Harry Potter Profiles

Current Main Characters:

Character Bio -- Hannah Abbott -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Hannah Abbott is a very thin young girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. She's average in height for her age and is mildly attractive.

Personality: Hannah's most defining personality trait is her cheerful and friendly disposition. She's rarely ever rude, and loves to talk a lot. Most people find it easy to get a long with her because of it.

While Hannah's family are not very powerful, her father is very rich. Richard Abbott owns a number of wine vineyards in various countries that earn him a lot of money. because of this, it is not unusual for Hannah and her family to go out of country on holidays or during the summer break.


Having known Susan for her entire life, it is not unusual that the two of them are best friends. Their families have been allies for a good number of years and Susan and Hannah have done just about everything together.

As one of the first new people she met on the Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter has earned her friendship with his charisma and hard working attitude. It would not be inaccurate to say that she holds Harry in very high regard, maybe even having a mild case of hero worship for him.

While it took a while to get used to her bossy attitude, Hannah counts Hermione Granger as a good friend. It probably helps that she is one of the people who Hannah knows she can count on to help her when she is having trouble with her homework.

Despite having a strangely antagonistic relationship with Tracey Davis, who Hannah sees as rude and somehwat vulgar, there is no denying that the two of them are friends. These two are almost mirror sides of the same coin, both are outgoing and friendly and love to talk, but where Hannah is polite and respectful, Tracey tends to put her foot in her mouth more often than not.

Magical Talent: While Hannah does not have as much natural talent in magic that some of her friends does, she is very hard working and does a good job in most of her classes because of it. Her best class is charms while her worst is Transfiguration.

Magical Reserves: Hannah is not as strong as many of her friends. While above average in reserves, compared to people like Daphne, Hermione, Susan and Neville, her reserves are very small.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Hannah's magical index is 13,076.

Spells known:

All first year spells.

Locomotor Mortis

Stinging Hex

Character Bio -- Susan Bones -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Susan Bones is a very attractive girl with long red hair, brown eyes, exactly seven freckles on her nose (according to Harry) and a dancer's figure. A lot her peers, and Harry in particular, believe that Susan is one of the cutest witches of their year.

Susan's most attractive feature, according to Harry, is her red hair and lithe dancer's figure she gained from taking lessons from dance instructor.

Personality: Susan is very shy, to the point where she often has difficulty speaking with others, even people she knows. The only person she seems to be truly comfortable enough to talk to without blushing or stuttering is Hannah, though Harry seems to have worked his way into her confidence. Susan's shyness is derived from the inferiority complex she gained from being under her Aunt's shadow and not being confident that she can climb out from it.

Despite her shyness, Susan is a very hard working and talented witch with a heart of gold. You will almost never hear her speak badly of anyone and she is always willing to help those in need.

Susan is also very observant. Having an aunt who was once the Head Auror has given Susan the ability to pick out small discrepancies in a scene that may not have been visible to others. Her ability to notice when something is wrong has even astounded Harry on occasion.


Susan has known Hannah for most of her life. Growing up with an aunt who was almost always busy, Susan was often left with the Abbotts, who are close allies to the Bones family. Because of this, Hannah and Susan grew up thinking of each other as sister's.

Harry Potter has sprung into Susan's confidence recently. While she always respected Harry for his loyal and hardworking nature, it was only after their conversation when he was invited over to the Bones Manor that she really started to like Harry as more than just your average friend.

Magical Talent: Despite her shyness, Susan is a very talented and able witch. She is best at Transfiguration, and is usually the second one to learn a spell in that class after Harry. Her worst branch is Charms, which she is passable in but just barely.

Magical Reserves: It would startle anyone to realize that the shy and demure Susan is a magical powerhouse. Her reserves are easily the fourth largest in the group, right below Neville's in terms of how much she has. She is quite clearly, a powerful witch.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Susan's magical index is 22,832.

Character Bio -- Terry Boot -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Terry Boot has short cut brown hair, steel gray eyes and pale skin. He is a very skinny young boy, which gives him a bit of an effeminate appearance. Some people have actually mistaken him for being a female due to his androgenous looks despite the fact that his hair is very short.

Personality: Terry Boot is often very quiet. He doesn't speak much and when he does he only says enough to get his point across. This, of course, is only when he is not talking about his passion in astronomy or arguing with Tracey Davis. Like most wizards his age, Terry is a big fan of Quidditch, which is one of the main topics he and Tracey argue over.


Being the one who brought them together, it is no surprise that Harry is Terry's friends, as well as one of the people he respects most. It helps that Harry knows a good deal about Astronomy even though it's not his favorite subject.

Terry and Blaise have struck up a friendship, perhaps due to the fact they are one of four males within their little group. Both seem to have the same quiet and observant behavior, though Blaise tends to be a bit more sarcastic than Terry.

Another matter of boys sticking together. Terry and Neville have struck up a friendship despite not really being all that similar. Even though they have different likes and different personalities,  they are still good friends.

Perhaps the most unusual relationship is the one Terry shares with Tracey. The two of them are almost always arguing about something. Daphne said it best when she said, "Those two get off on arguing with each other."

The least surprising of Terrr's friendships is the one he shares with Lisa Turpin. Being in the same House makes it easy for them to see each other, and when, for whatever reason, they cannot be with their other friends, it is not unusual to find them sitting together in the Ravenclaw Commonroom.

Magical Talents: As befitting a Ravenclaw, Terry is very good with all forms of book work. He is not as good with practical work. Terry often struggles actually casting the spells. His greatest class is Astonomy. His weakest is....

Magical Reserves: Terry has fairly average reserves. He's not the strongest of the group, though he is stronger then some.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Terry Boots magical index is 12,008.

Spells known:

All first year spells.

Stinging Hex


Locomotor mortis

Character Bio -- Tracey Davis -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Tracey Davis is a rather cute looking girl with long curly brown hair that she usually wears in a ponytail, brown eyes and a pretty smile. She's not very tall, but not short either. Tracey stands about a head shorter and shoulders shorter than Harry, which about average in height for a twelve year old girl.

Personality: The uncouth and obnoxious best friend of Daphne Greengrass. Tracey Davis is the self proclaimed broom fanatic of the group. She is every bit as talkative as Hannah, but unlike the polite and friendly Hufflepuff, Tracey has absolutely no mouth filter for what she says. It is not unusual for Tracey to inadvertantly insult those around her before realiing what she said.


Before the death of Daphne's mother, she and Tracey were the best of friends. When Tracey told Harry that she had known Daphne since they were wearing nappies she was not lying. Misses Davis and Misses Greengrass were best friends during school, and that friendship carried over to when they grew up, ensuring that the two would grow up as best friends. The only person who may understand Daphne better than Tracey is Harry.

Tracey Davis thinks Harry is quite possibly the coolest friend she's ever had. This may have had something to do with the fact that he bought her a broom, but let's not get into semantics. It does not change the fact that Tracey thinks Harry is the most awesome member of their small group.

Tracey and Hermione have struck up the oddest of friendships. BY all rights, they should not be compatible. They have nothing in common, and Tracey's lack of mouth filter means she is very likely to accidentally insult the bushy haired witch. in spite of this, the two have become very good friends over the summer.

Like with Hermione, Lisa has also been spending more time with Tracey over the summer than anyone else and the two have grown very close.

Magical Talent: Tracey is a witch that excels in practical application. She can learn any spell very quickly, but is poor at memorizing theoretical knowledge. Tracey excells in charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Magical Reserves: Tracey Davis is near the middle of power scale amongst her friends. She's not the most powerful wizard around, but she certainly beats out other people.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Tracey Davis has a  magical index of 14,150.

Spells known:

All First year spells

Locomotor Mortis

Stinging hex

babbling hex

tickling charm
Character Bio -- Hermione Granger -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: If you were to take the term 'Bookworm' and look it up in the dictionary, you would probably find an image of Hermione under it. With her bushy brown that looks like it has enough knots and tangles to compete with a kneasle, her larger than average front teeth and her somewhat mousy looking face, she takes the stereotypical description of bookworm to a whole new level.

Personality: As a young child, Hermione was often made fun of by her peers for her large front teeth. Because of this, she turned her attention towards reading books and earning the respect of her teachers by being the best student in class. This did not endear her to her peers, who began adding on titles like 'teacher's pet' to her already derogatory nickname 'beaver', but it did make all of her teachers like her. This is perhaps the biggest reason why Hermione has so much respect for authority figures, they were the ones who treated her nicely while her peers just made fun of her.

Because of her high respect for authority figures, Hermione can often come across to her peers as being very bossy, which earned her the title of 'bossy know it all' by several of her classmates. It is not unusual for Hermione to berate people for doing things that are against the rules. And it is only recently that she has started breaking from the habit of being a stickler for the rules.

It should not be a surprise to anyone, but Hermione Granger is very intelligent in a book smart way. Capable of memorizing large amounts of text after a few reads, Hermione can often spout the knowledge within those books verbatim. This is one of the many reasons she is one of the top students in her year at Hogwarts.

She also has a very competitive streak when it comes to her academia. Hermione enjoys being the top student, it is where she feels the most comfortable due to her past, so when Harry Potter steals the spotlight from her, she gets very competitive and tries to outdo him in any way she can.


Hermione's relationship with Harry Potter is that of both friendship and rivalry. Harry is someone she looks up to and admires due to his intelligence and talent, and someone she appreciates because he does not make fun of her. However, he is also someone she wants to surpass, a goal she has set for herself.

Seeing how they are in the same House it should not be unusual that Hermione and Neville are friends. Thanks to Neville's shy personality, it makes him very easy for Hermione to get along with due to her being a lot less shy about speaking her opinion.

As someone who enjoys studying, Hermione has struck up a friendship with Lisa Turpin. It is not unusual to see Hermione listening to Lisa as she tells the brown haired witch about the history of the Magical World.

Against all odds, Hermione and Tracey have become fast friends. It's a highly unusual relationship, Tracey is a loud and obnoxious with no mouth filter while Hermione is a studious witch with a bossy personality. Yet for some reason, they just work.

The oddest of all Hermione's relationships is definitely the friendship she stuck up with Blaise Zabini, the heir to one of the darker pureblood families. Their unusual friendship was caused by the two debating the difference between Muggle and Wizard society.

Magical Talents: Hermione Granger is a fairly talented witch. Like Harry, she excels in all of her classes, but focuses most of her attention on academia instead of practically. She also does not go to great lengths to find useful spells she could use, preferring to stick with going through the books she has by year.

Magical Reserves: Despite being a muggleborn witch, Hermione is very powerful for her age. While not as strong as some, she is definitely stronger than others. According to the Merlin Power Scale, Hermione Granger's magical index is 18,005.

Spells known:

All first year spells

Most second year spells

Disillusionment Charm


Locomotor Mortis

Stinging Hex

Character Bio – Daphne Greengrass – Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Daphne Greengrass has often been described as 'pretty' and 'beautiful' by many people. With her long blond hair that flows down her back in gentle waves framing a face that can only be described as mature and elegant, Daphne is often considered one of the most stunning examples of a pureblood witch. Even at the age of eleven, many pureblood wizards have made bids to her father for her hand in marriage, either for them, or to marry their sons or grandsons.

One of her most outstanding features are her blue eyes, which have often been described by most of her peers as glacial chips of ice.

Personality: As the Heiress to the House of Greengrass, Daphne presents a cold and and uncaring persona to those who do not know her. Thanks to her upbringing and her father's 'training' she is a font of knowledge in pureblood customs and etiquette. She has a younger sister who she adores greatly, and spends much of her time at home doting upon Astoria like a mother would their daughter.


Her best friend since almost before she could walk is Tracey Davis, whose mother was friends with her mother. After her mother died, Daphne did not see Tracey as often, but they are still good friends.

Blaise Zabini is someone who she only met recently, since coming to Hogwarts, but has earned his place as someone she respects for his quiet and observant nature.

Harry Potter, someone who she at one point disliked simply because of who he was, has, since the Mirror or Erised incident, become the person she trusts most. She and Harry have an understanding of each other that few people ever could due to how their lives were led when they were younger. She does not know exactly how strong her feelings for Harry are, but she does know that she would trust him with just about anything, including her life.

Magical Talents: At a young age, Daphne Greengrass was taught a number of curses to be used on boys who tried to get to close without her father's permission. While she knows many spells, this does not necessarily mean she is a talented duelist, but it does give her an edge up on other children her age.

Daphne's true talent in magic lies in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. She managed to place second in her age group in DADA and third in Charms after Harry and Hermione.

Magical Reserves: Daphne has surprisingly large reserves for her age. They are not gigantic by any means, but they are definitely above that of the average witch or wizard. On the Merlin Power Scale, Daphne's magical index is 25,663.

Spells known:

All basic First year spells

Stinging Hex



Castration Curse

Vomiting Hex

Blistering Curse

Petrificatus Totalus

Bone Breaking Hex


Character Bio -- Neville Longbottom -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Neville Longbottom is a round faced boy with brown hair and eyes. He doesn't  look like much and is almost always wearing an unconfident expression until recently.

Personality: Neville is a boy who, thanks to his family, lacks confidence in himself. Everyone has always expected him to be like his father, and his grandmother, Augusta Longbottom has always put him down for not having the confidence of his dad. This has caused him to have a complete lack of confidence in his own abilities and question whether or not he can live up to his father's name.

Since meeting Harry Potter, his life has taken a turn for the better and he is slowly but surely gaining confidence.


Harry Potter is not only Neville's best friend, but the person he respects the most in the world. Ever since the beginnig of their first year at Hogwarts and Harry took Neville under his wing, the young round faced boy has been gaining more and more confidence.

Someone else Neville is coming to respect is Hermione Granger. Even though the girl can be a bit bossy, she is still very intelligent and has never made fun of Neville for any reason, which puts her several leagues above some of the other people in Gryffindor who tease him.

Terry Boot and Neville have become fairly good friends over the summer. Having spent time together both have realized that just because they don't have much in common does not mean they cannot be good frends.

Another person who might not have been a good friend to Neville were it not for Harry Potter is Blaise Zabini. The two should by all rights be enemies due to the enmity Augusta Longbottoms feels towards Blaise's mother, Celestina Zabini. Despite the dislike Neville's grandmother feels towads Blaise's mother, they have become very good friends.

Magical Talents: Neville's greatest talent is in Herbology, though he is not bad at Charms and Potions either. His weakest class is Transfiguration.

Magical Reserves: Neville Longbottom is a surprising power house. His magical reserves are some of the largest among his friends, just behind Daphne Greengrass, but above Susan Bones.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Neville's magical index is 23,612.

Spells known:

All first year spells

Stinging Hex

Locomotor Mortis

Character Bio – Harry Potter – Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Harry Potter looks two or three years older than he really is. This is mainly due to his height and musculature. Thanks to a healthy diet, Harry is 149.86 centimeters tall, or just a little under five feet (most 11 year old boys are only 132.08 centimeters tall). His body is also very muscular for a boy his age from all of the martial arts and exercising he does. His magic may also have something to do with his abnormal growth, though this theory has not been confirmed.

Two of Harry Potter's key outstanding features aside from his tall and muscular frame is his messy black hair and 'killing curse' green eyes. Many a school girl have often whispered and giggled about how they want to run their hands through his hair or could stare into his eyes for hours. Not that he knows this.

Personality: Harry is a very unusual boy in that his personality cannot truly be defined. Sometimes he can act cunning and ruthless, and others he can be compassionate and caring. Still there are other times where he will act like a scholar or researcher. Harry is a boy of many faces and has enough personalities that most people would probably assume he has a multiple personality disorder.

While Harry does not actually have multiple personalities, he does have a mild case of sociopathism. Harry is a very ambitious child, and as such, is willing to cut down people he does not care about if they get in his way.

To the general public, Harry always presents the image of a calm, friendly and collected individual. This is done not only to make him seem more personable to his peers, but also so that he does not grow to close to those he deems unworthy of his time.

While generally calm and collected, there is another side of Harry, one that only comes out in the presence of his friends. Before, only Lisa ever saw this side, however, since coming to Hogwarts there have been a number of people who have a caught a glimpse of the kind and caring young man.

Harry's loyalty is very hard to earn, but once earned, those who gain it will find a stalwart companion who would do just about anything to help them in him. This was never shown better than when Harry found out what Draco Malfoy did to Neville during their first year at Hogwarts.

While often times, Harry presents a calm and collected visage to the world, there are instances where his mask slips. When he is surprised or thrown out of his element, he becomes more easily flustered. This has never been better shown than when he interacts with Selene.

One of the things Harry Potter hates more than anything else is being considered a child. Because he has always had to take care of himself, he has grown much faster than most people his age, which has given him a sense of independence and maturity that leads him to thinking of himself as a young adult.

Despite this, Harry is still very much a child, and it shows in his occasional actions and outbursts.


Lisa Crawft is easily Harry's best friend in the entire world. She is the girl who Harry loves like the sister he has always wanted, or so he believes. Strangely enough, while he claims to love her like a sister, their relationship could hardly be called brotherly-sisterly. Lisa often enjoys being as physically close to Harry as possible, and though Harry will not admit it, he enjoys the physical intimacy just as much as she does, even if he does not necessarily understand why.

His closest relationships in the magical world is none other than Daphne Greengrass. After learning of the hardships she had to go through as a child, Harry's respect for her rose, as did his feelings of kinship. He feels that she is someone who could truly understand him, and has vowed to do everything in his power to protect her from the machinations of her father.

Neville Longbottom is someone who Harry feels has the potential to be a great wizard, but is stymied by his lack of confidence. Because of this, Harry has taken Neville under his wing, not only to help him reach his potential, but also to further bind the ties between the Houses of Potter and Longbottom.

Harry does not know what his relationship is with the shy, yet kind and well meaning Susan Bones, but he will not deny that he likes her and thinks of her as a good friend.

Tracey Davis. She and Harry make a very strange pair. Tracey is loud, somewhat obnoxious, and tends to put her foot in her mouth more often than not. Harry is calm, collected, and usually thinks about everything he wants to say very carefully before speaking. The two of them could not be more different, yet somehow, they have managed to strike a friendship between them.

Harry and Hermione are something like rivals and friends. The two can debate endlessly on the intricacies of magic, and Hermione is always striving to do better than Harry in classes. Harry in turn, pushes Hermione to do better. They are friends, but Hermione also considers him as someone she wants to surpass.

His relationship with Terry Boot is not as strong as his other friendships, but that does not mean he does not respect the Ravenclaw. While their relationship is not as solid as others, it still exists, and Harry considers him a friend.

It is difficult for Harry not to respect Blaise Zabini. While the boy's ambitions are unknown, Harry recognizes that the Zabini heir is definitely the most Slytherin among his friends. Ambition and cunning are always to be respected.

Like his relationship with Terry, his friendship with Lisa Turpin is not as strong as it is with, say, Neville or Daphne, but it is still there. As a fellow history buff, he and Lisa get along quite well, and due to the differences in the history they know (Lisa knows wizarding history and Harry knows muggle history) the two can often spend hours debating and conversing over the past.

Hannah Abott is someone who is hard to dislike, friendly and energetic, the young blond half-blood is someone who is very easy for Harry to get along with. It helps that she is also unfailingly polite, nothing at all like Tracey.

The Vampire he inadvertently rescued from death and rape, Selene Gallio Dracul is someone Harry does not understand but can't deny he is attracted to for reasons that are currently beyond his comprehension. During the summer of his second year, he learns quite a bit about her and has seemed to earn her respect in turn. Whatever else he may think of her, Harry cannot deny that he holds some primal attraction towards the sexy vampire.

Magical Talents: Harry excels in all fields of magic. Thanks to his eidetic memory, there is not a single field of study where he does not excel in. However, while he is an incredible student in every aspect of magic he has learned, he does have two specialties. His wandless magic, which he developed as a child by reverse engineering accidental magic, and combat magic, which he learned after the troll incident.

Magical Reserves: Harry's reserves are large beyond compare for a child his age. Only a few people have ever come close to possessing the same reserves of magic that he has. His capacity is so far beyond what a child his age should possess that his body literally cannot contain it all and is constantly leaking magic. This actually causes negative reactions in most magical transportation methods like the floo, which often shoots him out like a muggle rocket. Because of this, Harry often keeps a stabilizing charm on at all times.

Coincidentally, his magical index according to the Merlin Power Scale is 56,301.

Spells known:

All first year spells and most second year spells

Above NEWT level Transfiguration abilities – very specific magic mastered – excels in organic Transfiguration

Reducto – can cast silently

Bombarda – needs incantation

Peircing Curse – needs incantation

Bone Breaking Hex – needs incantation

Cutting Curse – needs incantation

Protego – needs incantation

Animagus form

Expansion Charm – can cast silently

Silencing Charm – can cast silently

Alohamora – can cast silently

Coloportus – can cast silently

Alchemy Journeyman – can create complex transmutation circles but needs a lot of time and preparation to do so

Character Bio -- Lisa Turpin -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Lisa Turpin is a witch with long, raven colored hair and brown eyes. When people look to describe Lisa they often use words like 'cute' and 'pretty'. She is very tall for her age, only an inch or two shorter than Harry, and has a very willowy form, though that may change with age.

One of her key features are her intelligent eyes. They always seem to hold a inquisitiveness about them, as if she were trying to categorize everything she saw.

Personality: Lisa is quite possibly the most normal member of Harry's friends. She's outgoing, but nowhere near as talkative as Hannah or Tracey. She's observant, but doesn't have Susan's keen observational skills. Sometimes she is quiet and introspective, but nowhere near as moody seeming as Daphne or Blaise. To put it simple, Lisa is the most balanced of the group.

The only thing that most people would find strange about Lisa Turpin is her unnatural love of learning history. She is most definitely the biggest history nerd of the century, as Tracey had once put it.

Lisa has an older sister whom she shares a love/hate relationship with due to the older girl's childishness.


As fellow history lovers, Lisa and Harry share a bond through learning about the past. It is not unusual for the others to find the two discussing past events and seeing how magical and non magical cultures view these events differently. Lisa is one of the few people who has more knowledge than Harry on any subject and is not afraid to tease him with it.

Tracey and Lisa have become good friends. During the summer of second year, the two spent a lot of time with Hermione Granger shopping at Diagon Alley and just spending time together in general. Lisa presents a balance between the two.

Being someone who enjoys intelligent conversation, Lisa and Hermione have become good friends, especially over the summer in which the two spent time with Tracey in Diagon Alley quite often. While not as fun as talking to Harry about history, Lisa has found a person who enjoys discussion and debate just as much as she does in Hermione Granger.

Terry Boot is someone she views as a good friend, partly because they are in the same house and partly because Terry is the type of person who is a good listener. Often times, Lisa can unload anything she wants to say onto Terry, who will simply listen until she is finished before offering his own opinions.

Magical Talent: Being the number one history buff, Lisa's greatest talent is in history, but do not mistake this for meaning she has no talent elsewhere. Lisa is incredibly gifted in Transfiguration and Charms. She is not as good at Astronomy and Herbology unless it's history related.

Magical Reserves: Another middle upper pack member. Lisa has some decent reserves of magic, but is certainly not among the strongest.

According to the Merlin Power Scale, Lisa Turpin's magical index is 15,901.

Spells known:

All first year spells.

Disillusionment Charm

Stinging Hex

Locomotor Mortis

Babbling Hex

Tickling Charm

Character Bio – Blaise Zabini -- Books 1 and 2

Appearance: Blaise Zabini is a fairly tall boy around the same height as Harry with dark skin, short black hair and slanted eyes. He is of Italian descent and considered mysteriously handsome by the girls at Hogwarts.

Personality: Most of the time, Blaise is a very quiet and observant individual. He does not talk much except for when he is conversing with one of his friends. Generally speaking though, he prefers to observe others rather than interact with them.

When he does speak, his personality can often be considered very dry. He rarely shows enthusiasm in anything, but is innately curious about a lot of things.

Despite his strange personality, Blaise is someone who shows loyalty to people he feels earned it.


His relationship with Daphne Greengrass is one of mutual respect. He holds the girl in high regards due to her cold nature and knowledge of pureblood traditions. This respect is a two-way street.

Tracey Davis is someone Blaise finds incredibly amusing to watch. Her loud and ability to put her foot in her mouth makes her seem highly unsuited for the Slytherin house. Despite this, he knows she has some cunning hidden underneath that obnoxious exterior and enjoys watching the chaos her words often unleash.

Having seen the cunning, ambition and intelligence in Harry, Blaise committed himself to allying with the Potter heir, feeling such an act will help bring his family to new heights. During their first year at Hogwarts, Harry earned Blaise's respect with the many wave invoking actions he commited, his prowess in magic, and his knowledge about the wizarding world despite having been raised in a muggle household.

One of the people Blaise actually enjoys talking to is Terry Boot. Both of them are fairly quiet and unobtrusive, but for different reasons. If ever he is in the need to speak with someone plainly about normal topics not involving politics or school, Terry is usually the person he goes to.

Neville and Blaise have struck an odd friendship. In most circumstances, they probably would have never become friends, but through Harry, the two have found a strange kinship revolving around their mutual respect for their raven haired friend.

Perhaps the most unusual friendship Blaise has struck up is the one with Hermione Granger. Despite her being a muggleborn and him being a pureblood family with darker origins than some, the two have managed to strike a friendship and often enjoy debating the merits between muggle thinking and wizard logic.

Magical Talents: Blaises greatest talent lay in his ability to brew potions. Perhaps it is an aftereffect of his observant nature, but Blaise can always tell when something is wrong with the potion he is brewing and find the most efficient method in dealing with it.

He is also talented in Defense Against the Dark Arts, as most children from darker pureblood families are.

His two weakest subjects are Astronomy and Transfiguration.

Magical Reserves: Blaise is not as strong as some of his other friends magically, though do not think this makes him weak by any means. While he may not have the reserves of Daphne Greengrass, he knows how to use the magic he does possess to the greatest effect. His magical index according to the Merlin Power Scale is 16,042.

Spells known:

All basic first year spells.

Stinging Hex

Petrificatus Totalus


Reducto Curse

Current Side Characters:

Amelia Bones: The acting Head of the Bones family and current Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, DMLE, Madam Bones is a very stern woman with a strong sense of fair play.

Lisa Crawft: Harry's best friend in the entire world. Lisa is a non magical human who managed to befriend Harry simply because she was more stubborn than him. Lisa is a very friendly and open girl who has made no secret that she holds a deep seated affection for Harry. Despite how obvious it is to everyone else, Harry does not even realize she thinks of him as anything more than a best friend.

Selene Gallio Dracul: The beautiful and sexy young vampire that Harry inadvertently rescues. Despite coming off as a flirtatious teenage girl with a regal bearing and aristocratic tendencies, she seems to have a much softer side that she is willing to show to people she trusts. She also appears to hold a deep seated affection for Harry Potter.

Albus Brian Wolferic Percival Dumbledore: A man with many titles, Albus Dumbledore was a hero in the wizarding war against the Dark Lord Gellert Grendelwald and is well known for the famous battle that ended in said Dark Lord's defeat. He is the only man who Voldemort has ever shown true fear of and currently the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Nathaniel Greengrass: The unfeeling Head of the Noble House of Greengrass. Nathaniel is a man who at one point in his life had been one of the gentlest and doting father's around. The death of his wife, Anastasia Alexandria Greengrass, changed that. The loving father disappeared, and in his place was a man who remind many of death warmed over. Nathaniel is a very hard man, and during her childhood, he pushed Daphne well past the bring in order to turn her into the perfect pure-blood wife. He usually ignores Astoria, except when she causes trouble and punishes her harshly.

Nicolas Flamel: The most famous alchemist in the entire world and only creating of the Philosopher's stone. Despite being over six hundred years old, he does not look much older than a young man in his mid twenties. Nicolas is a very eccentric person, which may have something to do with just how long he has been alive.

Perennelle Flamel:The gorgeous Veela wife of famous alchemist Nicolas Flamel. Perennelle is very vain and haughty. More often than not she thinks of everybody who is not up to her standards as peasants and does not really care for most people besides her husband. Harry has recently managed to worm his way into her list of people she actually likes and thinks highly of.

Jeanette and Therese: Strange vampire twins. Not much is known of them, other than that they appear to have some relation with Selene and are acting as her bodyguards.

Agustusta Longbottom: The tough as nails Head of the Longbottom family. Agustusta is someone who tends to live in the past and pushes Neville to be like his father, which usually ends with him acting even more introverted than before. Despite her bad habit in projecting her son onto her grandson, she really does want what's best for him.

Lucius Malfoy: Quite possibly Harry Potter's most powerful political nemisis. Lucius Malfoy is someone who is not only sly as a fox and more cunning than a snake, he holds great political sqay due to a combination of blackmail, bribery and favors.

Narcissa Malfoy:  The wife of Lucius. Not very much is known about Narcissa other than her marriage to Lucius Malfoy and that her sister's are Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black, and Andromeda Tonks formerly Black.

Draco Malfoy: The self proclaimed rival of Harry Potter, Draco is the son of Lucius and Narcissa. He is incredibly arrogant and when not spending his time trying to outdo Harry tends to spout his father's pureblood ideology to anyone who will listen.

Minerva McGonagall: The stern Head of Gryffindor House. Professor McGonagall teaches Transfiguration at Hogwarts and had a soft spot for Harry's father, James Potter when he went to school.

Emily Smith: One of Saint Mungo's top healers, Emily usually works in the health department. It is her job to check witches and wizards for any magical diseases and ensure they are growing into their magic properly.

Severus Snape: Once, a long time ago, Snape was James Potter's rival for Lily's affection. This caused a lot of bad blood between the two and Snape has long since harbored a grudge against James even though the man in question is dead.

Andromeda Tonks: Once a member of the Black family, Andromeda has since been cast out as a blood traitor for marrying Ted Tonks, a muggleborn wizard. These days, she works as a high paying barrister and is currently Harry's consultant and adviser on all things pureblood and politics.

Nymphadora Tonks: The daughter of Ted and Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora was given the title of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Called-By-Her-First-Name at Hogwarts due to how violently she reacts to being called Nymphadora. Tonks, as she generally goes by, is a Metamorphmagus, a witch with the ability to shapeshift into any person she wants. This has come in handy during auror training and is the reason she was taken on as an apprentice by Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Celestina Zabini: A beautiful woman and the mother of Blaise and Celia. Talented in Charms and the Dark Arts. Very cunning and manipulative. Enjoys stringing people along for her own entertainment.

Celia Zabini: Daughter of Celestina and sister of Blaise. Gifted in Transfiguration and DADA. Likes seducing rich young men in the hopes of emulating her mother.


  1. This is a very detailed biography, I appreciate the time and effort that surely went for this work.

    That aside, can you take a look at this images? I think they're more suited to your image of Daphne, but it's just my opinion though.



    1. I agree with the first one but the second is a little creepy and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the desciption in the story says she has cobalt eyes not bright green.

    2. Who is the woman in the first picture?

    3. Xenia Tchoumitcheva google picture search ;p

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    I just cant seem to connect that face with her character.
    I do not know why but it just doesn't do her justice.
    But besides that, great job Brandon!
    Giving a face to the characters helps alot...

  8. One suggestion put the name of the actors in the photos(specially Andromeda, Tonks, Perennelle and Selene jejejejeje) just a suggestion

    I'm surprised by the actor of Harry is Logan Lerman instead of Daniel Radcliff, just for this I hope an awkward situation at some point with Emily Smith(Alexandra Dadario, no?) for their work in PJ


    1. Honestly, I think Logan Lerman makes a better Harry Potter than Radcliff. He just looks more like what I imagine Harry Potter would look like. He's got the dark, naturally messy hair and green eyes. Radcliff's hair looks like it was styled messy and was way too short in most of the movies, plus he has blue eyes.

      Well, Emily is one of the OC's that will stay for a good while at least, so there is a possibility of that happening.

    2. One more, Selene is based of the Selene in the movie Underworld completely or only psisically?

      PS: Give me at least the name of the actress Daphane, pleeeeeeeseeee???(expression of moe girl)

    3. Selene is not based off the Underworld movies. Selene is based off of Selene Gallio from Marvel Comics, which, coincidentally, is who Selene from Underworld was based off of as well.

      The actress I used for Daphne is Xenia Tchoumitcheva.

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    On another note, are you sure Nicholas is as plain as you portray him to be?
    I mean, when i saw Nathaniel Greengrass' photo above Nicholas' description, i totally believed that to be Nicholas...
    It fits Nathaniel as well but the guy you have for Nicholas, is just so plain...
    How bout switching the photo's and getting a new gloomy pic for Nathaniel?

    And as a fan of Selene, i have to offer this site for you to check out the pic in it and see if this pic fits what you have in mind for her better.

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    1. I have tried finding pictures of those people when they are younger, but have no had much luck so far. If you know where I can find pictures of these actors and actresses when they are younger, I would be willing to.

  12. Question what made you decide to start writing harry potter just curious as seeing as the rest of your stories are either naruto or naruto crossovers

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    Try to throw some kind of plot twist to set this fic apart from the thousands of others!
    1. Have Hogwarts itself, its consciousness corrupted by Voldemort's spirit, massacre/torture the majority of the student population, even as the rest desperately try to escape. Afterwards, Voldywarts, wielding the full might and knowledge of Hogwarts, lays siege to the world.
    2. Have Harry declare war on the British government, as he deems it too corrupted to save.
    3. Have Voldemort possess the president of the United States after Quirrell, and declare war on Britain!

    Or, if you want be creative, give the events of this fic global scale! A global apocalypse, after which Harry desperately attempts to fight back. Split the earth in half! Blow up Australia! Trigger a magical versus nonmagical global World War III! Have an eldritch abomination crawl out of the cracks of oblivion to lay siege to the universe!

    1. ...that...would not make any kind of sense whatsoever. All of those ideas are absolutely incompatible with this story. How would Voldemort possess Hogwarts, a magical building, but a building nonetheless?

      Why would Harry declare war on the British government? Why would he even care about the muggle government? Unless Harry was trying to do some kind of muggle genocide like Voldemort wanted to do, I doubt that would even cross his mind.

      Why would Voldemort go all the way across the sea to possess a muggle just so war could start between the two countries? That doesn't help the fact that the magic side of Britain wouldn't bother with even participating in the war. Add to the fact that the US in general wouldn't go along with this war and it would only start rebellion in the country.

      Which wouldn't even harm Britain. At all.

      And the last one...no. Just so much no in a paragraph that I'm actually baffled that you would even have the gumption to type something so asinine.

      Really, it's not bad that you wanted to give ideas and suggestions. But please recognize that these ideas of yours will do nothing but hinder the story as a whole.

      And besides, the fact that he's already thrown in multiple plot twists shows that this isn't gonna be a generic Harry Potter fic in the long run. I mean, the fact that he didn't destroy the Philosopher's stone and ended up saving the lives of Nicolas Flamel and his wife and introduced a vampire - that happens to be eerily similar to the Dead Apostle Ancestors in the Nasuverse - into the story should show you proof of that.

    2. "I mean, the fact that he didn't destroy the Philosopher's stone and ended up saving the lives of Nicolas Flamel and his wife and introduced a vampire - that happens to be eerily similar to the Dead Apostle Ancestors in the Nasuverse - into the story should show you proof of that."

      Funny you should mention Dead Apostle Ancestors. They're where I got the idea for creating Selene from. Well, the Nasuverse's Dead Apostle Ancestors and Marvel Comics, but you get the idea. :p

  14. Who is Susan Bones face claim?

    1. You know... it's been so dang long since I made this post that I'm honestly not sure. I'll go back and research this girl to see who she is, then get back to you.

    2. She's Karen Gillan..
      If u want to find out any more names, use the image search..
      It's link is -