkness. Megumi is a Chuunibyo, pure and simple.

Oh, right. A Chuunibyo is someone who believes they have special powers, like, legitimately, honestly believes that they have powers. The term is roughly translated into Middle School Second Year Syndrome in English. I know. It's a really long translation for a single word. (webcam)

Anyway, Megumi is an arch wizard with a love for explosions. She can't do anything other than explosion magic, which makes her essentially useless for most of the series. It's a damn good thing they don't do much where a good arch wizard would be useful. It's also nice that the plot throws her an occasional bone where she can fire off some explosions...

Like a castle. Or a duluhan. Or a giant machine of mass destruction.

After Megumi comes Darkness. At first glance, she seems like your typical swordswoman. She's a gorgeous blonde with traditional female fantasy armor and a mysterious demeanor—at least until you find out that she's so clumsy she never hits her target, even when they're stationary. What's more, Darkness is a masochist. She literally gets off on being beaten by her enemies, like, she really, really, really gets off on it.

What I really love about these characters is how their original archetypes are twisted. Aqua is an arch priest, Megumi is an arch wizard, Darkness is a crusader, and Kazama is an adventurer. When you think of these archetypes, you generally have a set of standard tropes that are used to define certain personality traits. Generally, the characters are noble, compassionate, and chivalrous.

KonoSuba takes those archetypes, shoves them in the incinerate, and then pisses on them for kicks.

I feel like I should be clear on this, though I think everyone is already aware of this point. KonoSuba does not actually have a plot—not in the way a traditional story might. It's a parody. Everything within the series revolves around the comedy. I would even go so far as to say that the deliverance of said comedy is the plot. If you're looking for an epic story, you'll want to go somewhere else. That said, if you want to laugh until you cough up your liver, this is the only show to watch.

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